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Original title: Prevent Xu Dong is pressed closestool, he Saifei drunk wine howls director, offer an apology of door of treasure father genuflect gets 7 father support 1995, chen Baoguo breaks remuneration on the table; “If do not let treasure father become a director, I did not attend. ” how is this to return a responsibility after all? The Li Xiangxiu in drama, it is the foster mother that treasure as form of a address for an official or rich man, li Tian meaning is Guo Baochang; When drinking, he Saifei jumps to the chair, why to guide to Guo big growl? Why, zhang Yi is sought, the meeting such as old paean gues-stars this drama; Jiang Wen beautiful reject to go out perform Yang Jiugong, request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment piece perform Bai Yuting; Chen Baoguo Du Xu east press in closestool, within an inch of was not drowned. 20220203093805 61fba27d70169Chen Baoguo Family scandal cannot outside raise; In drama, familial business 100 careless hall, it is Beijing colleague hall; The Bai Jingqi in drama, it is the father Le Jingyu of colleague hall, finally, he married Chengdu of Guo of the girl that hold a dog in the arms. He is born in an impoverished family, two years old when, one’s own father freezes to death street, come down to can make him vivid, his one’s own mother and 3 aunts, sold Guo Rong him with the high price of 200 yuan of ocean, because not be of one’s own, can follow maternal last name only, he gets happy master as a child child like, often take him beside, tell oneself young story to him, he passes his summary, just had make public of the disposition in drama, be clear about what to love and what to hate, gas having bandit backboned Bai Jingqi. Those who reach on 1000 people is familial, the relation is complex, just had the classical material of big gate of an old-style big house, guo Dao is being accepted when interviewing, express, in drama, the thing of 70% comes from his housekeeping, bai Yuting is according to him the thing of 12 aunt is adapted, because she likes Mei Lanfang particularly, below the circumstance that cannot marry with oneself, can marry with his photograph only; Yang Jiugong is the renown prostitute of Shandong, ending, with drama in same, old age life is miserable, as a result of the times the problem is frightened dead after 90 years old. 20220203093806 61fba27ea0eedBig gate of an old-style big house ” big gate of an old-style big house ” why does begin have go down on one’s knees of a man to be before the gate admit one’s error and ask for punishment? Guo Baochang is 16 years old when, keep the business in the home in the novel, after be being discovered by foster mother, first draft all burn down, right now, he cannot think of certainly, this novel specific power consumption expends his days of 40 years; After foster mother dies, begin to write rough draft the 2nd times, cannot think of, because of times matter, had not published, be strangled to be in the cradle; Completed the 3rd draft 1980, because be troubled by contradiction with the wife, be burned flintily by the wife; Through these a few blow, he has been done not have before fight, total feeling did not complete this novel, it is oneself lifetime regret, finally, it is this thing surely lifelong struggling target. 1995, his wish is finished eventually, let him did not think of, took 3 part merely, be forced break down, just remove as a result of investment endowment, cause play staff big chaos, finally, let him bear 3 million be hard pressed for money; 4 years after this, he runs for many times, did not find investment from beginning to end square; It is gold always can give off light, after the leader of CCTV sees a play, ability lets it move a screen; Guo Dao ever expressed, this drama is not patted, my die with a grievance or everlasting regret. After be being shown when this drama, everybody can discover, when Guo Baochang’s name appears, the on bended knees before a gate a person, this person represents him himself, because he will be familial,basically be promote decline enemy of affection of kind and enmity of honour or disgrace, moved a screen, he remorses to familial cherish ashamed, can genuflect is at the door the home offer an apology. 20220203093807 61fba27f384b2Big gate of an old-style big house Chen Baoguo returns 90 thousand remuneration, force holds out Guo Baochang; Leave for the first time when patting, invite him to go out perform Bai Jingqi, as a result of a variety of reasons, did not pat, when just investing to pat, investment just does not want to let Guo Dao become a director, right now, rile Chen Baoguo, he is taking the remuneration of 90 thousand, find investment square, throw money firm firm on the table, if do not let the guidance that protect father this drama, you are OK find someone better qualified, I won’t go out act, final lane must part on bad terms. Guo Dao begins to move toward the way that seeks investment, thinking of to search is 4 years, in these a few years, he did not receive any parts from beginning to end, return to wait for Guodao to win namely. When when this drama searchs to invest to pat, his show share is most, a day of need takes 70 many camera lens, bring about work and rest completely disorder, can rely on medicaments to maintain Morpheus only, finally, cause his body collapse, paralysis becomes white in the complexion on the chair, when camera lens aims him, he entered state immediately, held to one day so, as a result of, he goes out had acted ” divine whip ” in mix mix vitreous flower, still go out had acted ” division of water of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning ” medium Deng Shichang, can control a variety of parts, because such, he just performs work wanton, dare love to dare be hated, of Yi Zhengyi evil white 7 father. 20220203093807 61fba27f5e22fChen Baoguo Jiang Wen beautiful reject to go out perform Yang Jiugong, request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively piece perform Bai Yuting; After the play comes out, when the actor that chooses Yang Jiugong, guo Dao, feel she fits this part very much, invite her to go out act, after reading a script when her, find treasure father; “If let me go out,perform Bai Yuting, I attend a show; If go out,perform Yang Jiugong, you with respect to find someone better qualified. ” Guo Dao listened such word, look for the friend beside her to persuade her to go out perform Yang Jiugong, the show share because of her is more than Bai Yuting, no matter how persuade, did not change her intention, because,basically be, she thinks, marry like this kind the classical part of sweetheart photograph, encounter impossibly again later. 20220203093808 61fba28092678Jiang Wen beautiful He Saifei jumps to the table after malty wine, why to guide to Guo big growl; On Qing Gongyan, give the He Saifei that performs Yang Jiugong, as a result of, deeply wine force has some of signs or feeling of getting drunk, jump suddenly to bench, pointing to treasure father with the hand, loud say: “Guo Dao acts, you do not have settle on from beginning to end me. ” why can he speak this word? Because,basically be, yang Jiugong’s first selection is not her, however Jiang Wen beautiful, see a play reject to go out immediately when her act; When can find no way out of proper Guo Dao, CCTV recommends her to go out act, treasure father feels she is Changjiang Delta woman, without northward woman firm intense, go out to her perform Yang Jiugong very dissatisfactory, right now, without other choice of persons, let her try play; Result, a play comes down, she conquered by right of her acting Guo guides, the beauty her and Bei suffering deduce blame haunt. 20220203093809 61fba2811d071He Saifei Chen Baoguo Du Xu east press in closestool, within an inch of was not drowned; The role that he performs comes on the stage, the sense that gives a person is hellion, in this drama, he gives hair of flourish performing Han, often eat loiter to drink in white home loiter, return menace white home; Even if is the audience looked to hate Deyagen to ache; When taking sport, the hellion that Chen Baoguo should come true him, the director cries, begin, chen Baoguo presses him into closestool directly, just began, what has not he felt, later, be gotten by choke suffocative, just feel incorrect, spent effort gangmaster carried rise, cannot think of, be pressed to enter by Chen Baoguo again go down, cry when the director, card, he just realizes he exerts oneself to do sth. too big, apologize to him rapidly, the director says by: “Too wonderful, two acting blast was cracked. ” later, two people encounter again, this thing also became speaking topic. 20220203093809 61fba28143448Du Xu of Si Qin tall child east Why Zhang Yi is sought, old paean, the celebrated director such as Tian Zhuangzhuang gues-stars this drama; At the beginning of 80 time, with old paean, the the Five Dynasties of the factitious delegate such as Tian Zhuangzhuang is directed, walked into Guangxi film studio, they are bold film content of the innovation and film style, how to also connect layer upon layer nevertheless examine and verify, show to can let film, treasure father runs for many times, everywhere dredge, cost uses up setbacks, just let Zhang Yi seek the film of He Chenkai song to show, this loving-kindness is written down to be in the heart by these directors from beginning to end, should be informed treasure father to film when this drama, tian Dao offers, everybody should gues-star a part in drama, that is afraid of without time, also want to take out 24 hours, do not be other, a form of a address for an official or rich man to support treasure, filming Shen Ao is publicized piece Zhang Yi is sought, not hesitate squeeze a time shave to become shaven head, piece histrionic medium Li Lianying, after the first day is patted, he looks to answer put, the feeling is dissatisfactory, fill afresh again the following day pat; No matter be Zhang Fengyi,give the Ji Zongbu that act, or Jiang Wen gives the government office stage that act to Your Excellency, leave deep impression to the audience. 20220203093810 61fba2825ee97Zhang Yi is sought Although this drama has broadcasted 21 years, still have a lot of people watching repeatedly; It is in homebred teleplay, it is a height that spans hard from beginning to end. 20220203093810 61fba282d7eecOld paean Note: The picture in article originates network, if have copyright problem,contact an author to delete please.

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