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Original title: ” lens twin city ” colorless city leaves, do 6 king want grey flying smoke to destroy? Su Ma is gone against change stars, renascent Bai Ying The teleplay of personate of Li Yifeng, Chenyu fine jade ” lens twin city ” had replaced 28 part, and the trial that attends in booth of life and death of classics of all previous of the Su Ma in new the plot of a play, zhen Lan in from bead guide under entered grave of astral honour king in, however Na Sheng is however inside coffin chamber be given to capture by Qing Wangchen, and Qing Wangchen uses that sheng hand medium emperor day ring took away Zhen Lan’s seal. When what when the person such as Zhen Lan enters coffin chamber, see is empty inner and outer coffins, nevertheless Zhen Lan or amid saw part of a paragraph of memory, about the star honour king is mixed of Bai Wei empress.

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In the coffin chamber that Su Ma and white Ying also entered astral honour emperor later, so they did not die at weak water, however Su Mali uses a hand behead of medium monarch day sword drove weak water, in the coffin chamber that enters astral honour emperor successfully. After Su Ma appears, was aware of peculiar, discovered Qing Wangchen, the person such as Su Ma chases Qing Wangchen later, discovered Zhen Lan’s seal, want him unlock in Zhen Lan seal when Su Ma discovers incorrect interest in time, helped holder one life.

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Qing Wangchen starts body, su Ma and Zhen Lan, will white Ying, the person such as Beijing closes in coffin chamber entirely on the west in, lose his head in everybody when, the chieftain of hare trailing plants is elegant light appeared, this skill is saved laid the person such as Su Ma, feather although unreal wants to use fire to fasten a law to burn the person such as dead Su Ma, nevertheless hare trailing plants is spelling grey flying smoke to destroy, still let Su Ma and Bai Ying, Zhen Lan coffin chamber that left astral honour king.

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The emperor day ring in hand of recumbent later Na Sheng, suma found the place of unreal of He Yu of green king celestial bodies successfully, bai Ying also went accordingly, 4 people produced tussle, although Su Ma is in in hill of 9 towering like a mountain peak, actual strength remained an in part only, but those who hold the Su Ma actual strength of monarch day sword is powerful exceed Qing Wangchen’s imagination, su Ma beat Qing Wangchen, inflicted heavy losses on an unreal. Should kill Qing Wangchen in Su Ma when, qing Wangchen gives character to alienate however Su Ma and Bai Ying.

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He says Zhen Lan and Bai Ying want to use Su Ma namely, the cost that and he still asks Su Ma knows colorless city open? Colorless city leaves before before, shelter Sang Zimin of 100 thousand sky, 6 king also cannot see sunlight again, and nowadays once colorless city leaves, so 6 king are about grey flying smoke destroys, that is to say Bai Ying also should die. The meaning of his this foment dissension stars exceedingly, very apparent nevertheless he is successful, what Su Ma cares most is Bai Ying, bai Ying is hiding the truth from so important thing, su Ma nature is very angry.

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Behead of final Su Ma killed Qing Wangchen, and Su Ma also is mixed accordingly photograph of Dao Jian of Bai Ying, true haze to. Su Ma did not issue killer of course, he just gets angry Bai Ying is hiding the truth from so important thing just. His of one mind wants to form an alliance with empty mulberry, it is for shark person recursive green jade falls not just the sea, also have oneself self, want to protect Bai Ying, the result is such ending however, your person sobs. Do not cross continual of the alliance of empty sea or meeting, the seal of the force that Zhen Lan and Su Ma still do not have He Zhenlan of seal of god of complete unlock dragon’s monarch.

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And empty finally Sangye is successful answer country, colorless city leaves, 6 king fall from the sky, this ending plunges into a heart really, do not spend authority need not too much concern, because the ending of origianl work changed stars before Su Ma on one’s deathbed, go against a day to change a life, go against change stars, let the 6 king such as Bai Ying be able to revive, and sweep across the water of 7 seas flood cloud uncultivated land, person of will all shark brought back green jade to fall the sea, and Bai Ying also heads for sad tower accordingly, the body of guardianship Su Ma.

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Su Ma can say to Bai Ying bend is used up all, the Su Ma that does not know drama edition whether renascent, hope he and Bai Ying do not resemble origianl work, drama edition can give him a good final result.

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