Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Former husband of charming of stage intermediary A exposing to the sun bilks great country to propose successfully new cummer 20220203084209 61fb956162369Bilk great country and new cummer group photo 20220203084212 61fb9564af11eCut of media of socialization of new cummer of country bilking great pursues On Feburary 3, according to stage intermediary report, country bilking great ever with Tong of glad of female star bell (A Jiao) had had brief marriage, the husband and wife that ended 14 months formally in Feburary 2020 concerns. Last year in August, country bilking great is in social net is dynamic in a limited time affix celebrate unripe a photograph of whole family for father, there is hot younger sister of a long hair beside, although he does not have the appearance of public woman, but acquiescent however the other side is new cummer. 2 days have explode expect the Lai Hong country that says 32 years old is cummer Alice to celebrate ahead of schedule in first day of the lunar year unripe, serve ring to propose, the other side nods instantly agree. To this, country bilking great was not denied, he is low-key the response arrives, “Have stable boy or girl friend at present, wish everybody Happy New Year! ” the new cummer Alice of country bilking great also is in the individual is written down on gregarious website ” Yes I Do ” , doubt is like confirm oneself had promised male friend to propose. In addition, stage intermediary says Alice disposition is optimistic, treat a friend very pretty good and candid, exterior is melting and lovely, the figure is carried high beautiful, with country bilking great allow madam Ivy Chao is same, it is an empty elder sister originally. Current, the woman has resigned empty elder sister works, turn profession office worker. It is reported, before paragraph time Alice works to the mainland, country bilking great accompanies the woman to be headed for together, a few days ago Alice is beautiful still the Hou Hougong that goes abroad Lai Hong to give wraps acknowledgment ” very male friend ” .

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