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Original title: ” half ripe lover ” Yue of Luo Laxi joyous Yu, but reality lets her choose Wang Neng can Program of put together art ” amative put together art ” heating up in sowing, this file program is leaving before sowing, be not valued, because the element person honored guest in the program is not the 20 youths that come forward, they are general it is 30 years old of above, and still having partial honored guest is to had divorced and had given birth to a child.

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It is highest that in all honored guests Luo La’s person is enraged, because her itself is the cate rich of a little famous energy of life advocate, still had attended ” requested freezer ” ” cannot overlook dining room ” wait for program of put together art, can say she had had base of a few vermicelli made from bean starch. And she is behaved mediumly in the program very popular, at present Yu Yue and Wang Neng can like her very much, the triangle between 3 people loves equipment to get attention, audience cent is 3 cliques, one clique supports Luo La and Yu Yue, another clique supports Luo La and Wang Neng can, allegedly still a few people support Yu Yue and Wang Neng can.

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The relation of this 3 people was full of a hotspot, in program of newest first phase, luo La let the relation between 3 people produce delicate change, the heat that also allows a program promoted at a draught, because she makes public herself to had married in the program, and have the fact of a child.

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Luo La is in honest when very nervous, audience also very feel distressed she, we must want to nod assist bravely for hers. Yu Yue and Wang Neng can make a response to this matter. Yu Yue says: I return pretty to like children. Wang Neng can say: My people, myself, my friend does not mind this business.

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The answer of two schoolboys lets the big stone fall to the ground in Luo La heart, these two schoolboys are very good to Luo La, she can have a bit good opinion to Yu Yue and Wang Neng, but because oneself have a child, so Luo La all the time not dare further, speak out the secret in the heart eventually now, luo La’s very happy laugh.

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Cong Yuyue and Wang Neng can will look on the answer, apparently Wang Neng can win, his answer has safe feeling more, and say the word very completely, it is he himself does not mind not just, he still shows his family member and the person beside do not mind, this is too important to Luo La, oneself have a child the family that this thing can invite opposite party also does not mind, that ability is the most important.

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Yu Yue and Wang Neng can reply, triangle of can immediate impact loves the relation between, the Luo La previously prefers Yu Yue, but reality lets her choose Wang Neng however can. Luo La of many detail surface prefers Yu Yue. When meeting for the first time from everybody, luo La likes Yu Yue, luo La of first time appointment does not have person selected choose, he wants to make an appointment with Yu Yue but the other side had made an appointment with Zhou Nan, yu Yue and Wang Neng can generate interest to Luo La later, and Luo La likes most, still be Yu Yue. Can see from a lot of detail, when with Wang Yu in Luo La for instance the city dates, king rain city asks her: Who is you think most and contacted more a few. Luo La says decisively: Yu Yue.

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Again for instance Luo La sits respectively Guo Yuyue and Wang Neng can car, but the condition in the Luo La in the car is different. In Yu Yue car when Luo La arranges makeup look with small glasses secretly, whole journey is very bashful. And in Wang Neng can in the car when Luo La chats carelessly with the other side, a bit does not have attend to figure. Undertake to two schoolboys in Luo La honest when, also can see inner world of Luo La. She runs over to when Yu Yue is honest.

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She goes by slowly to when Wang Neng can be honest. This runs to go to explain with respect to enough Luo La is right the heavy visual range of these two people is spent.

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Yu Yue’s answer is shown slightly painstakingly, actual Rangluola chooses Wang Neng can although Luo La prefers Yu Yue, but go up in the child’s problem, yu Yue minds apparently, his answer can not let Luo La be at ease, and Wang Neng can the answer has safe feeling very much, to Luo La the child is the most important, the be fond of of her individual wants a platoon to be in the 2nd, so the Luo La in retrospective program is mixed Wang Neng can interactive and special much.

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Actually even if is to do not have the child, wang Neng can the expression before also compares Yu Yue more on heart, wang Neng can be a lot of more active than Yu Yue, she is right of Luo La take care of be meticulously, and awaiting is to be in when Yu Yue is more look at aside, he does not like to compete, after seeing Wang Neng can intervene actively, yu Yue did not choose to strive for, choose keep out of the way however.

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When play basketball for instance Yu Yue and Luo La are done not have completely interactive, it is Wang Neng is looking for a topic actively with Luo La all the time, yu Yue is in waiting for aside, on the manner Yu Yue is defeated by Wang Neng can one big chunk, so even if Luo La does not have the child, yu Yue also too won’t active, can say he goes further more on oscillatory road.

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And Wang Neng can be adamantine all the time, he refuses very neatly to Yang Mengjing, did not take the space of a bit illusion to the other side, also did not leave ambiguous possibility to both sides, there is Luo La only in his heart a person. To the change of Yu Yue state of mind, luo La is not to not was aware of, although she returns those who hold out above to Yu Yue, but go up in the child’s problem, wang Neng can manner enough lets intention of Luo La change, current Luo La does not suit those who like to go after her, she suits to like her and do not mind her to have a child the person of this thing. Apparently Wang Neng can be best choice.

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