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Original title: This life has you: Public praise glides, from ” in Ou Zhiguang ” suffer to equipment spit groove, does the problem go where? Civil / Gu Yi (the article manufactures to achieve word of date snail recreation formerly, prohibit reprinting) ” this life has you ” after opening branch, fabaceous valve grading is 6.3 minutes only. A lot of netizens see this grading most propbably also is some look not to understand, because of this drama from leave since sowing, be being praised to be all the time is ” in Ou Zhiguang ” , audience people when seeking theatrical work, also be to feel above of blood of this drama dog, the gut with cruel deep amour makes dogginess blood personage straight breathe out not allow to miss. Prep let alone is lain between when this drama or bell Chinese fine and Li Xiaoran old later cooperate again, a surname Feng and Yin Jing Wan renew leading edge is to invite an audience more people crack with teeth in mouth of CP of crack with teeth in mouth gets respect. 20220203093322 61fba16257d1cThis life has grading of your beans valve However grading of this beans valve lets a lot of netizens feel amazed however, because the acting of the actors in this drama is very pretty good, this drama also has the qualitative feeling of the film very much, broadcast a quantity very pretty good also, this drama heat is not low it is thus clear that. From overall and character, this drama no matter from take change or look from carry lens, can yet be regarded as a good theatrical work, it is normal to say fabaceous valve grading should have 7-8 to divide ability to be normally, now this let a person 6.3 minutes be surprised indeed. 20220203093322 61fba162e1b49Placard Indeed, fabaceous valve grading is very much moment does not escape the powdery pink is black struggle between enlightened star vermicelli made from bean starch, most teleplay may appear the main actor stars people the appearance that black pink ill will makes low component, this also can affect the grading of this teleplay on certain level. But, this a review of a play assigns small account and do not give herein only. Actually the gut trend of this drama also has very big problem. If only 15 parts looked once upon a time, this drama gives a mark this now is too low really, 7-8 cent just is should. However, problem just goes out after 15 collect, the 15th market can say a watershed that is whole department theatrical work. Early days audience has much aspect, later period has many below. 20220203093323 61fba16354376Netizen comment The audience that has seen play should know, tan Jing and Nie eaves Cheng two people are everybody is put who to issue, although Tan Jing thinks to there is family feud among two people, also do not control oneself to love Nie Yucheng’s heart. However, the problem appeared what playwrite loves to hate dispute in processing when this is spent, bringing about Tan Jing always is keep sb at an arm’s length to Nie Yucheng, and fulcrum of neither one logic, the emotional trend of two people appears very confused. 20220203093323 61fba1639d51eTan Jing of Li Xiaoran personate In drama, nie Yucheng is in be informed in those days Tan Jing leaves him Tan Jing is found to break down after real reason cry greatly, after this Tan Jing is opposite Nie Yucheng’s manner somewhat bate, look at the Nie Yucheng that lies on the bed, tan Jing is the smile of one face happiness more, seemed to had put down everything in the past, rise the following day the setting that two people eat breakfast together is very sweet also happy, a lot of audiences see here thinks Tan Jing wants to accept Nie Yucheng. Although Tan Jing rejects to accept the key that Nie Yucheng gives, but Tan Jing still goes to Home Nie Yucheng cooking later, the emotion that this also shows two people is in develop toward the direction that has worn, and it is in drama matting after the clue that be on speaking terms of very much person turns, tan Jing is being taken after leaving hospital flatly however left flatly, did not tell Nie Yucheng completely. The plot of a play of this one part is too unreasonable also, early days Tan Jing feels distressed to be not put again already to Nie Yucheng, here however a bit did not hesitate, the feeling to Nie Yucheng does not build this and early days Tan Jing completely to go up. When Tan Jing sees Nie Yucheng’s psychotherapy is recorded later, also behave very calmly, come out completely now without body she is true to the heart of loves person anxious, feel distressed and ashamed remorses. Static expression talks after including to give traffic accident in Nie Yucheng more resembling is to be in because love,a kind of compulsory and rather than is. Still have after Sun Zhijun dies He Nieyu Cheng carried Tan Jing to part company. All these more the ultimate drag that resembling is a kind of for cruel cruel, tan Jing relapses between love and hate the horizontal stroke jumps, person stays Nie Yucheng a person is hurried off to to her, so that the audience often is done when seeing play,do not know Tan Jing what thinking, very difficult in all affection arrives Tan Jing, there always also is a kind to cut apart abruptly when seeking theatrical work feeling. 20220203093323 61fba163d281bYu Cheng of Nie of Zhong Hanliang personate Still Tan Jing puts forward to want to let be surnamed flatly grandson, give Home Sun Zhijun continuance burning incense, and after Nie Dongyuan dies, go up in funeral ” son’s eldest son flatly ” waiting for gut to let an audience spit groove to as if is to looking ” Nie Jiada courtyard ” . After that period to in those days accident this one complete theatrical work most of the contradiction of core disclose too illegible, brash end is to let an audience indissoluble more. In those days the depart that the accident brought about Tan Jing and Nie Yucheng directly and later happen a variety of, this thing also is lie across is talking about Jing Xinzhong most do not put the issue below, tan Jing and Nie eaves Cheng are being investigated only in those days in the process of the accident ceaseless clear the air, after be being adjusted afresh, ability achieves final end-all quite, is not brash brushstroke has been uncovered, this appears Tan Jing’s so old hate and suffering, the person depart that includes Tan Jing to be this and place love appears for years resemble a jest. 20220203093324 61fba16418e8bSun Zhijun of king brave personate This drama gut leaves high low taking gift is to bring about grading low most prime cause, this gut has the good acting of some of wasteful actor really. Still expect Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran can cooperate again. To ” does this life have you ” grading what view do you have? Welcome everybody to leave a message discuss. 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