Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Liao Chun experiences Zhang Xiaofei Gu Ling late, nonofficeholding chant Lin Zhong Zhentao to call to Tan immediately, the reason exceeds do laugh Hu Nianchun comes late! Easy of every of compere Ren Luyu, Sa Beining, Lisaisai, horse takes the lead in coming on the stage, see these familiar face, felt year of end to come. This year spring the everybody such as quyi of late not only singing and dancing and magic performance’s familiar text. At the same time CCTV still increased to blend in the arena of high-tech designedly, in this numerous star gathers in the evening, zhao Liying, Zhang Xiaofei, Gu Ling, Tan Yonglin, Zhong Zhentao, they also are collective hair force, serve to receive regale of a vision jointly!

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Gu Ling wears eider down of a green to take, body form is plump and lovely, wearing tight of wrap up of cap guaze mask. The fisher hat of a black is being worn in the woman behind Gu Ling, be her good boudoir sweet Zhang Xiaofei. The coat that she is wearing a the color of camel’s hair is tie-in and orange Wei Yi, although be a back,give looking glass, also can see body body is exceedingly slender nevertheless, exceed in the crowd have temperament very conspicuous.

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This CCTV spring evening rehearses, old actor of a lot of Hong Kong shows a body together also. Tan Yonglin, lukewarm the Chen You that takes 5 tigers, still have already Zhong Zhentao of 68 years old attends also this spring late rehearsal. They dress up very at will, do not show old state completely, ruddy complexion has exceeded complexion. Chen You still states Beijing is cold not at all jokingly, because everybody is very enthusiastic.

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Of course, every family can defend the Spring Festival look spring late, zhang Xiaofei Gu Ling serves as an actor, acting also is not to fall convention, pure and fresh and natural, presented a lot of classic work to everybody, to this second spring late card, what view does young associate have?

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