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Original title: In those days this drama is to lie really Hu Canglong, “Sun Wu is empty ” I recognize, did not identify a Yang Mi however

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Although foreword says the teleplay phylogeny of our country is not especially other and long, but his development rate is exceedingly rapid however, in that one part that before was being made up for inside very short period of time, lacks, and because this films,also gave a lot of particularly classical teleplay, invite an audience people in dull when can let oneself get alleviating through seeing the way of teleplay. And since had these in every respect very outstanding work, then the place in these work modelled the nature of a few classical parts that come out to also get of a lot of audiences like. And these parts can so outstanding, have very big one part reason is the actor that shapes this part it is to have actual strength exceedingly really, they are striven for when acting each part, can as far as possible accomplish best, the every act of this part, each expression is perfect appear before the audience. Even if previously film the condition is mixed film technology and there is very big difference than rising now, the likelihood also is not especially other and rich above capital.

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But these things are mixed with wonderful gut by them however actors’ consummate acting place is made up for come back, possible still even this part figure because of his place personate is exceedingly vivid really, left deep impression to very much audience, make a when this part also became him representative part, surmount hard. Every time people raises after him, total meeting thinks of him subliminally once this part of place personate. we are very for instance much the person’s very familiar Zhao Yazhi, be in when people mention after him, place of the first reaction thinks of should be him once the Bai Suzhen of place personate this part, because the Bai Suzhen of his place personate is exceedingly classical really,this is, left deep impression to countless audiences. And here, what what we want to say is 6 small age the Sun Wu of child place personate is empty, a lot of people know him should be be being depended on ” on the west travel notes ” this drama, but very may much person does not know he still is actually in another drama personate crosses Sun Wu sky, and the person that there still is to let expect of a lot of people be less than in this drama, that is Yang Mi.

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01 personate Sun Wu is empty 6 small age child at the outset ” on the west travel notes ” when this drama is filming, experienced rife difficulty actually, in inchoate moment, nature is the difficulty on the choice. Want to know, what what basically tell about in this drama is the thing that division apprentice produces between 4 people and various monster, but wanting to had performed these roles is not a simple thing, he should be being dressed up besides actor oneself on besides as special as these monster likeness, go up in acting at the same time also must pass a barrier. Should can the characteristic these parts is vivid of figure show in the audience people before, be the actors in this drama next film the condition is exceedingly difficult also, they often should go to place of our country rife, undertake rushing about back and forth, it is to can let the setting in this drama appear with a true appearance before the audience. Although say to be in at that time in this drama above the specially good effect that has a lot of and dress modelling,look exceedingly coarse, but this did not hamper audience people to this drama love.

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Especially the Sun Wu in this drama is empty, the audience that should have a lot of likes exceedingly, he is having the skill in wushu of special excel in not only, and whole person is exceedingly clever in this drama, each monster does not escape to give his piercing eye. Especially he dares and the middle of forhead has an accuse and denounce at a meeting, very envy is evil be like enemy. In this drama personate grandson is realized at that time empty is 6 small age child. The Sun Wu of his place personate is empty, not only the eye has a mind exceedingly, and every act also with the monkey this role is exceedingly similar, the person that has a lot of so is in after seeing him, like seeming to see true Sun Wu is empty. 02 ” monkey child ” can choose at that time 6 small age child piece perform Sun Wu sky this part, because,also be 6 small age child one’s previous experience at monkey Wang Shijia, inside his family, it is his father not only, the great-grandfather that connects him also is had begun to learn a show by a performing monkey when age is very small still, 6 small age child nature is not exceptional also, he also is in early when begin personate monkey, have the education of illuminative sex. Because,also be such favour that he just gained Yang Jie is directed, and gained an opportunity that performs Sun Wu sky.

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And be in later, he still crosses a monkey in the personate in drama of other movie and TV actually this part, that is 1992 when, he is participated in filmed teleplay ” monkey child ” , what what this drama basically tells about is to concern their familial story, it is at that time in this drama, personate 6 age child is 6 small age child, it is that is to say in this drama, of his place personate is the part of his father. But I believe a lot of people should be done not have at the outset can identify him, after all his monkey king the appearance of an actor in this drama and ” Sun Wu is empty ” this part still is having very big distinction. He used his masterly acting to show the issue that he produces on familial body in this drama, but,should know they are familial ” monkey king is familial ” , having very much ancestry is begin to practice a show by a performing monkey as a child, the monkey that so they play the part of a show to come just is met so true, let a lot of audiences remember still deep. But the key that I believe when to a lot of people are seeing this play, pay close attention to at the outset, should be in 6 small age on child body, can not notice the Yang Mi that there still is personate monkey child actually in this drama.

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The Yang Mi at that time also has the Yang Mi of child of 03 personate monkey 6 years old only actually, but his appearance is exceedingly lovely however beautiful, but I believe a lot of audiences should not know they had had collaboration twice actually, and Yang Mi still was depending on what this drama succeeds to take flying Apsaras prize little second-class award. But because Yang Mi is at that time in this drama,the likelihood is it is a costar only, the audience that has a lot of so can not notice her, but actually of Chang Zao of talk time dispute, be in 4 years old early when lucky be taken a fancy to go out next performed teleplay ” Tang Ming emperor ” . Later he, still got mixing Zhou Xing gallop collaboration gives the chance that performs the film, that drama is ” fierce Number One Scholar revive beg ” , he is in this drama of place personate is Zhou Xing gallop daughter, although appear time has short the twinkling of an eye only, but was noticed by a lot of audiences however. After this, yang Mi is ceaseless all the time hit in recreational group go all out, piece performed a lot of high public praise, the work of high quality, picture ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” , ” palace ” etc, and his present film contract is ceaseless all the time also, encircle medium a gleam of to star via becoming recreation already.

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Although epilogue says what Yang Mi develops now is first-rate, but be in early before when, actually he also experienced rife difficulty, the utility man that ran a lot of years just had today’s place finally.

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