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Original title: This year 5 big ” heat sows drama ” , some is being sowed sowing cool, some big ending heat had been done not have The time that still has a few days is about the Spring Festival; Very much drama anthology also begins to be in official now close; Left the sky of a few for the Spring Festival period; And nowadays 22 years was about to end January; In this new 5 big heat of a year sow a furnace with already formal also drama; And each are made the work that gets attention fully;

20220203111220 61fbb8944af2b

Just some are sowing these work cool; Some were to arrive big ending heat still is lasting all the time; Le Feng introduces these a few work for everybody today; Look to have the drama market that everybody likes among them together.

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1.” knife of the bold in snow goes ” this work should be from last year the end of the year most begin fervent rise; Because,still basically be ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the IP that having origianl work novel is added hold; In Guan Xuan when the attention that gets authority with respect to equipment;

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And among them cast also is very outstanding; Having the fine young actor such as Zhang Reyun, Gao Weiguang not only; Still have the presence of the old show bone such as eaves of Hu Jun, Yang Hao; Leave in drama anthology so when sowing; It is very tall that the attention that get is spent.

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And in ” Xue Zhonghan knife goes ” in; Although among them fierce makes fun of of part and actor pick part; Became everybody to spit groovy place ceaselessly all the time; But of its gut depict still is very outstanding;

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And the acting of those old show bone; With the female bosom friend that emerge in endlessly; Believing a lot of audiences is strong Xu Feng year those female bosom friends go looking; “Kill a life child, the bird that seize blueness, grab yam ” had become the slogan that for everybody mark matchs.

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And drama also is derived centrally gave a lot of popular topics; For instance ” Jin Jia follows Zhao Jie; 3 days of hunger 9 ” wait; Will tell to this work; It or very accord with everybody a few expect a cost;

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From opening play is a kind of condition that restore ancient ways; Do not have the information of too much high density to output; Let rectify department theatrical work to provide the life to change extremely however; In Xu Feng year He Jianjiu is yellow two people are itinerary 3000 lis when; Also begin to spread out slowly about the content of all corners of the country.

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In this drama everybody still saw the heart of the inferior horse yellow rice or millet wine that come out, a newborn baby appears to wait for numerous element in origianl work; Although have the set of some of black unreal; However one caused everybody to all corners of the country a few yearning;

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Regard new group as knight-errant work; ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” also be a success this; And drama anthology ends nowadays hind; Heat also is being worn continuously as before; Although it does not calculate a high grade knight-errant work; Successful also however transformed an IP.

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2.” germinant ” should say work of most hot this year drama of a suspense; Should belong to so ” germinant ” undoubted; Regard noonday sunshine as manufacturing drama anthology; Get authority naturally fully namely expect;

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And although be adapted according to homonymic novel and this work is become; But the record of public transportation explosion that it produces among them; Also be a basis however true case place is adapted and become; And amid circulates ceaselessly set; A bit what became everybody to pay close attention to samer.

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And be in ” germinant ” in; Most wonderful still is the acting of those actors; No matter be to regard the main actor’s Bai Jingting and Zhao Jin as wheat; Still serve as the Liu Yijun of costar, person such as Huang Jiao; Acting very outstanding;

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They are very good take the characteristic that held him part body to go up; Performance all the time extraordinary nature; No matter be fear, doubt or anger; These sentiment are very natural revealed; Fine actor’s continual violent wind show watchs in this drama; Also be a business that is worth to make everybody happy very.

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And noonday sunshine is in this drama is centered; Also was to accomplish detail full; Make the circular set of anthology of department theatrical work to highlight; Increased circular sign in very much detail respect; For instance the circular design above the bus; Still the mark above Lu Di cap is waited a moment;

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These very the place of detail; Highlighted make an attentive pitch to this drama; Even if is the detail that everybody does not pay close attention to these; They also won’t choose perfunctory past; The so decorous manner that make; How won’t make a work of good movie and TV?

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Although ” germinant ” the work phase that opens subject matter with abroad is compared; It is comparatively those who have a few is puerile; But noonday sunshine is very good however found proper place; That pays attention to human depict namely; Throw the plot of a play to real favor world;

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So ” germinant ” not be drama of a suspense merely; It is an essay market that develops the life more; And the means of playlet; Make whole work narrative not laggard; Even if is to be sowed nowadays; Also became everybody to answer brushed work ceaselessly as before.

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3.” lens twin city ” if say which work is cool this year the fastest; That should be belonged to ” lens twin city ” undoubted; Leave in this drama anthology before sowing; The IP of origianl work adds beauty of Li Yifeng ancient costume male figure; The heat that lets it is ceaseless likewise wearing continuously;

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Nevertheless drama anthology opens formally after sowing; Make a lot of people straight breathe out however ” be duped ” ; Because it is too ancient early leave piece; Add the act that performs a Mu Ne; It is to bring really do not remove everybody to watch the desire that go down.

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In original a few concentration; Of Li Yifeng appear not only went out ” bighead ” modelling; And perform also very inflexible; Not any feeling is revealed; And course of study of Zheng of a main actor is become; It is a performance too exerted oneself to do sth. ;

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Also be to did not let everybody see the affection of his heart is shown likewise; Two main actors can say acting very pull hip; And line of first story of a few market very confused; The utter words that do not hang together makes a person honest is some look not to understand.

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Also brought about everybody finally to look at look at abandon theatrical work directly; Let ” lens twin city ” heat from most before 3 when begin; Declined nowadays the 9th; Can saying is exceedingly deplorable;

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The audience that nevertheless also a lot of look all the time expresses; ” lens twin city ” the gut later spread out very good-looking; But very may rare audience can look all the time; Leave after all piece it is some let a person not have really language.

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Regard drama of a black unreal as work actually; ” lens twin city ” make also calculate pretty good; Compare after all last year ” dirt of of through the ages ” be close friends on a lot of; And the among them part that make show; Also be very outstanding;

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Actually ” lens twin city ” this drama anthology is OK better; But drama anthology had been become nowadays finality; So later still hope ” lens twin city ” make square; Fall in them having in a new work more give prize make.

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4.” ace army ” although this drama anthology is already formal also be over; But heat is exceedingly high likewise; As homebred work of army brigade drama; Actually ” ace army ” had gotten the better of was in above subject matter; And still have numerous fine actor among them undertake joining in;

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Only Li Youbin and He Zhengjun two people once more meet again; Caused everybody huge attention is spent; And still have Xiao Zhan and yellow Jing Yu the discharge of these two instantly undertakes adding holding; Let ” ace army ” sow namely fire; Can say this drama anthology is gotten the better of namely was in above the battle array of subject matter and actor.

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Leave from drama anthology piece when; Audience people can experience a kind intense the feeling with insecurity; Because it served as with a paragraph of real battle,begin; Let everybody see the press forward with indomitable will of those elder heroics; As much echo later the power in peaceful time is strong army road;

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Its base oneself upon was in in new period; Develop legionarily before ceaseless reviewing again however; With the youth’s perspective; Will be told about for everybody it is since reforming and opening; Our China changes legionarily; And of those young soldiers grow.

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In drama of this army brigade; Two people cast Xiao Zhan and yellow Jing Yu to belong to his God package; Can not present a complete theatrical work around move the scene that two people turn;


The Gu Yiye of personate of two people place and broomcorn; Was to show the soldier’s doughty one side not just in drama; It is the tenderness that body revealed human nature likewise; Fall in the situation that oneself encountered to the comrade-in-arms gets hurt and die above battlefield especially; Also began to turn into truly in their heart man.


Although a lot of audiences say ” ace army ” explode fire; Be attributed to Xiao Zhan’s discharge mostly actually; But this actor also is in actually ceaseless effort; Be in this one at least in drama; Resemble battle or show gave pretty good acting;


There is the clue of dog blood in whole drama; Although two male advocate peace female advocate between presented three-cornered position; It is a very simple love story merely however; And also be reflected gave a soldier to censure as mutual as private emotive collision; Belong to solid be exceedingly outstanding.


5.” brave heart 2 ” the 2nd when time of 7 years lies between to meet with everybody when regarding as; Yang Zhigang as before amid served as a main actor; In although the ground is nodded,heating up a river no longer;


But leading role Tong Jiaru this part; It is the person that takes from hot river likewise; And be different from the first before; This drama anthology the depict to leading role; Still exceedingly administrative levels feels.


Tong Jiaru this part; From original cowardly; Next gradually change begins to follow everybody together beat back aggressor; Be in what this his heart in the process also has a lot of to rise and fall;


Had experienced him good friend and family member to be cruellied kill; Also begin to flow on Tong Jiaru’s body drip gave the anger to aggressor; And Yang Zhigang is very familiar to this subject matter actor likewise; This deduction he is exceedingly outstanding as before.


And be in ” brave heart 2 ” in; Also a lot of outstanding old show bone undertook going out acting; For instance the person such as Zhang Zijian, Kou Shixun; The battle array adds old brand IP; Let this drama anthology be in after sowing also gradually explode fire;


Although be in other below more fervent new work concussion; It is very fast with respect to flameout; But whole story still is worth everybody to experience; This Yang Zhigang also was real experience what to give to be called ” brave heart ” ; At least very the name that accorded with drama anthology.


Good, the introduction that sows drama work about 5 heat of 22 years today had ended to here; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention Le Feng finally.

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