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Original title: ” glazed tile ” 8 big hotspots! CP of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of green plum of Lin Yi Chen Yuqi, school uniform arrives marriage take Gao Tian to leave sow The good outcome of 100% , can set his mind at to be shown!

20220203093726 61fba256cf0de

Big fight opens 2022 teleplay formally dozen! The drama that burn a brain ” germinant ” explode greatly a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of red, celestial being is ancient occasionally drama ” lens · twin city ” bring heat to discuss, middleaged cruel is loved ” this life has you ” suffer greatly reputably, drama of the Republic of China ” the city of time ” restore ancient ways luxuriant, be turn for this sweet bestow favor on drama ” former times has glazed tile ” ! Act the leading role by Lin Yi, Chen Yuqi, gross 34 collect, perform arrive from school uniform marriage the Gao Tian love that take! ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 1. Gut introduction

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” former times has glazed tile ” adapt from north wind 300 lis homonymic novel, the coloured glaze alley that with artisan of cultural relic rehabilitate people lives is setting, tell about a few children such as Shao Xue, Zheng Sunian, Zhang Qi, Lin Shiyin and Wu Huan to grow jointly, experience SARS epidemic situation, elder dies, Gu Cheng tears open a variety of wind and cloud such as change, the knot issues deep friendship, after be brought up, each choose different way oneself, one roams about the love story between interpreter home and division of cultural relic rehabilitate. ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 2. Lin Yi acts the role of Zheng Sunian

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Learn bully Zheng Sunian of personate of specialist Lin Yi, clever Wen Run, it is the good child in elder eye, in ” former times has glazed tile ” in it is to learn as before bully, the snow of little sister Shao that handles green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse is first-rate, two people more development goes amour, the unfulfilled wish of the Zheng Sunian after be brought up’s successive parents, make division of cultural relic rehabilitate. ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 3. Chen Yuqi acts the role of Shao Xue

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Ancient costume drama ” lens · twin city ” still sow in heat, chen Yuqi welcomed new theatrical work again, snow of Shao of personate of Chenyu fine jade, it is a Gu Ling choice is odd the girl of piquant make trouble, every time hold tight Zhang Qi is maleficent, let Zheng Sunian clear away consequence for them next, adore Zheng Sunian’s mother, the decision after be brought up is entered to the world swing, become billow of one distinguished personages to translate the home. ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 4. Green costar group

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” former times has glazed tile ” besides two leading role, still have 3 lovely green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, ” know you not to know man ” , ” 30 just ” Yan Zi east personate Zhang Qi, always be monkey business of snow of for company Shao, he discovers he likes Shao Xue, but the choice puts feeling in the heart, be a warmth is male 2.

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” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince 3 ” day of new personality actor loves personate Lin Shiyin, be beautiful clever girl, point of individual character belt is strong, also be Shao Xue’s good friend; ” official of highest grade sesame seed ” , ” when you smile very beautiful ” Wu Huan of Sun Kai personate, he is an odd bud boy, work everywhere for ailing mother, it is 5 children in most the part that allows popular feeling to ache, also meet with Lin Shiyin sentient line. ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 5. Parental costar group

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” former times has glazed tile ” the parents of every child in alley is senior actor, ” refluent and go up you ” Yu Dongge of Ma Li personate, ” broken ice acts ” Shao Hua of Tang Xu personate, two people are Shao Xue is parental, certainly loves the mom that worry about and the father of the child that bestow favor on be addicted to strictly, the adversary play of two people is very lovely also!

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” the name with family ” Jin Ning of Yuan Ran personate, ” word of big Song Gong ” Zheng Jin of house Bin personate, two people are Zheng Sunian’s parents, beautiful the old father combination of modern mom and infatuation is absorbing also; ” hind Gong Zhen is passed ” Zhang Ling of personate of the Yang Ziyan that respect the wife of a prince, it is Zhang Qi’s mom, female strong person edits painstaking drawing son to be brought up, mother child interactive exceed comical, elder people friendship is very touching also. ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 6. Line of Gao Tian love

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” former times has glazed tile ” story line begins from high school, arrive all the way grown adult, shao Xue and Zheng Sunian two-way dark love blossom and bear fruit, although intermediate because of the pain that grow depart, but final reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, return the bosom of the other side, previously your for company I am brought up slowly, survive my for company you age slowly. Arrive from school uniform marriage the HE that take, everybody can set his mind at to chase after! ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 7. Rehabilitate of cultural relic of & of the Imperial Palace

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” former times has glazed tile ” setting is the alley that division of cultural relic rehabilitate lives, everybody goes to work in the Imperial Palace, there are many palace beautiful scenery and delicate ancient objects in drama so, the person that if be opposite,classic cultural relic has fun at is OK big feast one’s eyes on! ” former times has glazed tile ” hotspot 8. Luxurious OST battle array

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” former times has glazed tile ” OST battle array is very luxurious also, thematic song looks for Lai Liuyu Ning Xian to sing , fine fine the aspirations that sings a Zheng Sunian looks up at sky, float in the universe, encounter when thinking you, courage breaks up in the heart emerge. Titles music is mixed by Ning Huanyu sweetness of Zhao shellfish Er is antistrophic , sing the aspirations of a flock of children to once thought probably, the dream is in distance, want to be brought up quickly; Equestrian Zuo sings trailer song , be full of the music for voices in a Chinese opera of feelings, let a person think of boy time.

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