Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Spring the heat leftover rice-say or do the same old thing that ginger of late cross talk offsprings, be an audience after all savour the false cross talk that still hears high before Hu Nianchun’s late grand opera is in be fond of a language kind the likelihood is comic dialogue of each years in the audience of the program! And what respecting comic dialogue must carry is ” De Yun company ” Guo Degang and music assist Jiang Kun! This two individual it may be said are to representing two different school, guo Degang nature is the lead person of traditional comic dialogue, and Jiang Kun is so old come the delegate of the new-style comic dialogue in common people brain! In De Yun the company is ascended continuously spring late these do not know tune in year assist how does the heart think after all! Today music assist return afresh spring late so is ending how?

20220203110242 61fbb652d8b4c

Good laugh to comic dialogue after all good, the actor says do not calculate, the expert says do not calculate, music assist look at normal actually it also says do not calculate! So who said to calculate? Audience, listen to the person of comic dialogue! Good laughing this a little bit is the discretion that can prove comic dialogue quality most! Jiang Kun brings this year upgrade of edition ” learn dialect ” although be heat leftover rice-say or do the same old thing but what should not say is to have a place really ” laugh hard ” ! You say it is comical so not comical, you say it is bad to laugh! So not bad also laugh, the awkwardness that altogethering is capitalization and laugh hard! After-thought once Guo Degang is ascended spring late program ” black sheep ” whole rhythm, condition gives a person a kind of Laoguo is cuddle move act20220203110243 61fbb6530b9c6

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