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Original title: ” perfect companion ” in produce elite be in a dilemma complete? Chen Shan lives the most tiredly, and she becomes independent woman eventually! # Gao Yuan is round article of perfect companion # / Luo Xiaoke by Gao Yuan circle, Zhang Lu one, Wang Zhen, the teleplay of the main actor such as Wang Yaoqing ” perfect companion ” gut is more and more wonderful, the effort after this drama told about marriage of two pairs of husband and wife balances the story of career and family. Round Yan Zhi of national goddess tall circle is spotless, she duty field female elite spell able take hold properly, straight also jab is not little the pain spot in married woman heart. Two pairs of husband and wife in drama are medium produce a family, they have a car to the room has decent job, mix to balance career however the family is so busy also however that the family be in a complete mess. Heroine Chen Shan is the woman that complete theatrical work lives the most tiredly, she should kill all directions greatly on on-the-job field not just, take care of the one ground chicken feather in the home even. And full-time mom Wu Min’s biggest pain spot depends on, she longs to prove self-worth, animal farm to be mixed at the kitchen however love, independent woman is become eventually after experiencing training and decay!

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To major married woman, balancing career and family is a bogus proposition, can fish and bear’s paw Yan hold concurrently? If spend,you can dimple, take wind on foot, when talking about business, brandish denounce just powerfuls, but the part that returned the home to make mother, daughter-in-law, daughter. Resembling Wu Min also once was the female undergraduate that brings a ring of light oneself, but the destiny that marriage changed her, cong Aojiao’s self-confident small princess became slovenly depressed housewife. Be her love ease and hate work? Be she does not consider be eager to make progress? The answer is negative, domestic division of labor, the part that decided her is advocate inside.

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Again for say Chen Shan of female strong person, although she makes money ability excel in, be too busy however the affection demand of attend to husband and daughter. Jump jump clever and sensible, sun Lei shows consideration for in a subtle way, in alien eye such family also calculates satisfactory happiness, the day must have grow to have taste since wind unboiled water too. But the soft costal region that the family still is Chen Shan and pull stumble, it is OK in that way that she cannot resemble Li Yu systemic heart throws the job, the holds high namely room that opens double eye to want to answer everyday is borrowed and expenditure. If did not have her this good-paying, this means the life character in the home to be able to drop point-blank, jump the educational natural resources that jumps to did not come suffers be restricted.

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Why doesn’t interrogatory wife hear irrespective time when Sun Lei, chen Shan’s answer is real biting, if I do not make money desperately, do then you tell me to jump those who jump groom from where does expenses come? Look so seem view the Chen Shan of creditable and delicate grace, she lives the most tiredly actually the most painstaking, career and domestic two-phase are considered, often fall in heavy pressure suffocative come. Duty field the competitor is not little, the husband in the home grouses, so tired that follow a dog same, be not understood and show sympathy, cross in darkness struggle. This also is real life the family is produced to face the biggest difficult problem in the majority, have not realize financial freedom and time freedom, there is next old having on small, fuel every kind is high, still climb on the road of promotion however climb hard to wear.

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Writer Yang Jiang ever said, every reach life an age paragraph, have an age paragraph scenery, the age makes his decoration and should letting is not to manacle. The marriage of middleaged person all along not easy, career family chooses to have abandon have, everything is unashamed good, need not too reluctance and persistence. The independence that maintains a heart only and sober, ability feels relieved in the ups and downs of years, find true ego, with make peace of worldly handclasp of hardships of a journey or of one’s life. Everybody is close people, you how circle of look upon Gao Yuan, piece Lu Yi, Wang Zhen, the main actor teleplay such as Wang Yaoqing ” perfect companion ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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