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Original title: ” miracle? Stupid child ” : Each paragraphs of happy backside, have the spirit of a set sb’s teeth

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“Elder brother, does the doctor say I became good? ” ” a lot of… ” little sister Jing Tong of Jing Hao, contract the heart disease that her mom heredity comes down personally, it is a very unfortunate child. The problem with fancy-free red of little sister scene, move that the softest spring in eating heart of grand of elder brother scene. Although there is well-meaning fairy tale in scene grand mouth, but in the heart complex cannot one language clear. “Procrastinate again go down to meet very troublesome, make the best of time collect money! ” the doctor’s word, be like bear down on one with the weight of Mount Taishan, press in Jing Hao’s the pit of the stomach, of heavy, this also is him resolved should south go down the prime cause that Shenzhen goes all out in work. Later, jing Hao of 20 years old is taking red of 6 years old of little sister scene of half, head for Shenzhen to struggle, his decision is extinct ” Hong Huang’s force ” go making money, earn clean money, exhaust oneself can collect is sufficient help to what the little sister becomes an operation money, this is he is hit all the way in Shenzhen those who go all out ” inside vivid force ” .

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Suffer many mishaps in one’s life, not be Jing Hao’s cowardly and perfunctory reason; Carry hands in canopy, not be Jing Hao faces an excuse that shrink back. To cure little sister, for the happiness of a home, no matter Jing Hao is in in what kind of circumstances, choose active shoulder to carry heavy burden to bear responsibility; No matter face what kind of hardship, jing Hao never small talk abandons. Because he believes, the nobody also can have your work to be, each paragraphs of happy backside, have the spirit of a set sb’s teeth, treat the little sister’s disease, can rely on him himself to assume only in this home! Look from some kind of angle, him Jing Hao itself also is a child, but is he carefree in that way like other child when ” gnaw old gens ” ? The answer is negative. Jing Hao is not had often can gnaw, what he is not those fokelore is rich 2 generation, tear open 2 generation, so why he can such nobody succeed however to finally? See this movie, I feel to have the following the reason of 4 respects is worth while we are thoughtful.

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⑴ setback, it is Jing Hao the roll booster in growing. Many people are in the life as auspicious forest elder brother’s wife complains commonly, blame parents, sigh oneself why oneself are not rich 2 generation perhaps tear open 2 generation, they oneself time and again ” be rebuffed ” return at parents ordinary, and do not seek an account on him body. But ” miraculous · stupid child ” why is the Jing Hao in this film absent the blame everyone and everything but not oneself in the life? Because,this is, look in Jing Hao, the setback is him the indispensable roll booster in growing. Some people are very easy direct in the setback ” lie smooth ” , the sufferings that they are placed to be before is crushing, be frightened by the difficulty that is about to face. But defeat is jumped over to jump over brave in still a kind of person can be folded in defeat however, for instance ” miraculous · stupid child ” medium hero Jing Hao.

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The more adversity, like Jing Hao such person becomes more easily mature, the rate that its grow is rapidder. Fight with the setback, its are happy boundless. What Hemingway says no less than, “A person can be destroyed, but cannot be defeated absolutely. ” having this to plant ” insist green hill to be not loosened ” the person of determination and perseverance, successful probability nots allow absolutely small gaze. ⑵ takes on, it is the key that Jing Hao goes all out in work tenaciously. Be in ” miraculous · stupid child ” in this film, jing Hao’s responsibility takes on consciousness lets me feel admire. In that paragraph of time that Shenzhen struggles, jing Hao should act multiple part, should become already dad, want to become Mom again, become an elder brother even, also want to become a factory director, she is full of a hope to the little sister’s rehabilitation, his development to future is full of look forward to, because Jing Hao knows deeply: Wish to the hope of scene hold to, the miracle exists because of believing. Take on consciousness, let Jing Hao choose to be in the Shenzhen area with so intense competition to go all out in work tenaciously; Be this kind of thorough marrow those who blend in hematic arteries and veins take on consciousness, no matter be in what kind of circumstances,let Jing Hao won’t compromise to any difficulty, even if face hopeless situation, he still can stand fast first heart, guard the belief that is buried greatly in the depth of the heart. Jing Hao of 20 years old does his best to guard the place in the heart to love to go all out, but is youth of 20 years old had beside us so active take on consciousness? This is to be worth our soul-searching question very much.

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⑶ goodness, it is the base that Jing Hao has person arteries and veins. A kind-hearted person, luck and resource of person arteries and veins won’t be differred. Be in ” miraculous · stupid child ” in this film, the Jing Hao of goodness of a person’s mind was encountered fortunately a flock of apparently it seems that common of husband of each defective every child, but this group of people however each has his strong point, if unite like family in Jing Hao of this factory director all round. In the whole process that Jing Hao does poineering work in Shenzhen, this group of people are the good cleaner of share happiness and woe, they are a flock of bear responsibility and ideal brotherly sisters, the road that they are the travel before ceaseless conquer difficulty is Jing Hao ” clear silt discharges barrier ” ” daring vanguard ” . On resource of person arteries and veins auxiliary, unitive of one mind of the fellow worker, let Jing Hao be full of infinite likelihood in the struggling course of Shenzhen.

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⑷ goes against business, it is Jing Hao what can succeed is essential. The petty thing that why so much middle and primary school gives birth to Lian Yiding to nod trifles now does not bear, some still plays with respect to go to extremes easily even ” free falling body ” , climb the jump on high-rise very quickly, does person of brew white hair send black hair terrestrial tragic of the person? Because their psychology is too flimsy,this is, go against business too low, this kind of their mentation namely we often of respecting ” vitreous heart ” . Be in ” miraculous · stupid child ” in this film, of Jing Hao those who go against business is tall acclaim as the peak of perfection letting a person. The life in Jing Hao ” dictionary ” in, won’t appear absolutely ” take things too hard ” such vocabulary. No less than ” stupid child ” the place in the libretto of this song writes: “Do obeisance to towards the sky, fasten take things too hard, old day freedom is arranged! ” ” miraculous · stupid child ” this film tells broad adolescent: Want to give the life of Guang Fengji month alive, the psychology that is about to raise oneself bears ability. Decide you whether successful element, besides intelligence quotient and affection of business ” the ceiling ” besides, see those who have the Yue Yong that jump over defeat go against business to go to those who prop up you growing even.

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Weather channel fulfil is diligent, clumsy birds have to start flying early-the slow need to start early. “Stupid child ” after be gone after in persistence and going all out in work tenaciously also can stand out, also can live the life that person of sell one’s own things envies. Friends, had you looked ” miraculous · stupid child ” this film? After looking, have why impressions? The welcome leaves a message discuss.

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