Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Be worthy of is an audience most the 10 beautiful actor that love, air of desire of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day is boundless, reveal manhood instinctive quality The beginning of the year 2, ren Jialun joins in grand ceremony of network seeing and hearing, sing ” Zhou Shengru reason ” episode — consistent. Almost every time and the thing related king of small Na Chen, the part that can allow a person remember that meaning making a person is made the same score hard again. 2021, ren Jialun depends on ancient costume drama ” Zhou Shengru reason ” again fire gives a group, become the man of the bear in mind constantly in audience heart. Especially Zhou Shengchen by bone a paragraph that, let vermicelli made from bean starch almost people cried bowel. And Ren Jialun also is being depended on so a part, have the honor to win award of the 32nd China vessel ” audience most the 10 beautiful actor that love ” award.

20220203100759 61fba97f5bdca

After awarding prize, some netizens say reward still lowered his head finally to discharge, implication is the discharge that says Ren Jialun is acting of an it doesn’t matter only, but is the fact taken seriously such? The corresponding period is nominated have a lot of parts, why be Ren Jialun unluckily ” Zhou Shengru reason ” ? He has what charm after all, invite an audience such bear in mind constantly? Actually in the final analysis, what the audience cannot forget is not king of small Na Chen, however his lifetime heart fastens the common people, protect the world with the life, get finally however by the gloomy ending of bone. The audience cannot accept this, also everybody is not willing to believe.

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