Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Small funny theater first drama ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” explode laugh to sow Qin Xiaoxian Zhao Xiaotang advocate battalion tile abandons joy to open business Millions of people expects, love is strange art ” small funny theater ” first drama ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” should be in eventually now (on Feburary 3) sow! Regard home as first comedic theater, “Small funny ” it is lively at the beginning of good year 3 open business formally, serve as a collect that sow drama ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” a string of 1 simply sufficient the appetite of the audience, expect the value is pulled directly full, cross year of joy that does not go out this year, have! Tile is abandoned 6 child lively complete work accompanies everybody to tease together tiger year ~

20220203102120 61fbaca0b185e

From ” annual comedic congress ” the double bumper harvest of public praise and discharge, to present small funny theater, comfortable match instantly youth to loosen, do those who laugh is firm need, let everybody draw a comma to become a possibility to the life at any time and place ~ serves as newest the comedic theater that roll out, small funny theater is to love to surprise art brand-new brand of made another theater factory, one pace establishs forefathers removed main wall of comedic mill plate! When ” involute ” ” 996 ” etc become year to heat up a word, it is thus clear that contemporary youth pressure has how old, they need not to have the yock of li head, need loosens the comedy that solution approachs, small funny theater also with respect to emerge as the times require, what comedy and young life live is comfortable deserving to spend is extremely tall, visible theater hopeful makes an audience people of new era ” happy native place ” !

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A hair that serves as small funny theater piece first drama in sheet, ancient costume scene is comedic ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” be about to sow tonight! Collect of hall of crane of Qin Xiaoxian, Zhao Xiaotang, the first month person of comedy of this what immortal fights, is one the Huang Banjin that should undeserved emperor salesman (is Qin Xiaoxian acted the role of) , is one the bully gas female manager that be apt to uses dart (is Zhao Xiaotang acted the role of) , is one abjection name horn artificial actor Lan Ling (the first month? Is this unusual set done is laughing things? Family people, we am waiting for a head to be laughed at namely, must take kin friend to rush together tonight! !

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From what release premonitory in light of, ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” package density is not general tall, left a big music score apply for a condition, “Toward 9 evening 9, a week 7 days, eat, salary does not pay ” Huang Banjin promises the condition that straight jab hits worker pain spot readily unexpectedly, still have ” the youth does not tell Wu De ” wait for particularly much network to heat up stalk adulteration among them, tile is abandoned be in really 5G surf, ~ of follow closely tide from these ” stalk ” it seems that, ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” comedic atmosphere is true but, the laugh in me relapses on the dot the horizontal stroke jumps, everybody can become my new advance expression to wrap ~

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Arrive from dense fog theater love love a theater, love is strange art locate in the content of theatrical brand and make standard everybody is be obvious to all, precipitated the good work of double bumper harvest of many heat and public praise, be like ” secret corner ” , ” silent truth ” , ” one’s whole life ” etc, it is the good work that brushs screen.

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And this small funny theater regards home as first comedic theater, main wall of comedic mill plate also is condole sufficient audience appetite, first of exposure a sheet besides ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” outside, still have main actor of birch of Gu Bing, Liu ” cure is cure 2 be 2 ” direct fierce house changes doctor shop, li Jia boat, Zhang Yiduo acts the leading role ” paltry thing elite ” , it is the luxurious configuration of comedic bound, and style each different, chinese cabbage of turnip of it may be said always has to be able to let you explode laugh at ~

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” tile abandons all corners of the country ” serve as this ” small funny theater ” first drama anthology, can broadcast during the Spring Festival, also enough proves to love to surprise art be approbated to the character of this drama and confidence. In the day that this the whole family reunions, comedy is the happy flavor enhancement with indispensable every family, with family member young associate together curtilage the home sees explode laugh at comedy, want to feel happy! ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” leave tonight sow, move good platelet stool to waiting in small funny theater, believe this theatrical work, still have more joy ” painted eggshell ” hide among them, waiting to laughed to be over!

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