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Original title: Wu Jing record-breaking 25 billion! Wu Jing, record-breaking!

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Tiger year the Spring Festival, chinese film market greets make a good beginning, in fulfil rate of cinema seat of honour strictly not to exceed 75% , in the epidemic situation that of short duration of cinema of area of Gao Feng jaws does not open is prevented accuse to ask to fall, 2022 first day of the lunar year (on Feburary 1) countrywide film market yields in all box-office 1.443 billion yuan. According to data of edition of cat eye major, on Feburary 1, 2022 12 when 58 minutes, booking office of accumulative total of main actor film already broke through Wu Jing 25 billion. And as ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” showed on Feburary 1, this number is in mushroom. Edition data shows beacon major, on Feburary 2, 2022 15 when 05 minutes, 2022 year grail is box-office (contain open to booking) broken 5 billion! Among them, the film ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” booking office exceeds 1 billion yuan, get run Spring Festival archives.

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Origin: Film of @ cat eye ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” show a day to break 17 records 2022 Spring Festival archives, with ” one exceed 4 strong 3 animation ” formidable battle array, be called ” archives of the strongest Spring Festival ” . Among them ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” take the lead, ” the four seas ” ” miraculous · stupid child ” ” this killer is not quite sober ” ” sharp-shooter ” wait for 4 film try to overtake each other in friendly emulation, “Bear appears and disappear ” ” be fond of Yang Yang ” ” small tiger mound ” wait for cartoon collect Qi Xin to often be combined. “Of Spring Festival archives these are new piece, subject matter, style is different, want to see a few more very much. ” first day of the lunar year afternoon, ms. Zheng that lives in area of Wuhan river bank and domestic person look together ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” hind, want to be large the beginning of the year 2 arrange photograph of a view again.

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Data shows, on Feburary 1, the film ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” show formally, first days of person-time that watch a movie exceeds 8 million, and accumulative total breaks 17 records. Be worth what carry is, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” in the of 2 platoon at the beginning of good year piece be as high as 34% , than first day of the lunar year even tower above 7% , it serves to show moves action to the driving belt of grail of Spring Festival archives. ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” it is China champion of shadow history booking office ” long ferry lake ” continuation, also be big ending, direct by old paean, Xu Ke, Lin Chaoxian as before, wu Jing, easy melt the main actor such as 1000 royal seal. 2021 National Day archives, ” long ferry lake ” the box-office break the record with 5.775 billion yuan, also let ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” the heat be far ahead before show. Wu Jing expresses, if say ” long ferry lake ” just rip this campaign a prelusive word, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” the battle that is a life and death. “If say ” long ferry lake ” in the sacrifice of Thunder God affected us, let us feel very distressed, so in the raft of pontoons that hit water this battles when, you can see soldiers of more people who volunteer to fight in another country pay price to strive for a victory, not hesitate even sacrifice oneself life, may more painful. ” all through the ages of these archives of Spring Festival of company component a thick soup are each the company that make, crucial opportunity that issues line of company, courtyard to be contended for surely, a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera besides whole outside this big cake, understanding is participated in each it how just segment cake is more important to how just segment cake, the company that because box-office cent Zhang matters to us,invests can divide how many box-office income. Generally speaking, industrial structure basically divides Chinese film to be made to manufacture, sale is issued, courtyard line is discharged piece, the cinema is shown wait for a few respects. According to statistic, the film ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” altogether has 7 to manufacture company, 14 combination manufacture company. Include line of business of the movie in group of film of industry of rich accept movie, 81 film studioes, Shanghai, A among them (01060.HK) , century of industry of flower emperor movie, joyous luck (000892.SZ) wait for tycoon of movie and TV. And backside of film of Spring Festival archives involves this year appear on the market the company includes A inclusive Chinese film, 10 thousand amount to recreation of movie and TV of medium of the film, Shanghai film, light, Hengdian, Ao Fei to wait, still have harbor the cat eye recreation that appear on the market, read collected works group to wait. “Most when losing, it is the film chose me ” ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” explode fire, those who be benefited still have an actor. Newest data shows, booking office of accumulative total of main actor film breaks through Wu Jing 25 billion, sit firmly ” Chinese movie and TV the first ” ! According to media coverage, 1974, wu Jing is born in old and well-known family of a fierce of be used to. Wu Jing’s grandfather plays skill shadowboxing, and father is 9 whip lover. In Wu Jing a years that 6 years old, its also are pulled by father physical culture school of sea of Beijing assorted Buddhist templeput on the brakes, wushu of study signing up. 1989, wu Jing enters Beijing wushu line, surpass a gun at elite of countrywide wushu match is being obtained after 5 years art, right Lian Guanjun. 1995, of the turn that can weighs Wu Jing year. In coach Wu Bin recommend below, wu Jing of 21 years old goes out perform film of individual head ministry ” kongfu boy enters affection to close ” , the Yang Xuewen of good by right of personate natural disposition fierce has his moment. This one battle, announce open not only Wu Jing acts art career, preliminary still the identity that establishs its movement actor. Wu Jing ever was in ” begin lecturing ” say, “In me most when losing, it is the film chose me. ” the 2nd turn in Wu Jing life is 2015. This year, its not hesitate touch on all family belongs, guide oneself act oneself ” battle wolf ” make full earthen bowl of its earn basin full. And from this later, wu Jing was participated in early or late again ” roam about the earth ” , ” long ferry lake ” , ” battle wolf 2 ” etc booking office is gigantic make, be spoken to say by a lot of netizens ” can defeat Wu Jing have Wu Jing only ” . The Forbes that released 2019 on celebrity a list of names posted up, wu Jing force presses a large number of heroes, rank the first. When those, the evaluation says Forbes, chinese inland is box-office history the movie that attends before the rank two, cannot leave Wu Jing’s name. ” roam about the earth ” as this year of the champion of Spring Festival archives make, let the world see the strength of film of Chinese science fiction. “Can you defeat Wu Jing have Wu Jing only ” ? ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” during performing, wu Jing accepted media interview. When deep impression business leaves when refer films, wu Jing expresses unforgettable the night of 34 months makes fun of. “Between the setting of floodgate bridge, we took the nocturnal sport of 34 months. Go everyday a field when, what we see is the water raft of pontoons below the lamp. The first day comes to the play staff that Xu Ke directs, 4 wind prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan to me, 1000 royal seal and Li Chen, xu gram director bends over to set an example to us on snow ground movement, that day the air temperature in the evening is – 31 ℃ . When when wind prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun airs to us, we are not to listen to other audio, do not listen to cry to the director even ” card ” . Wind artillery piece is blown we all over algid, tear stops not the dwelling place flows. Xu Dao asks we want to notice observation, ambitious and goggle. It is to pat to want to run really, but patted not to run really, because you should continue,bury. Sent before dawn all the time that day at 3 o’clock. ” Wu Jing says further, still one day, those who pat is the play that I develop enemy command post, because wind direction changed suddenly, natural wind gives command post burn rose, I am tired in the house, I hear the Xu Ke in interphone the director is crying aloud: “Speed goes helping a person! Speed goes helping a person! ” when taking the sport in the scene of a fire, inside special heat, I am fast hold back did not stay in choke, we are how to yearn for a world of ice and snow at that time; But, arrived a field of a world of ice and snow, feeling true again is too cold, want to go into the scene of a fire rapidly again warm thaw… of this kind of ice and fire suffer, can help us shape the part, perception that finds a part better, piece each nerve that the environment of field stimulated us. The play staff gave us ” listen to see true sense really really ” external condition. In those days soldier of people who volunteer to fight in another country, fight below so difficult condition, we are in what formidable task accomplishs in easy environment to model without reason. Want in those days soldiers of people who volunteer to fight in another country, they for new China, had borne than us this is planted the chill with even cold chill, we are right of ancestors of people who volunteer to fight in another country esteem more arose spontaneously. Be in what be asked pair of big members of a family are medium ” can defeat Wu Jing have Wu Jing only ” when the view, wu Jing response says, particularly favour attends ” long ferry lake ” and ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” film, this is unforgettable all one’s life experience. Nonexistent what ” Wu Jing defeated Wu Jing ” , it is Chinese film is advancing step by step, advancing towards taller mountain peak. I just have favour to serve as among them one member, favour attends a show. My teacher Zhang Xin’s phlogistic director once said to me, as the actor you are responsible and accountability make all staff members happy, let them believe you, because be accomplished finally, is the film. I feel, if ” long ferry lake ” this play does not have me, regular also meeting has so good result. Integrated: Film of Hubei daily, cat eye congratulations Wu Jing!

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