Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Black wood incident or it is a family involute, fussily, graceful couplet young general or bring the dying back to life, retroflexion even Because Lin Wude of case of graceful couplet young general is suspected of rape and be being beaten up, was detained 3 days by police. But as investigation spread out, had found out adverse to heart of Glyn five photograph, video and canned person are released on the net, it is Qing Mu’s cummer. There are a lot of suspenses and the place that deserve deliberate inside this so. Halite Luobusen is in the cummer of heart of Glyn five on January 30 in the morning, picture, video and recording were released on gregarious media. In the picture, everybody can see lip of this Ms. Halite Luobusen bleed, leg ministry and body are other place has bruise. Halite Luobusen still released her brawl of datival Lin Wude and heart of Glyn five are minatory her recording. Nevertheless, this is in was deleted soon.

20220203102042 61fbac7a1e208

Halite Luobusen and heart of Glyn five are in graceful city this when going to school especially, knew. Two people are in the portion ever had broken off friend of male and female to concern in September 2020. Qing Mu may be at that time be ascended to be taken bad by the blessing of graceful city, during be England team effectiveness, be a guest of two Icelandic model invites in the hotel. This is the man’s understandable thing. But the cummer of heart of Glyn five is fussily however part company with graceful couplet young general. It is after a few months, this before cummer closes with green Mu Fu again, the event that produced heart of Glyn five to be interrogated by police till weekday. Understood its all the details when everybody, we can be judged completely, this is domestic interior contradiction apparently, it is the home at most cruel. So called rape, it is fictitiousing zero completely.

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The head of a bed of friend of male and female fights bed end and, come down calmly when the woman, when pondering over this thing calmingly, she perhaps can regret. She should think over, whether are oneself done too hamly. After all be utterly discredited of case Lin Wude, also do not have what advantage to her. Have what contradiction, halite Luobusen can choose to reconcile under the counter. And, if of heart of Glyn five before cummer is truer really go down, heart of Glyn five can ask a good lawyer completely, come retroflexion. Make she explains clear, what is called ” Qiangjian ” , this is bring a false charge against sb.

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So, the graceful couplet fan that those worry about to heart of Glyn five is imprisoned can be at ease, who can go it is not certain still that prison house eats hamburger? From this angle consideration, graceful couplet leaves the commodity of the Lin Wude that wear case, stop example to ban contest, game deletes the part of heart of Glyn five, be able to bear or endure the incident such as gram time-out collaboration, be a bit fussily? The end product of this thing is probable be, heart of Glyn five and her cummer reconciles under the counter. Next the player returns graceful couplet to continue kickball, this thing was not necessary fussily.

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