Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: On charmer Deng man spring save late before today fall into water oneself respond to the boy to have this matter truly

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On Feburary 3, gu Nailiang discloses when direct seeding, CCTV spring evening is performed ” winter jasmine enjoy a life of comfort ” on charmer Deng man spring be in late before today Yu Yuan pool is saving fall into water children. When Deng man accepts boreal blueness to sign up for a reporter to interview, express to have this matter truly: “Loosen to give a group young associate, january 30 afternoon, we come to the go for a walk of park of jade deep pool on the side of CCTV, ramble to wanting to take accept as a souvenir of a few pieces of photographs to lakefront, see on the side a mom is in cry for help, we hasten run over, save the boy that fall into water case. ” that day thing since memory, deng man has some of fear after the event, “Boy archness, water ice is fragile, produced this job, I want to jump down water to help a person at that time, but wanting to still will have tomorrow spring late direct seeding is afraid of a cold, as young as the group associate helps the child together to disembark. As young as the group associate helps the child together to disembark..

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