Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Doing not have the life that has seen these two concerts to be destined is half-baked You had seen # spot concert # I am to like those who mix to drink, I answer back and forth. Had seen 2, one is Zhou Jielun, one is song god Zhang Xueyou. The first on May 17, 2014 Zhou Jielun ” demon the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family ” Hefei of world tour concert stands, I and base friend goes.

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Sung music eye includes the living theatre of station of exclamation mark, dragon fist, last battle, weather (slow dance of weather station, bigger cello, shutter, fight dance, where is you) , the one direction north, secret that cannot say, double section. See star concert in the spot for the first time, super and excited, atmosphere feels unapproachable, outstanding human relations very kind also. Call rainbow + orbit + Xing Qing + the climax that returns the past to basically achieve a concert, continuously very long, a lid crosses. Tens of thousands of audience calls a field all the time finally, for a long time does not agree to drop off.

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