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Original title: Does shadow edition lean on Tian Tulong to write down is there many unusual? Gut demon changes an actor to give play, 6 Qian Jiesuo are wasteful Recent Spring Festival archives, not only courtyard line has a lot of films to show, network big motion picture also has. For instance of Wang Jing ” the open look result that leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” , the Tu Long leaning on a day that is shadow edition actually is written down. 1993, wang Jing made a public praise very pretty good Tu Long leaning on a day writes down shadow edition. This net needs to cost 6 Qian Jiesuo greatly, but can tell everybody, these 6 money are wasteful.

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Gut and setting almost 99% above, it is refashion 1993 of Li Lianjie version. Still appeared even a lot of adapt unusually, if incorporate,become Yang Buhui and week Zhi for instance a person, namely if Zhou Zhi grew Ji Xiaofu’s daughter, yang Buhui did not have mom suddenly.

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Originally Zhang Cuishan is the suicide, and this version became what be chopped dead by others. Yan Susu also is not the suicide, medium on the road that palm of god of dark the nether world dies in island of the fire that answer ice. This one demon changes, what lost Zhang Cuishan’s couple completely is brave, also demon changed fierce to be set when the person of everybody.

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The most unusual adapt, if,the likelihood is Zhang Moji and Zhou Zhi unexpectedly spring breeze for a time. Guan Bo returns a bit not to feel to have a problem, the small gain that delivered a meaning technically to be made the same score hard. Although Zhang Moji’s beauty is intimate not little, but is humanness more self-denying still defend a ceremony? Does shadow edition let him be like to overturn by Zhou Zhi unexpectedly? If origianl work is such, zhao Min can need not go grabbing marriage, make this two people are together much better.

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Revise a play besides gut demon outside, still an everybody spits groovy place, pick part namely. When of ancient day Le Lin is young, it is male god really. But this age is mixed now appearance, do not suit to perform this kind of role apparently. Gu Tianle is bit more not bad, show share was hanged a few minutes. Forest this modelling, look the Zhang Moji that resembles middleaged version.

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The problem that small clear and Zhou Zhi are like, it is the place of the chamfer that be spat by the netizen more. 1993 edition it is if,Li Zi performs Zhou Zhi, qiu Shuzhen performs small clear. Two this of new edition, face-lifting trace is too apparent.

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Especially the Qiu Yinong that personate week Zhi is like, thick decretal grain, with factitious facial features. One face the appearance of suffer bitterly and nurse deep hatred, if where and week Zhi take a side? The small clear of Yun Qianqian personate, still say what is the resembles with Qiu Shuzhen actor that search. Modelling is to take a side a bit, but temperament of actor colour value differs too far.

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Be like good place than Zhou Zhi namely, always feel to have bit of old state. Not only the small clear of edition of kind and gentle chastity of Qiu of be not a patch on, and other the small clear of a few teleplay edition also can not compare a gender.

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The article of personate Zhao Min chants Shan, the performance of the quadrature in the compasses in be. Yan Zhi is OK still actor’s lines is pretty good, but compare with the Zhang Min of old edition, lacked heroic spirit. Actually Wen Yongshan suits to if,perform Zhou Zhi more, be like the face-lifting face posture of small clear to compare with Zhou Zhi, of course Wen Yongshan is inside the window with not much amount to.

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Waited for so long continuation, did not think what spend the New Year greatly to come midriff should audience. After a lot of people look, happen to coincide the difference that gave all of one suit is judged, at present fabaceous valve gives a mark 3.5.

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The sodden film spool this year is nodded, this play movie affirms a list of names posted up to go up famous. Wang Jing now not only Jiang Lang just is used up, the eye that picks part also it is a long story.

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