Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: TVB ” intelligent sweetheart ” : ? Shelter favour anxiety melt this ぶ quiet amaranth < your ready-made of  Si dead? ? This new theatrical work, come from TVB likewise that new the atelier that hold water, this has been the 3rd work that this atelier rolls out of late, before ” con troupe ” and ” punishment detect diary ” wide welcome. And this ” intelligent sweetheart ” attracted me likewise. It is subject matter above all go up, tell the coexistence between artificial intelligence and mankind and contradiction, this is very clingy times. Although this kind of work has taken overflow in day Han respect, but to harbor drama, even for Chinese drama, this is the subject matter that just begins dabble.

20220203080043 61fb8bab09621

But harbor drama often can take a few flush subject matter the distinguishing feature that must have his very much, this theatrical work is not exceptional also. Hero is the bagman of company of science and technology, the person of latest edition intelligence that he comes out company development accidentally brought back the home in, dare not allow company discovery, began he and intelligent person from this as a result ” strange predestined relationship ” . The content that intelligent person uses is involved in great quantities in this drama, so period setting can be regarded is future, but do not break again at the same time in blending in actual society, because this looks very close civilian.

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Two work have Li Jia core very much this year characteristic, on one ” love beautiful capriccio ” let us see her different, person of this personate intelligence, it is the challenge of unusual trial acting more, I think she is deduced very well likewise. The collocation of she and Liu Yong is very fresh also, liu Yong is carried first becoming protagonist, broke handsome the be used to of hero has thinking, and the collocation that follows Li Jia core is very fresh also, his show also let this leap add many happy event to feel. Replace human controversy to intelligent person, long-standing, also show these contradictory drops in drama with many detail. The elder sister of for example hero, go when job of younger sister of be recruited beer, the boss does not want to use her originally, but because an intelligence person is broken, be forced to let person of intelligence of her disguise oneself as. This is a design that has acid imply and black humour very much, this makes people clear why say intelligence replaces the mankind, not be jape. And another bridge paragraph, that is intelligence when security personnel answers the complainant of those troubles, processing must want to compare the mankind appropriate, reduced conflict so, on this design, have the place of the help to the mankind with respect to indication intelligence. The story that this is countering is designed, can let everybody ponder over artificial intelligence to follow the mankind well between, how should straighten a relation, seek coexistence.

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Complete theatrical work discussed the concern between person and person deep, intelligent person can replace the mankind, can be working ability not only, still have even if resemble A Bao this role is same, her simple and dinkum, be people place longs to have, the feeling that has lost gradually again however. I give ” intelligent sweetheart ” make component: ☆ of ☆ ☆ ☆

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