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Original title: ” this killer is not quite sober ” : The nobody also can make great life | Boiling Even if be only ” nobody ” , also can do people on one’s own side to be born ” big leading role ” .

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In ▲ film, utility man actor ” Wei Chenggong ” , by ” big star Milan ” deceit goes performing hero ” killer blocks Er ” . Graph / the film ” this killer is not quite sober ” stage photo article | From easy ” this killer is not quite sober ” of first day of the lunar year discharge a rank the 4th, but lead in order to be as high as the seat of honour of 50% , took first day of the lunar year to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera the 3rd. At the beginning of good year 2, ” this killer is not quite sober ” row piece came to the 2nd, rate of seat of honour is next to children movie ” bear appears and disappear · return earth ” , box-office achievement also ranks second place, be next to ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” . The head of Spring Festival archives belongs to an ancient folding chair ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” , this did not disagree; The 2nd contention also has ended, ” this killer is not quite sober ” the latercomers surpass the formers.

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▲ film ” this killer is not quite sober ” stage photo. ” this killer is not quite sober ” be able to counterattack, depending on comedy already is Spring Festival archives all along is firm need, still depending on this also is a film about every Everyman actually — what it tells about is ” costar ” , the story of a typical unimportant person. The film is adapted from Japanese comedic Great Master of 3 cereal fortunately ” demon unreal hour ” , obtain in relevant platform judge 8.3 minutes. ” this killer is not quite sober ” the elite that preserved origianl work basically, although do not have get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, unapt also however to turn over. Film set is in setting of a built on stilts. Big star Milan, because the thing on booth is chased after to kill by sinister gang, want to find top class killer to block Er only, sinister gang puts her one horse. Milan presses a root not to know Carl, she thinks of a method: The Kingdom of Wei of actor of beguiling utility man is successful, saying is to take a motion picture, let his personate hero — killer blocks Er. Wei Chenggong believes. Into play he too deep thinks really is to taking sport, enter true sinister gang with the identity of killer, be immersed in each dangerous situation, wonderful kind of ground head off a danger… ” identity amlposition ” with ” false play is done really ” , made a lot of laugh nod. Comedic, ” this killer is not quite sober ” also be a movie that narrates nobody circumstances. Wei Chenggong is actor of an unsuccessful utility man, go out performing minor role all the time for years. But he is had deep love for to performing those who have absolute sincerity, ask strictly with high level of the actor from beginning to end oneself. His truer with obdurate, make he and whole big environment antipathetic, the person of the play staff often is done so that catch by Wei Chenggong mad, also look down on him. No matter be,act in a play actually, still be other profession, glow ” leading role ” it is minority, great majority person is record record is anonymous ” costar ” , not just Wei Chenggong ” abortive ” , we also may be lay meanings go up ” abortive ” . Place before everybody to have two choices: It is to mix eat etc dead, drift along is become all one’s life ” costar ” ; Still maintain first heart, unremitting, side with ” leading role ” target concussion; Or, even if be ” costar ” , also should have become in oneself life ” leading role ” , do not forget a dream, not loaf? Wei Chenggong chose latter. Hold to with have deep love for, goodness and brave, let this nobody see the move that seems absurdity, also having moving impression. Let us associate to the other form in drama of movie and TV not only, for instance ” comedic king ” in ” I am an actor ” Yin Tianchou; In also letting us associate to real life, those take the unimportant person that realizes ego at destiny, effort gamely, aquatic product faker of the painter is become in social news for instance, the hero in the demit of doctoral paper express one’s thanks to that has his moment in media from time to time for instance… connect ” this killer is not quite sober ” male a Wei Xiang, itself also is from ” costar ” go step by step ” leading role ” . The audience before this is in ” Xi Hong city head rich ” ” hello, li Huanying ” Guo Weixiang sees in waiting for the film, the likelihood does not know his name. The painted eggshell of the film is the express one’s thanks to when Wei Xiang kills blueness, he is holding a flower in both hands, hot tear is filled with ground of the socket of eye to thanked a director to give him the chance, because this is him from the shadow 20 will be become for the first time for years leading role.

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▲ Wei Xiang ever was the film ” Xi Hong city head rich ” medium costar. Graph / the film ” Xi Hong city head rich ” appearance of the show in stage photo play becomes resonance, delivered to the audience to force. The success is very significant, just, be not every to hold to metropolis trend ” successful ” , resembling is not every effort ” costar ” can become ” leading role ” . But dare not daydream, forget first heart, do not wish importunate person, also get the show appreciation for sb of successful goddess hard. Hold to, do not succeed certainly, abandoned, successful odds is lower. And, even if be a nobody only, even if be only ” costar ” , need not full of remorse, do not want ego suspicion, hold to goodness of dream, dependable effort, choice, the nobody also can make good life. Contributor of engage by special arrangement | From easy (media person) editor | Ding Hui’s trainee | Wei heroic bearing is proofreaded | Wang Xin

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