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Original title: The candy that thunder favorable reply abundants peach is sent is too sweet! Zhang Yi jealous, lie between peach of abundant of empty propaganda to the enemy at the front line: Can I perform your husband During wanting to ask the Spring Festival, which drama is the hottest, that is sure it is to be in what peach factory heat sows ” between the world ” , a few days short, sow a list of names posted up with respect to the heat that ascend a top the first, this drama wait by thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao present as leading role to act the leading role, still a lot of our familiar old show bone also go out act.

20220203093421 61fba19d7f889

The one begin in drama, zheng Juan’s fiance is strong child be sentenced because of homicide capital punishment, she did not marry to be done ” widow ” , the child still is cherished in abdomen, still have the mother of an old, the little brother with an invisible eye. Such Zheng beautifuls, be acquainted with Zhou Bingkun encountering, began the story from the back and life be mixed…

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When the Zhou Bingkun that thunder favorable reply acts, good the home that finds Zheng Juan not easily, after going in, those who see is a pair of smooth legs, Zheng Juan that sitting on kang to make rock candy calabash. Room of warm Yang Shaijin of day of the winter outside the window, also illuminate on Zheng Juan’s body to go up with fine ankle, she below sunshine, plunging into plait of double fried dough twist, appear particularly good-looking, although be a back at first to Zhou Bingkun, also let him for a short while look stayed.

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But at the outset ” chicken feather flies on a day ” the play staff is in when requesting a peach-shaped thing agreement abundant, she raised a requirement to the play staff: I should take an individual to enter group, otherwise I do not come ” ! After the director is measured after many business with producer, still agree with her requirement finally, taking Zhang Yi to come to the play staff with respect to such abundant peach. So Zhang Yi expects all the time to Yan Tao can once more screen cooperates.

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But be in ” between the world ” in the placard of this drama, the Zhou Bingkun of the Zheng Juan that Yan Tao acts and personate of thunder favorable reply is riding bicycle to play Tan Xiao’s occasion, it is sweet simply degree explode watch, believe to see this one act ” old Jiang He ” sure vinegar meaning is sent greatly.

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In drama, when first time of these two parts encounters, it is to roughhouse directly however. When Zhou Bingkun is taking pension to come to Home Zheng Juan in those days, zheng Juan is sitting on kang to wear sugarcoated haws on a stick, because dress is more optional also feeble, zhou Bingkun this ” foolish boy ” which had watched this scene, be stupefied in place several seconds, mouth conversation also becomes tongue-tied.

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Who expects Zheng beautifuls not only do not want what pension, still evict Zhou Bingkun fine long hair impolitely, the reason is this pension, the dead pension of the fiance Tu Zhijiang that is Zheng Juan, and Zheng Juan has been pregnant at that time in the body.

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However, see sudden arrival of Zhou Bingkun, smooth one bicrural Zheng beautifuls a fluster, innocent double eye goes out fully terrified, obscure with the dress rapidly oneself double leg, low first. This one act, zheng Juan’s mood translate into insecurity and charming be ashamed. Perhaps have an audience the meeting is curious: Why is Zheng Juan worn solely a pair of legs? Because,the answer is poor, she has big winter only a cotton-padded trousers, washed can wear solely only leg, waiting for its insolation ability is worn again.

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Favorable reply treats Danlei ” between the world ” this drama really serious all the more, the reason is ” between the world ” the life that those who tell is father generation, think to leave to read aloud to him pa Mom, thunder favorable reply should show a person 20 years old to change of 60 years old not only, experience the pain with the greatest life and Bei relative jointly with the part even.

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The Zheng of he and abundant peach personate beautifuls, in drama, two people won’t all day long hangs love in mouth edge, but the accredit that just is them, means that stand fast and lives jointly, will what prove is ” the plainest love ” . Are you chased after ” between the world ” this drama? The welcome comments on an area to leave a message!

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