Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Floodgate bridge is good-looking, sharp-shooter is wonderful, who does warlike movie look classical? These two days, looked one after another ” floodgate bridge ” and ” long ferry lake ” two films, worth while. Of course, the price of a ticket is fast also be true, chinese film is under epidemic situation a lot of change, company of need cinema, audience, movie fits together. Of be practical and realistic say, ” floodgate bridge ” comparative before this ” long ferry lake ” the place that does not have how many colour, and, the specially good effect of dazzle ability and movement are too much, exceeded original battlefield likelihood. Look from the picture, no matter be ” floodgate bridge ” or ” long ferry lake ” , it is the ceiling with homebred war new film, this is beyond question, reflected the intention of the play staff adequately also. A world of ice and snow climbs over 7, how to arrive the moment of truth actually conveniently is naughty come a panzer, still can develop the bridge on the summit, still have meanwhile a thousand li is carrying assault of armor plate ski on the back, this also too winter abstruse. Of course, this is Xu Ke. Regard a war as commerce piece, occasion is necessary, good-looking very necessary also, because such ability attract an audience, nevertheless, while artistic quality promotes, warlike movie of China is on ideological content and rise without what get materiality, this also is a fact. If we contrast, ” go up Gan Ling ” such old movie although be confined to the condition at that time cannot apply colours to a drawing specially good effect, can make person aftertaste long however, although be black and white, but show up to now still feel wonderful, this is the high crystallization of art and thought. Because environment of specific domestic and international condition is affected, day movie became the aid that fight the United States to be bestowed favor on newly, film of Dan Changjin lake just still stays on the traditional sense that maintains the home to defend a country, be being shown is to stay in the condition more on the situation difficult, fight brave, conditional level. These do not have a problem, but these will reveal with the limit, it is artistic deficient however actually. A word, film of long ferry lake appears too straight white, a lot of more exaggerative, metaphor is very few, the setting that touchs a person is not little, the thing of aftertaste making a person is not much, the war piece the platoon became knight-errant play. Can say for certain, ” floodgate bridge ” or ” long ferry lake ” temporarily prosperous, become keep of classic old movie very hard. Of course, this does not represent these two films bad.

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What watch Zhang Yi to seek instead is new piece ” sharp-shooter ” , although take a not much, booking office not tall, become very likely however long contain unabated history classical, started war of a country not only piece new kind, also reflected often seek child the new height of artistically. As different as what think more very much, this film is not is motion of simple sniper’s shot cold artillery piece, produced crack shot because of motion of sniper’s shot cold artillery piece however, the U.S. Army organized snipe maniple to make reprisals, formed a snipe thereby to snipe right definitely. This resembles classic movie a bit ” the attacking army has reached the city gates ” . Really, this ” sharp-shooter ” there can be a kind of idea after looking still unexhausted feeling, think the move is new again detailed look, had had the sense of classic movie. Same, in this film, zhang Yi is sought also enable brand-new actor again, roll out new personality again, this and very direct greatly be being made greatly is to use only become famous the star has very big different. Likewise interesting is, socially, in filmdom, seem an appearance, the VIP that is brave in to innovate to be explored ceaselessly, seem not quite suffer a person to wait for see, even by group rise and attack. So good movie, with respect to the film that because be Zhang Yi,seeks, the cinema discharges an equipment to suffer elbow out, as a result at aing club for amateur performers of Beijing opera gloomy. A few years since, chinese war piece experienced big changes a few times, no matter be to make big appearance greatly, still be conte big theme, already better and better. Be deficient in exclusively now, the likelihood is to the war think over, think to what the mankind did not come. Future, wait for us to turn up one’s nose at a large number of heroes when, we can have different battle piece the film. Await this one arrival of the day!

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