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Original title: Exceed short cheongsam to show a body! Before 35 years old of TVB ” Tong Yan ” floret basks in white slippery long leg greatly! Do not have work from mew hind No matter happy pupil of the floret before TVB of 35 years old is figure or appearance what maintain is first-rate, she often can be shared on gregarious media beautiful according to, the 2 happy pupil at the beginning of now (Cilla) many Zhang Zhao is basked in on Instagram piece, wear exceed short cheongsam pinkly, plunge into head of double a round mass of food, this modelling and she combines line very much. Le Tong writes in Tie Wenzhong: The beginning of the year 2, respectful wish everybody Ren the third of the twelve Earthly Branches is like jade, annual and superabundant, the person sees the person loves, career love feel just like a fish in water, and the netizen shows Le Tong is more and more beautiful female.

20220203102058 61fbac8ae2010

The anthology of TVB suspense drama that acts the leading role jointly by the Tan Junyan, Huang Zhiwen, Chen Shancong, Yang Xiuhui, person such as He Yuandong ” the culminating confess after 18 years ” had entered final result nowadays. This drama go up oneself since lunar head is sowed, get an audience fully by right of compact, wonderful gut and bright person reputably. The grading on fabaceous valve net is as high as 8.7 minutes, be sealed to be this year the divine drama of TVB.

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In drama 2 TVB grows personate daughter Yang Xiuhui of leg female role, this expression of it may be said comparatives Jing is colourful. She broke through associate with ” female vase ” screen image, in the personate in drama deaf-mute personage small handsome, whole journey delivers feeling with sign language and eyes, left deep impression to the audience.

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Be in ” affection of the danger that protect a flower ” personate harbor female Li Qiaoxin (Jojo) one horn, ever was seleted ” myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration 2012 ” ” the leap enters pace daughter art member ” , defeat Huang Zhiwen finally.

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On June 14, 2017, le Tong is made an appointment with formally full wireless hope to let go one wrestle, end and wireless guest and host of 10 years concerns, ” the cunning valley of restful cereal is fabulous ” it is she is leaving wirelessly, show cause of dedicated development individual!

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