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Original title: Fu Dalong, the story with unbeknown backside, “I just do not think red “ Rich Dalongyizhi not fire, it is the consequence of his have only oneself to blame actually. The shadow emperor that this acting condole hits half recreation to encircle is to escape after all nevertheless of flow times destroy. In this Yan Zhi namely just times, acting is OK worthless, those are called by Chen Daoming ” plastic actor ” star was become instead when red blast child chicken, they are recumbent exceeding is packed and acclaim, gobbling up true actor step by step, fu Dalong is killed undoubtedly by its. Low-key it is Fu Dalong’s biggest drawback, so that pat college graduate to illuminate, he can hide in last most the position of the corner, opening small gain also is to prove he is oneself only, be afraid of bunco be imitatived, won’t deliver a speech a few years even, hungry go alone snack bar buys the flesh to place steamed bun, can say to do not have temperament of a bit star. 20220203102337 61fbad299fa99Fu Dalong Actually, fu Dalong does not calculate not red over- , he also has had his summit summit. Fu Dalong was born in Gansu Province 1976, beijing is moved to live along with parents later, take an examination of went up Beijing film institute. 4 Zai Chunqiu he redoubles his efforts, 1998 he eventually accomplishment of whole class assembly the first graduation. Just so outstanding achievement also was not Fu Dalong to bring much taller deduct starting point. 1999, he is in (the teenager wraps blue sky) leopard cat changes the personate in prince one is called 6 child noodle shop boss, a costar of appropriate appropriate. And going up 97 years the Ren Quan that play graduates and Li Bing ice had been in however leading role of male and female should go up in this drama. 20220203102338 61fbad2a52733Fu Dalong Of the same age, feng Xiaoning’s director finds Fu Dalong to film the film (violet day) , the film opens the Fu Dalong before patting to was found a place for be in home of a of Heibei country average farmer by the director, began by a definite date the experience of a month lives, live together with the area with the farmer, transplant rice seedlings farm, what whole village play staff lives in this experience is lone with respect to his person. Sadder is, the director still says: Even if experience,come back to also do not use you certainly. Final, depend on wonderful play of Fu Dalong, this obtained film festival of the 21st Hawaiian international optimal film award. 20220203102339 61fbad2b231ddFu Dalong Be in this 3 shed actor to be able to sit the time that has car of top class a person of extraordinary powers, how is the Fu Dalong of top-ranking to having acting mixed so desolately? A the mainest reason is it won’t be fawned on on wine desk, exceeding also to play and part captious, do not accept ad, do not go up put together art, can not betray oneself original intention for money, accordingly he takes the room for action that can take without play. Just, how won’t Fu Dalong also think of, oneself are in (national treasure) in performance of ten minutes so be without omen mounted hot search. Actually from (national treasure) since the first season broadcasts, rich Dalongyizhi is cry is highest that. He came to the 3rd season eventually, he comes on the stage that imposing manner was opposite Qin Huang. 20220203102339 61fbad2b89de7Fu Dalong His fictile Ying Zheng, take slightly again to mood from the eyes joking, have the note with bully very energy of life however, hold completely and presented main administrative levels of Ying Zheng, one is abounded and stereo Ying Zheng is deduced completely. Ding Hei of pardonable also director can say: Fu Dalong is good actor, a lot of must hit occasionally press, otherwise the theater was reaved by his person completely. Besides act in a play, fu Dalong is all-round still, all of painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess is perfectness, but namely such all-round, respect the actor with low-key course of study, it is all the time however not acute communicable diseases not fire. The reason does not have him, have a principle because of him only, too too low-key, a suit healthy atmosphere, his again and again forgoed the opportunity that makes his redder, finally still is that word that Fu Dalong says: Learn this role, forget me. 20220203102342 61fbad2edbae2Fu Dalong Acknowledgment is watched this period small 2 recommend, if like, remember nodding assist to collect please add attention!

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