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Original title: ” this life has you ” the faction since playwrite! For gut sodden end swings boiler each other, bai Bangni of chief editor drama is scolded The teleplay that acts the leading role by Zhong Hanliang, Li Xiaoran ” this life has you ” receive an official, be in New Year beginning perfect be over, li Xiaoran still basks in those who gave 5 wool money to spread beautiful specially good effect later, leave ” this life has you ” medium part, it is a happy thing very it seems that, what did not think of however is killing blueness a thing happened that day

20220203093351 61fba17fc4834

Editor search pursues ” this life has you ” some playwrite is abrupt in playwrite group wheat leaves on gregarious platform, direct sword points to Bai Bangni of chief editor drama. Say oneself write good play to be changed by Bai Bangni go off with, result finished product all is not like person meaning, full regret and anger are between utterance. What can see from the graph is he write big ending to want to make contribution, what subsequently chief editor drama says to want to change a result is ulterly changed this back-to-back playwrite also did not tell anything, oneself time outside also did not have, oneself are very regretful only do not know the problem goes be in, this playwrite is spat jointly groove! Subsequently this screenwriter author claims the play that oneself participate in playwrite, do not have bed play, why to know chief editor drama can have a bed to make fun of? Bask in subsequently gave chief editor drama to say she is responsible, need not I am revised, the script that writes with respect to him discovery as a result is done to get farfetched fact. The total playwrite that what can see is this drama is Bai Bangni

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Editing search graph the other side to express his is one of playwrite, discover chief editor drama changed a lot of did not have next, and him work laboriously wrote 10 thousand words last show is abrupt

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Because this drama of Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran had received big final result now,editor search pursues, send nonfeasance of chief editor of my angrily rebuke to this playwrite, change oneself work ulterly changedly, withheld HE only namely satisfactory final result, but this action is the dissatisfaction that causes playwrite group necessarily, just had present case. Pass below what this piece of graph can see is to alter too big fact

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Compile search figure

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What editor search graph expects to raise his to explode meanwhile is true, replied directly him netizen name basis ” this life has you ” advocate achieve list to be able to see, “Yang Xiaohui ” one of playwrite that are teleplay really, and the Bai Bangni that she points out also is really ” this life has you ” chief editor drama.

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Besides is a basis the response of the audience will see this thing is a fact really the small gain that subsequently the netizen runs to this playwrite goes down 15 part the following the plot of a play puts it is reported of angrily rebuke the other side in a lot of flaw, the person is set cut apart, gut Bug, ending is brash, go not to come out in the world that the playwrite that interesting is this drama is enmeshed in oneself however at that time however.

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Arrive however till now the total playwrite of this drama did not make an any responses to this matter, the it seems in the world that is enmeshed in oneself all the time she is the work that does not care about her at all becomes now such, however the dissatisfaction that this action caused a netizen however, groove is spat below the small gain that runs to her in succession

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Original this life has you is a good work becomes sodden remaining part now however, caused the angrily rebuke of playwrite group thereby, of this shows is the fact that the loss outweights the gain!

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