Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: This life has you big ending, sun Zhijun death lets an audience want to place bit to playwrite, this drama is suspense drama ” this life has you ” , it is to fall in love at first sight to Tan Jing when original Sun Zhijun is junior, regrettablly at that time, there had been Nie Yucheng in Tan Jing’s heart.

“You that time eye, it is lasting however! It is lasting however!!

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Later, home Tan Jing produced an unforeseen event, him Sun Zhijun also had very big change. But he is not defended from what do not abandon however beside Tan Jing, help a funeral affair of her arrange father, help her take care of what just was born flatly. Can say, the Sun Zhijun nowadays is in Tan Jing heart, became the closest family member early.

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Blame this to blame good luck to get a person! Sun Zhijun also is caring all the time flatly mother and daughter, still use free time to search in those days the insider of building site accident. He is to think to Tan Jing one is explained, regrettablly, explain had not come, he gave an accident however, left him to worry very old person forever.

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Such ending makes person meaning difficult make the same score! Tan Jing’s heart is dripping blood. Not with Nie Yucheng before become reconciled, mix flatly Sun Zhijun is Tan Jing’s only family member. Because of this even if she has parted company with Sun Zhijun, still will to the rented house arrange hangover. After the 3 people group photo that looks at jewellery be regardinged as by Sun Zhijun, do not stretch tight eventually, put acoustical cry bitterly.

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Later, the police is in Sun Zhijun’s mobile phone, send with flatly in toy ursine eye. Each discovered two paragraphs of recording, content recorded Quan Yucheng all harsh action,

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If also be informed at the same time, sun Zhijun gives an accident, because he got evidence,be, by kill a witness or accomplice. See this, ” this life has you ” it is drama of a suspense actually, the love story of Nie Yucheng and Tan Jing is episode only.

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If this drama checks case, crack a criminal case to give priority to a line with Sun Zhijun, use him sacrifice finally, help sb to fulfill his wishes indomitable spirit of everybody receives an official, may have depth more. Sun Zhijun died so, the netizen wants to place bit to playwrite. How do you look? The welcome leaves a message attention, seek theatrical work together.

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