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Original title: Why Zhang Zhen source bestows favor on Liu Yaowen most this little brother, because he is termless before vermicelli made from bean starch,safeguard an elder brother only Mention when group of youth of red male round times, their markeddest characteristic is advocate hit nurturance to fasten, 7 members in the group are in very small when mutual understanding, practice together next, go out, became star, their feeling also is different from general, resemble a family same.

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And the Liu Yaowen inside the group serves as the least little brother, get above of 6 elder brothers favorite, especially source of his Zhang Zhen of 3 elder brother, zhang Zhen source was full of lens of young cub filter completely to him, even if Liu Yaowen is already grown nowadays a meter eight, but Zhang Zhen source mentions him to always be met grinning ground says boast article is really lovely, now and then carry a little brother on the back even, this is not him is blind favorite, however this little brother is worth Liu Yaowen very much really.

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In the wintry day that has a year on fine time, a few their people can exchange the letter that vermicelli made from bean starch writes to them each other, just what Liu Yaowen receives is the letter that vermicelli made from bean starch writes Zhang Zhen source. Vermicelli made from bean starch is being sealed then one says he feels Zhang Zhen source is above the letter the commonnest the most marvellous child, can patronize a person very much. And look in Liu Yaowen, whats meet his elder brother, it is in that way perfect, how can be average person, because of Zhang Zhen emphasizing designedly when this writes back the source can patronize a person very much, but however not common.

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Have so termless the little brother that safeguards oneself, as the elder brother’s Zhang Zhen the source is sure the meeting is very happy, feeling of little brother of hope elder brother is very good all the time, and go hard together go down, redder and redder. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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