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Original title: ” yataghan lovesickness ” , ending makes a person regretful, still have another final result actually ” yataghan lovesickness ” a swordsman film that is Chen Kun and main actor of Li Bing ice, the swallow that this drama acts the leading role from Chen Kun chases after the cloud, check him home Yan Jiabao to be destroyed one case begins the door, li Bing encountered to put a main actor on the ice in road phoenix, two people get along time grew, each other produced feeling to the other side, gave birth to love why.

20220203070424 61fb7e78a0cb2

Yan Zhuiyun encountered a lot of risk on all corners of the country, dissolved one by one. This drama also can say is drama of a suspense, civil of 13 dead, thinking at the beginning is east the person of the factory works. The chamberlain land chamberlain that is wheat adult as a result was killed civil the 13 dad with him, have a reason of course, land chamberlain is to think adult allowing a surname can rebellious, restore big the Song Dynasty, but wheat adult did not rebel finally, just gave Yan Zhuiyun the Cang Baotu of the Southern Song Dynasty.

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After Yan Zhuiyun finds treasure, go relieving a victim, and wheat Yours Excellency however take poison committed suicide, and in the hand that this batch of treasure also fall into Liu Jin of eunuch of treacherous court official. The face had a person to have not little effect here, it is Qin Zhao. He gave the emperor the evidence of Liu Jin rebel, the emperor also gives Qinzhao the sword of high power.

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Actually your person expect does not reach the finale of this drama, according to swallow incomparable go up namely Guan Lingling says, liu Jin is meeting gest, and very tall still. When swallow chases cloud He Fenger and Liu Jin rival, by the ice that Liu Jin drum launchs, stabbed to death phoenix. And later swallow is incomparable to the adoptive father Liu Jin kneels down after returning the favour that foster, liu Jin takes out a dagger, made swallow incomparable kill him to revenge for Yan Jiabao’s person.

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Swallow is incomparable a true dagger penetrate into Liu Jin’s abdomen, liu Jin died so. And ending is Yan Zhuiyun sees phoenix after dying, be utterly disheartened, wiped a neck with the sword, two people lie on a boat. Two people that love each other are done not have living leave dozen dozen fight killed all corners of the country, actually this ending can be another ending.

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It is swallow incomparable and OK in Yan Zhuiyun He Fenger copes with Liu Jin together when, she comes out. Anyway Liu Jin general trends already went, also want to die in the at hand with incomparable swallow. Such word phoenix won’t gone, yan Zhuiyun also not die for love and dead, two people also are met and little sister swallow lives happily go down, this should be the idealest outcome. See the real the plot of a play of this drama again, two love each other is leading role was hanged, meaning of true it doesn’t matter.

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