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Original title: Zhi of Zhang Moji week is like one-night standing, leading role hits play to change which Zha! Wang Jing is new ” lean on a day ” , rot hot eye As this year Spring Festival archives, the network film of the heaviest pound, ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” get attention quite. 29 years ago, li Lianjie, Qiu Shuzhen, Zhang Min acts the leading role ” demon teachs the founder of a religion ” still by the person take delight in talking about, although movie is not successful at that time, but in a lot of years later, be regarded as by a lot of people however classical, become the masterpiece that directs career of king brilliant profession. After 29 years, add of director king brilliant is written classical, original part already no longer, actor ordinary members of theatrical troupe changes blood greatly, and patted below two at a heat ” result of 9 open looks ” and ” holy fire male wind ” , be in early film level, wang Jing alleged the story of the unfinished before wanting add to write 29 years.

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But feelings is additional cost, also be high threshold, old after all edition bead jade is advanced, new edition nature should is faced with quite. Although new edition conduct propaganda has Zhen Zidan and Gu Tianle to join in, but actually the show share of two actors adds up do not exceed 20 minutes, in light of the system capacity that closes at getting on below two relatively, share of two actors show is not worth Zhen Zidan and Gu Tianle very one of. As to what play the leading role forest and Wen Yongshan, also compare with the Li Lianjie in old edition and Zhang Min hard, more awkward is personate the Yun Qianqian that new edition small clear and Zhou Zhi are like and Qiu Yinong, can describe only for ” Yanzhi and acting demote in the round ” , let a person suspect director Wang Jing the present eye that pick a person. Gut respect, ” result of 9 open looks ” almost complete piece place palpability to tell an audience, want namely ” heat leftover rice-say or do the same old thing ” .

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Complete piece major gut is answer quarter 93 edition ” demon teachs the founder of a religion ” , basic it is an old wine in a new bottle, changed an actor to repeat the clue in 93 edition, unluckily the actor’s battle array is fastened poorly with old edition day however, actor’s lines of actor performance, gut and even face of fierce thresh gain are without memory to nod. After so the film broadcasts, although temperature is very high, the corresponding period of website of certain room video broadcasts a quantity the first. But public praise also is without accident ground to attack street, end at present this go up in grading website, by more than 10 thousand netizens, hit grading of 3.5 minutes, among them one star is judged to the difference of two stars rate be as high as 83% , major review thinks this is a fine long hair breaks up from one’s teeth pat sodden piece. ” result of 9 open looks ” just go up collect, next collect ” holy fire male wind ” , also had left at the line on now sow.

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If say collection is complete,be answer the story of a play or opera that cuts 93 edition, however because of choosing horn is mixed make and hinder sb, at least still calculates have feelings. So next collect are the story that playwright-director wants add to write 93 edition to was not told, still be manufacture in a rough way however, exposing this thoroughly is an automation line the spec that drives working job to come out is sodden piece, consume audience feelings blindly, do not be willing to tell good story seriously however. Should say, bottom is soddener than upside — ” the wind of holy fire hero that leans on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” Ⅱ of New Kung Fu Cult Master

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Although new edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” in titles trailer signing is, wang Jing of playwrite, director, but this piece one of another directors are the assistant director with Wang Jing old for use of an emperor Jiang Guomin. Two people are some closer year collaboration crosses film of a lot of networks, those who do not have one exception is public praise strange difference is sodden piece, give a mark for instance only 2.8 minutes ” big fight of Sun Wu sky dish filar hole ” with 3.3 minutes ” proprietress ” .

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So ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” maintained Wang Jing and Jiang Guomin basically two people in recent years take a level, belong to the stable play, commerce that is without characteristic to rot piece. Complete piece the clue looks be like want reductive origianl work, but just took the renown appearance in origianl work, did not pat the marrow of an origianl work already regrettablly, also do not have conventional swordsman film the ileum swinging gas in, pleased favour enemy, some insipidity that just feed, those who abandon regrettablly gut of type of running water Zhang.

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Actually, because of the fashionable of golden commonplace novel and drama of movie and TV, the clue in the book is very much already by the audience know sth thoroughly at the heart, break up pat this kind well-known classical, want get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh already, want the marrow in reductive book again, but very regrettablly is ” Xin Yitian Tu Long is written down ” get on below two, took the story of near 4 many hours, however two respects were not done good, each respect is being appeared perfunctory. As a result of upside ” result of 9 open looks ” gut is basic answer quarter 93 edition, so bottom ” holy fire male wind ” just be true add to write classical.

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The story leaves piece guide small Zhao Heming to teach everybody one case with Zhang Moji, drive toward mostly 10 thousand install a temple, rescue by the person of door of 6 big groups of captivity of Ru Yang king. Zhang Moji is recumbent the bitter Buddhist monk that conceal is beside government office of Ru Yang king (namely light is right make Fan Yao) help and cooperate, with heaven and earth big move moves divine result rescues person of door of 6 big groups from inside tall tower of a sea of fire.

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Next gut, because of the 10 thousand failure that install a temple, bring about Zhao Min to be stripped by king of father Ru Yang military leadership, be in before this for many times in engage in a battle, with adversary Zhang Moji produces good opinion. Because eradicate division too dead in 10 thousand install a temple, but before her on one’s deathbed, force prentice Zhou Zhi is like the oath that send poison, cannot fall in love with Zhang Moji, the secret of door of successive division, wait for one’s chance recaptures Tu Long sword of Dao Heyi day.

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Eradicate after division is too dead, high eyebrow is fought inside clique happening, if Zhou Zhi is taken hard numerous, because this is besieged by division elder sister. Zhao Min and Zhang Moji are witnessed fitly, zhao Min cooperates Zhang Moji to if,save Zhou Zhi. Apropos Zhao Min wants to lend Tu Long the knife, zhang Moji guides Zhao Min, Zhou Zhi to be like He Xiaozhao one case, go searching Xie Xun toward island glacial fire. Unexpectedly, after arriving at island glacial fire, zhang Moji encounters the Western Regions unexpectedly bright those who teach besiege, and lead the person that besiege, be former bright teach yew the Dragon King, the Western Regions bright teach holy daughter, also be the strange mother of small clear. And small clear all the time conceal bright religion, it is to replace the heaven and earth with old be lost of the Western Regions of strange mother recapture big move moves heart law.

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After this big battle royal, zhang Moji uses the heart method that holy fire makes go up, learn the overall result way that big move of whole the universe moves. But because the Dragon King of strange mother yew handles affairs adverse add Shi Zhensheng female wait for fault, will be burned dead. Small clear is save a mother, promise to replace the position of holy daughter, leave accordingly Zhang Moji.

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After your crisis crosses holy fire, zhang Moji plans to leave island glacial fire originally, unexpectedly everybody is confused suddenly however by drug dizzy, awake discover Tu Long knife and have things stolen of sword leaning on a day, zhao Min and adoptive father thank abdicate to also do not know a footprint. He suspects accordingly, it is Zhao Min is done ghost.

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At this moment, if Zhou Zhi throws oneself into his arms, be in with Zhang Moji island glacial fire one dark is dim joyous. Later, zhang Moji is returned bright religion, be like with Zhou Zhi be about to get married. During, before Zhou Zhi is like excuse to say the master eradicates on one’s deathbed, ceng Chuan gives her two work way, but need exercise to benefit the internal organs becomes a basis, because this lets Zhang Moji,with 9 this world divine result aids her to practise one’s skill. Bridal that day, zhao Min comes suddenly to the spot, force in order to thank the whereabouts photograph of abdicate, let Zhang Moji abandon getting married. At this moment, if Zhou Zhi becomes angry suddenly, exert the most insidious 9 shade bones of the dead is ungual, want to kill Zhao Min. Zhang Moji saves Zhao Min, zhao Min informs her to put the truth of igneous island on the ice that day, if,actually a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of behind the curtain is Zhou Zhi.

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If Zhou Zhi got massacre dragon knife is mixed sword leaning on a day, the Ji of secret of 9 shade true classics that took Tibet to be inside Dao Jian, later again captivity Xie Xun, push all responsibility for an offense Zhao Min, and wait for one’s chance returns high mountain eyebrow, recapture palm door. It is Zhao Min was not confused actually only dizzy, shift to an earlier date the plot that come to discovered to Zhou Zhi is like, jump finally the sea runs away. After Zhao Min discloses the fact, if Zhou Zhi rips turn against, to retaliate Zhang Moji, hold massacre lion plenary meeting, zhang Moji comes round with black if the Zhou Zhi that change compares beat a drum of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance.

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Zhang Moji although ability prepares high, but be like cherish ashamed to remorse to Zhou Zhi, because this is not willing,hurt opposite party. At this moment, villain in drama takes the chance to kill into elder brother on high mountain eyebrow, grabbed Tu Long sword of Dao Heyi day. The conceal before Cheng Kunzhi is little forest, took King Kong secretly Ji of secret of result of not bad god, divine result protects put oneself in another’s position nowadays, sword is in hand, if,hurt Zhou Zhi again.

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Zhang Moji and Cheng Kun launch decisive battle, dan Chengkun nowadays already is a condition that hang, zhang Moji does not have method how the other side temporarily. The moment of truth, yew the Dragon King is taking the Western Regions bright taught holy fire makes come round to assist, zhang Moji uses the holy fire of all-conquering to make, final put to death killed the Cheng Kun of do evil multiterminal.

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After big fight passes, if Zhou Zhi dies because of be being weighed, she puts down kind and enmity before on one’s deathbed, let Zhang Moji do not want again disappoint Zhao Min.

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Zhang Moji and Zhao Min drop Tu Long knife and sword leaning on a day, leave together fierce forest dispute, the story ends so far.

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If pure see whole story frame, ” holy fire male wind ” the framework that still calculates faithful Yu Yuan to write it seems that, basic masterstroke story and clue conflict got withholding. The new edition that Dan Wangjing films two films, a common problem depends on — the civil play of the film is patted so that be in a complete mess, to preserve the renown appearance in origianl work, delete and change cut detail wildly, bring about a story to had been advanced fast, conflict turn as trifling matter, the plot that imposes is too much, bring about story logic to molder, classics of a lot of detail does not remove deliberate.

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For instance, if Zhou Zhi is in those who put igneous island on the ice with Zhang Moji ” one-night standing ” , if carry result cure is hurt,Zhang Moji just gives Zhou Zhi originally, if abrupt Zhou Zhi throws oneself into his arms, if be in,Zhou Zhi is in whole episode ” active ” ; Be like the set of yew the Dragon King again, at the beginning yew the Dragon King pulls wind to come on the stage, guide the Western Regions bright emissary of taught 3 mahatma fire, question Zhang Moji closely to hand over sword of day of massacre dragon Daoyi, right now detail has indicated the concern of small clear and yew the Dragon King, so holy fire emissary also should know yew the Dragon King breaks chastity to lay female issue, with later want the chastity that be broken to burn apparent conflict dead.

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What still Zhou Zhi is like is black change a course, appear too too brash and abrupt, zhi of week of after the event if the Babylon plot on island glacial fire is uncovered by Zhao Min the process of secret, very cursory also trifling matter. Also accordingly, whole department film gives a person a kind of playwrite and director drive rhythm desperately, want to fill in the masterstroke clue in origianl work into two films forcibly, the transition to another viewpoint and summing up-the four steps in the composition of an essay that considers a tale far from however is reasonable, whether does the change of part motive have conviction.

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To finish end, the film demon changes come out the part of Cheng Kun of a culminating villain in drama. Playwrite king brilliant appears very have deep love for ” King Kong is not bad divine result ” with Dao Jian double absolutely villain in drama opens the set that hang, the knight-errant drama ten years ago ” the world the first ” He Nieyuan edition ” snow mountain flying fox ” in, wang Jing also is so make up, so old past, as before a change in form but not in content, be without new idea.

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If final Zhou Zhi dies personally, mortal before give Zhao Min keepsake, zhang Moji flowed at 2 o’clock tear, followed Zhao Min to go really, do not take even the body close, so cursory ring down the curtain?

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Molder besides civil play besides, the fierce play of film also does not give power. Before mixing, make ” result of 9 open looks ” same, a common fault that has a homebred network motion picture, like to abuse specially good effect, without giving thought to decent villain in drama, want one carry result to leave only dozen, be added madly necessarily acrobatics. Just like of of a middle forest the dragon ungual hand of which Zha appendages, the Zhang Moji in bottom learns Cheng Shenghuo after your god result, will enrol multiple shadow spare time from one’s main work to attend to sth else directly, as if playwright-director leaves specially good effect to won’t take connecting with the boxing skill show is same.

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Want to know, the audience yearns for the harbor of 90 time to produce swordsman film, because,be although do not have so much acrobatics, the actor also can be in what wushu coachs to cooperate to fall, hit cheesy and elegant the wushu of fast swift and fierce is moved feeling, is not like now, the actor lies between sky comparing to delimit pair of wave, pat really too simple.

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Of course, above does not calculate this piece the biggest question — truly vital issue is, if small clear and week Zhi are true too ugly!

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It is actor choosing horn is no good not just, modelling is honest also too pull cross, the acting that adds the member that perform also very vexed, the incorporeal role that two films play on by complete waste. See the movie, want to suggest Wang Jing is directed only, fasten reoccupy face-lifting face to destroy classical, be no good all right?

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