Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: ” be fond of Yang Yang ” director Huang Weiming sends civil appeal cinema to raise a platoon one after another piece

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Recently, ” sheep happy a sheep and ash too wolf ” film director Huang Weiming sends rich to appeal the cinema raises a platoon one after another piece: “The person that the hope has seen be fond of ovine sheep big motion picture this year can is opposite she changes to applause to be touched for her for her, because she is absolutely,one is underestimated surpass mark burning encourage piece. I hope the person sees many a little bit sincerely, also hope much platoon piece, aching late night at 2 o’clock look piece audience, did not go, rest well! The body is the mainest, the support that has you I had been touched very much. ” ” much platoon piece let more person see this movie! ” sheep happy a sheep and ash too the basket of the wolf gives future ” I changed over and over, how many worked in the same place to finish a sincerity eventually together with more than 100 day and night make, when be full of a hope to show, by merciless blow, row piece too little, although have, also be in the morning more at 8 o’clock, in the heart very sad, hope sheep of many happy event sheep and ash too wolf big motion picture, hope the person sees this movie many a little bit, acknowledgment! ” enthusiastic netizen also leaves a message in succession an action.

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