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Original title: Is Yang Zi anxious is agalloch eaglewood like bits? Is joyous feeling of Ren Jialun and Nie strange change? The four seas of Liu Hao Ran opens to booking a circumstance The new film of Liu Hao Ran ” the four seas ” the main actor of this drama still is held out carry hit, have Shen Teng after all, of Liu Hao Ran add hold, although Liu Hao puts stain full, but the person that wants to look or meeting go looking. Small write the word that think, box-office should not too poor, but pass Tang Tan series high very hard, after all Tangtan is Yyds really.

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Ren Jialun and the ancient costume drama that white deer acts the leading role ” Zhou Shengru reason ” in pairs of leading role of male and female gets offline, tragic big ending lets drama confusing explode tear, fortunately contemporary piece ” one’s whole life ” receive on archives is sweet came back, two drama adapt the novel that is not treasure from calligraphy ” bone of beauty of one’s whole life ” , the cruel of preexistence this life of what is appropriate to the occasion of the member that tell about chemistry to teach Zhou Shengchen and dub is loved. Origianl work novel is to tell contemporary ” this life ” story, about ancient time ” preexistence ” it is memory has been taken more, and teleplay specially tears open two drama, will ” preexistence ” the story is wholer change, this is so right the love of CP more cruel more urge a tear.

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Later, the new motion picture that Liu Hao Ran still can take group of Chen Saicheng ” bulbiform lightning ” , the relationship there still has held out he and Chen Saicheng, follow Chen Saicheng to be troubled by in that way without what pass like the net broke, liu Hao Ran is Chen Saicheng is held in both hands single-handed after all red, it is Bai Le and a horse that covers a thousand li a day, chen Saicheng we do not say the private life of this individual, he treats a friend to hold out those who stress personal loyalty, what film seeking a person values the talent of that individual and diagonally color very much is comfortable deserve to spend, chen Saicheng there what new theatrical work is met consider to let Liu Hao Ran pat for a short while.

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Preexistence the birthday of Wangzhou of small Na Chen that he is battle of brave be apt to, she is to be in what government office of Na Chen king does obeisance to Shi Xueyi ” accurate prince the wife of a prince ” what is appropriate to the occasion, his result tall shake advocate the punishment die tragicly that gets bone by rebel of frame a case against, she is aching bear a choice hard to jump city wall die for love, she says: ” Zhou Shengchen, I will marry you, if have a future life, change you to marry me first, can good? You do not talk, I agreed when you. “

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She finds this life look for looks for the true love in the heart, in the airport encounter already did not take the Zhou Shengchen that any preexistence remember, two people shine marriage, love after marriage first, the Zhou Shengchen that is born now comes from a history long mysterious everybody a group of things with common features, what is appropriate to the occasion and week birthday were experienced together familial inside rain of fought blood of wind of raw meat or fish, they defended this generation eventually each other love.

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