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Original title: ” next door a peach blossom tenders ” sow, act vigorously of Zhang Zining the Qin Dynasty acts the leading role, beautiful person performs ancient costume to think carefully please Playlet of free make down ” next door a peach blossom tenders ” the option leaves in first day of the lunar year sow. Beautiful person pats teleplay to already became normal state, but quality how? ” next door a peach blossom tenders ” it is a small playlet, every collect has 3-4 only minute, relationship of gut, figure is simple. Regard beautiful person as small playlet of the main actor, the audience is not tall to the requirement of acting and play, but the quality of this drama too it is a long story.

20220203102231 61fbace7da507

This drama coulds there be by Zhangzi, qin Fen presents as leading role to go out act. Zhang Zining goes out perform peach blossom bewitching to be called peach blossom, indescribable come to the world. Zhang Zining is rocket girl one of members of 101, after female group is disbanded, the member with average temperature fades out of netizen line of sight gradually. Qin Fen gives bird performing dish to catch bewitching division commander to stay. Qin Fen attended 2018 ” God trainee ” obtain 18 finally, although do not have,go out into the group but after all was obtained a few famous degree. The acting of two beautiful people, as the living theatre of pupil, extremely coxcombical, float at the surface, performance manner that wag one’s head too below, without the actor’s lines that trains through systematization, say a word unsharpness, make pauses in reading unpunctuated ancient writings is incorrect.

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The acting of beautiful person, the audience has psychology to prepare actually, ” next door a peach blossom tenders ” play and play staff just are to pull hip really. Essence of peach blossom of the first collect and gallinaceous essence ” big fight ” . Gut as trifling matter, two people station a branch, brandish waves to calculate in tussle, did the play staff connect a wushu guidance not to rise please? Female advocate accuse still female match sneak raid, darling, oneself drop, still touch porcelain on the spot, be worthy of is female advocate ah. Female advocate hold thick branch easily, a bit did not feel the gravity effect to human body, play staff and actor, can we act so that resemble a bit?

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Peach blossom essence meets iron foolish foolish to catch bewitching division. Take cheaply change, female advocate outfit of skirt of a suit pink, show black Philistine, male advocate 37 minutes of bang plunge into a tall horsetail, female advocate original shape is peach blossom of one individual plant, also be principal stage property, drama square as before not be willing to part with or use spends silver, plastic feeling blow on the face and come. Men and women of before 6 market advocate interact without what almost, basically be too short, more fasten the feeling that carry CP.

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Men’s clothing of edition of peach blossom siren is made fun of male advocate, thick black brow, dense beard, modelling division, we can is labial makeup changed a bit weaklier? Thick mad modelling and Bobby pink too violate and. Love a beans people in powerful arena makeup the Yan Zhi below adornment is conspicuous, but the colour cost demand of ancient costume drama to the actor is extremely high, are they true can does Hold live? Arena of violet peaceful come out makeup, her face posture slants suffering, eye slightness upgrade is carried, flank nose is held out high but openly nose slants big, person syncopation is long, modern features is insufficient Wen Wan, a bit fierce still. Facial line of Qin Fen is not quite fluent, malic flesh too too outstanding, with ancient costume beauty male a bit did not concern.

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It is the support that the Yang Chao of 101 jumps over rocket girl to obtain a netizen not only together, it is the preference that gets those representing capital more. The more God admires Yang Chao the typical delegate that the meal has, be without aggressive bone sex, soft bud the skin-deep of young condition, her appearance special those who accord with ancient costume drama is aesthetic. Sing jump double useless, the Yang Chao with general acting has gone out more performed much ministry you female, of the partner is famous small unripe, her appearance is her biggest sth used to one’s own advantage.

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Be compared and character, zhang Zining’s ancient costume plays the part of Xiang Youming to show ” Bug ” . Beautiful person goes perform ancient costume theatrical work, still think carefully please. Ancient costume needs not only fine-looking, also need neat body, dance so or the actor of opera major one’s previous experience, body and movement of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance are more outstanding, for instance Liu Shishi, Yang Yang, Zheng Yecheng, Li Qin. Before beautiful person performs ancient costume, must correctional body, hunch, neck pitch is really on screen too pull hip.

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