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Original title: ” Jiang Zi tooth ” : Fine the tea of a cup of fine in tasting a country to overflow Jiang Zi tooth had shown period of time, and the to theme of Jiang Zi tooth discussion on the net as before unable to decide which is right. Some netizens say the self-improvement drive that is Jiang Zi tooth, some comments mention equality of all living creatures, still have a plenty of the breakthrough of the old system that wants the delegate such as pair of day honour. Apparent, the theme of Jiang Zi tooth does not have so clear directive, this also can’ts help the audience looks in the mist in some cloud.

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Besides, the integral style of film of Jiang Zi tooth is relatively depressive also, the bewitching body of 9 end gives villain in drama some audiences frighten Degaga to cry, although look,reach the film has designed ground to want to make the meaning that laughs at a dot, but a this also is deep blue big sea mile only shallow billows, the person age of Jiang Zi tooth and setting decided the depressed of story style is moved toward namely, also show him suffer numerous meeting to decrease, because of depressed, the story of thematic depth has let major teenager children be accepted hard, even if delicate animation picture also cannot tarry them. Moreover, jiang Zi tooth is shown at the National Day archives of 10.1, the audience of the cinema is taking the mood that holiday loosens or the attitude that promote patriotism spirit to walk into a cinema more, so the demand in the heart that the movie strain of Jiang Zi tooth satisfies people to want relaxed pleasure hard, its relatively deep-seated at the same time theme and hide the gut trend of deep desire and ” I and my home town ” ” gain the championship ” etc relaxed, when ablaze film appears together, latter perhaps more relatively let an audience accept. Well-known is, jiang Zi tooth also is afterwards the film after which Zha is premonitory, watching Jiang Zi tooth while, audience people still perhaps cherishing Jiang Zi tooth can be brought like which Zha, exceed the joy of which Zha even, what did not think of Jiang Zi tooth goes however is the style that differs completely with which Zha, this expects to be worth with respect to what attacked an audience. The theme is deep, gut depressed, the audience is accepted hard, expect to be broken, the evaluation of Jiang Zi tooth and booking office must slip downward, let it compare a shoulder hard which Zha of same set. But go up in the picture, jiang Zi tooth must say again is progress. The 2D picture when the film falls into enemy hands toward the song in the begining resembles browsing ancient roll, reveal a state to the utmost wind. Desert Xuan Diao, heavenly palace, the setting of snow ground also is Jimei, picture specially good effect pullbacks for ground of firm of firm of Jiang Zi tooth again situation.

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So we this how does the gut of Jiang Zi tooth move toward look upon? From look on the whole, jiang Zi tooth is encountered after be demoted small 9, in with small 9 go deep and remote after 9 end are being given off when hill, wanting to send small 9 go metempsychosis reincarnation, kill however all the way by 9 in hot pursuit, died all the way Shen Gongbao and 4 unlike, the result is informed the plot that everything is division honour from inside the mouth of 9 end, tooth of final Jiang Zi changes divine behead to break day ladder, broke the heavenly palace control to the world. Can see, jiang Zi tooth is sturdy oneself heart, of one person and common people pay equal attention to, but this truth that at the back only division honour plots shows an ability to reflect gradually, and the gut before more resembling is setting the next to the audience riddle. Small 9 why to bind together with 9 end, deep and remote why is hill attracted small 9, fox a group of things with common features is mixed the relation of day honour after all how, how did day ladder dominate the world, how did Jiang Zi tooth regain extraordinary power again, although these problems are developing to be able to be solved one by one as the experience of Jiang Zi tooth, the theme of the film also is solved as interrogative it seems that and emerge one by one, but the process makes a person very difficult comb however, after believing a lot of audiences look in the first, affirmation has a lot of doubt, even if film had given out the answer, but because matting is less,solve greatly hard with thematic administrative levels, jiang Zi tooth also became audience mouth medium that not good-looking or the movie that sees do not understand. Although the acme of the picture reached the designated position,so people is comforted in very big heart, also cannot rescue the deficiency on gut. But in light of the understood audience that watching, jiang Zi tooth is a cup of good tea really, give a person fine the aesthetic feeling after tasting, experienced Jiang Zi tooth again the cardinal principles of righteousness to the common people, after those who face thearchy doubt is dauntless, you still can from Jiang Zi what the tooth gets vision and spirit go up in this film is contented.

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