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Original title: After divorcing 28 years, li Lianjie and ex-wife get together again, close to stand according to Huang Qiuyan honest too miserable Who is groups of may big meeting asks Huang Qiuyan her? Because a lot of people are right Huang Yanqiu is not familiar, be because is her person morale too low,still say she is too low-key? Huang Qiuyan is performer of wushu of a China, but the division elder sister that she still has another capacity is Li Lianjie, estimation knows with respect to everybody who she is here. Huang Qiuyan is performer of a wushu still be famous movement at the same time piece actress. Her masterpiece has ” little Lin Xiaozi ” ” north and south is little forest etc ” , because be in ” little Lin Xiaozi ” in personate daughter ” 3 wind ” be familiar with by people place.

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Actually, is the attention that Huang Qiuyan caused the public division elder sister of Li Lianjie? Not yes, she and Li Lianjie had had a paragraph of marriage, regrettablly is two people do not go final to end in order to divorce. The division elder sister that what can see a maize scarf is surrounded on the photograph is Li Lianjie also ex-wife Huang Qiuyan! The child is brought up by father Li Lianjie after the divorce, she is very afflictive, but still maintaining connection with Li Lianjie, now and then talking about a phone is get along with the friend, so old after all feeling.

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Li Lianjie frankly speaking, the 80 % that his ex-wife him love loves come 90 % , but he also admits he loves to have 20 % only to hers, so this paragraph of feeling also ends with failing finally. The marriage of Li Lianjie and yellow Qiu Yan kept 3 years of time merely, before the divorce, everybody knew the problem of this paragraph of marriage, arrive all the time so when divorcing, they still get along well to continue to get along with the friend’s identity. Huang Qiuyan says he does not have ability to take care of two dot after the divorce, so the child can be brought up by Li Lianjie. And hope Li Lianjie can give her the capital fund that is in the United States, ensure her the following life, and the heart puts Li Lianjie at that time ashamed regret also promised her. Say in very much however later person he abandons however wife, this is to have a difficult differentiate really, him brother elder sister is taking care of the child, when Huang Qiuyan remarries he returned the name with the child to take 50 thousand yuan of U.S. dollors to give her a car as gift, to these hearsays Li Lianjie also did not make an explanation, feel to not was necessary.

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The divorce fizzles out 28 years nowadays Qiu Yan now already 58 years old, closing in illuminating, laugh to be able to see as before in those days elegant demeanour, although appearance already not as good as previously, but temperament still is put, do not know you still can identify her to come?

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