Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Open year of gold file female advocate hind, yan Tao became mole of the vermilion between the world again, the netizen is mad praise unreasonable Center year of big play ” between the world ” broadcasting everybody knows most propbably, before small write the play that likes Yan Tao, acting practised is masterly, what developing Yan Tao so is female advocate go looking at this drama.

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After after looking, feeling Yan Tao is vole is inspected as expected, come on the stage the look that drew everybody, harvest a recognition. In the gut later, because she gets the United States,be more strong miserable, let mole of the vermilion between the world of countless people exclaim.

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Not only small make up so feel, a lot of people also are the idea like having, yan Tao comes on the stage everybody is saying she fits this part too, the United States arrives to be drawn like so truthless, this lets the Zheng Juan that Zhou Bingkun falls in love at first sight namely!

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Yan Tao regards flying Apsaras as award, golden eagle award, after the vole of award of white yulan magnolia is inspected, of every time piece acting is to make a person impressive, hard dismiss from one’s mind. The drama of 7 minutes of above has fabaceous segment or section near 30, whole affiliated to a ministry has the good work of public praise again at having viewing rate already.

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Nowadays ” between the world ” sowing in heat, the Zheng Juan of abundant peach personate comes on the stage with fine-looking conquered with acting audience, believe Yan Tao can use masterly acting to bring us the Zheng Juan that a vivid has the spirit certainly. Continue to lock up decide teleplay ” between the world ” , many fine good actor brings a of everybody good theatrical work! More the performance that expects Yan Tao!

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