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Original title: ” polar pursue and attack ” : Upgrade dozen blame for love war By get married the Han Guanhua of class one’s previous experience hold guide, li Zhiting, Qu Jingjing presents as leading role to act the leading role, carat is pulled, A Lalei is special a motion picture of the fast concept that act, science fiction, motion ” polar pursue and attack ” at first day of the lunar year (on Feburary 1) show solely in Tecent video. An antagonism that told about a force kissing affection and libidinal abyss — upgrade make a standard-sized sheet of the strange firepower that it is love the battle of energy.

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Dead trap life hangs a gleam of ” polar pursue and attack ” it is film of a fast concept, those who apply Hollywood film gimmick, group of class of whole synthesis home before world-class motion motion picture creates experience, crack apply colours to a drawing of effect of sense visual sense to use style standard through scamper, brought to open year of vision regale for the audience indeed. Hero gold city (Li Zhiting is acted the role of) to raise money to the daughter that has incurable disease personally the operation is expended, not hesitate to do guaranty to borrow money in subterranean old-style Chinese private bank with the body. Wait for him from insensible in what Bai Xueai white has been in personally when awaking is primitive deep forest. The associate that encounters in indescribable Jin Cheng and forest begins to search escape the road of a be raised to the skies. A few people escape from death beat back of black clothes person chase after kill, not yet recover from a fright one piece of a hematic basin is big an eccentric person fall from the day, in Jin Cheng and An Na (Qu Jingjing) an eccentric person was thrown at long last below courage and insight. So they are worn by secret organization monitoring all the time, already started right now new round of test. 5 people escape to be in on ceaseless pendulous platform, abyss is all around. An Na held raised reinforcing steel bar, crying to slide the Jin Cheng in the brim, golden city spare no effort held An Na’s hand very quickly. City and An Na do not leave gold to be not abandoned, it is temporarily OK to escape to be in a meadow eventually asthma tone, jin Cheng was told about to An Na fall ill the daughter’s story. Jin Cheng brushs a shoulder with death and pass, the source momentum that sustains his subsist comes from the daughter at him. ” polar pursue and attack ” the affection kernel of the story special the viewpoint of value that accords with Chinese audience, let an audience be enmeshed in to have qualitative feeling, have affective future world. And the tide that drives gut to develop to provide world film game to change extremely again with the mode of game of a kind of athletics.

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Get married a skill is uncommon ” polar pursue and attack ” director Han Guanhua is to get married a famous wushu is directive, the movement is held the position of in the much ministry movie that becomes dragon guidance and for use of an emperor are vicarious, bear the palm of home, international countless. ” polar pursue and attack ” absolutely and top class movement design, brought for the audience without with annulus compared visual experience. Hero gold city (Li Zhiting is acted the role of) walk out of old-style Chinese private bank, be chased after to kill by a flock of black clothes people, jin Cheng and black clothes person roughhouse. Behavioral design has rhythm feeling exceedingly, sincere to the flesh. Jin Cheng is forced hopeless situation slips from the take advantage of an opportunity on eaves next do all one can jump to another balcony, along stair all the way tussle comes down, appearance is intense, provocative. In virgin forest group play tussle sees violent wind of the adrenalin that get a person rise. Especially heroine An Na is taking a bow, flying body capriole builds Gong Lajian firm soft and the body appearance of aid is really be gone to by Sa. Fly the special effect processing that cuts the moment that fires to use bullet time, increased to view and admire gender and wonderful sense. An Na jumps, shine, vacate, move get sth done without any letup, fist, foot everywhere put down pours each black clothes person, valiant heroic bearing does not have local color one time. Wushu movement design of An Na and the weapon that match to her are modelled to the character add cent, also added not little elegant demeanour for this play.

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Rotate a play of platform looks synthetic perspiration pore is perpendicularly. Remain Jin Cheng, An Na, Wang Shun only right now. The director applies part identity and spot environment prop ably to added China variety for this play. Wang Shun is process designing division, jin Cheng lets Wang Shun computation cross abyss from platform, jump across the optimal angle of the ground, below the case that surpasses human limit ground of golden city spare no effort jumps to the ground on, the An Na that uses the electrical wiring on cement column to should do a rope to lose platform to go up and Wangshun let her two swing. Wang Shun slides to be captured by Jin Cheng in the instant of be born, the force that right now Jin Cheng also is glided by Wang Shun pulled the brim, an Na moves in time to capture Jin Cheng’s leg, and two feet ticked off take advantage of an opportunity the reinforcing steel bar with raised ground. Movement of a chain of adventruous is fluent and be concerned about is dye-in-the-wood. This play not only behavioral design is clever, and also depict the brotherly affection that go through thick and thin together and the esteem to life, tear making a person looks. Arrived eventually last close, jin Cheng and An Na kill a tight encirclement, with exceed strong physical ability get over medicaments is repellent. The doctor appears, city yielding gold killed An Na to exchange living hope. Jin Cheng chose to dead and unripe, pulling An Na to jump to abyss. The Jin Cheng that returns reality and An Na want to escape a lab, the besiege of black clothes person that is brought by the doctor again. Last minutes are rescued also arranged wonderful movement to make fun of, can say anuresis of this play whole journey is nodded. Chinese swordsman film once be the rage, as the incoming tradition of times of science and technology swordsman film had faded out of the eye shot of the audience gradually, this has to be a kind of regret to Chinese audience and even Chinese film. The essence of life that the audience can peep Chinese knight-errant only in newsreel is wonderful with philosophical spirit. However to Chinese audience ” fierce, a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” grow the heart in people it seems that in, in the black unreal drama that emerge in endlessly, hot metropolis can catch a glimpse of in novel of long celestial being the knight-errant’s shadow. From which we can discover ” all corners of the country ” had changed our appearance, “Kongfu ” also iteration upgrades. ” polar pursue and attack ” catered to tendency of the day just about, set Chinese time in science fiction world, the trend that uses open game athletics changes gut pattern, unripe give out add 2 be more than the acme climax experience of 3.

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