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Original title: Conversational | from ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” medium Wang Qinian, ” years drifting gold ” medium Fan Jingang, arrive ” miracle ” medium Liang Yongcheng Tian Yu: The nobody that he performs can give off light Conversational | from ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” medium Wang Qinian, ” years drifting gold ” medium Fan Jingang, arrive ” miracle ” medium Liang Yongcheng Tian Yu: The nobody that he performs can give off light Huang Jingfei of reporter of peninsula entire media he is ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” medium Wang Qinian, ” years drifting gold ” medium Fan Jingang, mention he, everybody always can think of to remember a few humorous make the part that laugh, he is can perform the nobody in any drama vivid Tian Yu. The motion picture of Spring Festival archives that reflects counterattack in heat ” miraculous · stupid child ” in, easy melt of he and director Wen Muye, actor 1000 royal seal cooperate, personate is common the Liang Yongcheng that protect worker worker, let an audience shine at the moment.

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Q: Be what chance adds the motion picture ” miraculous · stupid child ” ? A: The director pats the Wen Muye a few years ago ” I am not medical god ” when, we are long had talked, but because have on time,conflict in those days, very regretful missed ” , find me this again, give all time namely civil guided. He gives me all detail of whole motion picture whole tell. As surging Jiang Shui is general, he has wanted very exceedingly to be clear about to his work, each detail, he should convey each part what, to the actor’s requirement and tentative idea, think extremely meticulously, discussion play when, the cadence with all main setting and seat number he already all has been designed basically, include music even… pat so meet very solid. Q: In you a what kind of film is this in the eye? A: It is a child that has cross, to save his little sister, have a gang person or close or far Everyman is helping him, incentive he, finished an impossible job jointly with him. Q: Talk about you to be in ” miraculous · stupid child ” in the center the part that act? A: Liang Yongcheng is a beadhouse protect worker worker, it is a miscellaneous labour actually, whats are done, bathe to a respectful form of address for an old person, clean sanitation. Tubal storeroom, cook, he provides a lot of job. He is common cannot again average person, but he is very hopeful. Have a bit romance even occasionally, also have a bit small tricky, with family argy-bargy, it is him unripe existence is in the petty trick in that environment, some moment he very dark. Good for explanation beadhouse protects the part of labour, also paid close attention to the content of one this respect. Actually I graduate from the university father of grandmother, Lao dies later, I am in whole process, to patronizing an old person, include to bathe to the old person etc, I had experienced these respects more or less, still also compare understanding. Q: Piece in beadhouse is located in in the city village, it is the urban landscape of type of a label, are you how look upon of set of this one story? A: Very guileless is very actual, very sweet. The spot that we film, it is a small second floor, there still is a small fish pond next, have small lotus flower, still raised small fish, the village in similar wall was full of the place of smoke internal heat in that way.

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Q: Piece the do poineering work Lu Yibo of medium shot grand 3 fold, do you think Liang Yongcheng from trust at the beginning and follow all the time what is he calls the account that go all out? A: He also knows Jing Hao so doing is to save a little sister, hope these two children had been met really, should regard him as oneself if going out, he should make affirmation is him want to help, pulling even wife and all round all people do a good turn, he should start everybody, when difficulty is being encountered among, also should offer all the time encourage and help. Because Liang Yongcheng is mixed,do not have the child, he follows easy melt between the Jing Hao of personate of 1000 royal seal, have the feeling of a kind of father and son actually. Jing Hao often comes over to repair small electric equipment, in whole process, liang Yongcheng regards him as oneself child, taking a kind of hope and consideration to get along with him from beginning to end. There is kind of feeling when seeing a play, their two join is not the person of stranger actually, also not be simple relation, I rely on a dot to his affective is such, the parents of the 1000 royal seal in the life follows me age is about the same. I these year take sport, I am taking of all kinds medicaments, he sufferred an injury in the process that take sport, the liquid is achieved can stick affix rapidly, also developing such feeling between working process, also appear in the film came out. Q: Article herd wild director is filming ” medical god ” when, always want ” protect ” , film you are experienced this is those who direct pair of detail rigorous? A: He is particularly special and rigorous really, take this motion picture this with him actually, to myself, also was to return to to the performance a lot of, taller also to oneself requirement, and the thing that he asks is right, he can discover is some places neglect really, not accurate perhaps, he asks more essence of life is accurate. Number that take is much, the meeting on physical strength and spirit does not follow to go up, but everybody is biting a tooth to hold to, the play amount that 1000 royal seal compare us of course is even large, camera lens number is even much, look at 1000 royal seal to be very sturdy below the director’s guidance, one come, very feel distressed he, also can feel the psychokinesis of 1000 royal seal at the same time. Q: What play is extemporaneous play? A: It is start show 1000 royal seal will write a thing, I made a call with my wife into the door, gave her a kiss one’s hand to, it is the camera lens that be taken and passes only actually, direct them with respect to scamper. Resemble Liang Yongcheng actually such person, compare my age should be again old 10 years old or so, in that age he still has love, also very have deep love for the life, the surprise that gives authority possibly will be a bit bigger, still compare also be memory deep one is nodded. Other in also inventing a process, adjust each other, behind also be group of play in great quantities, commutative stimulates everybody to be able to produce change. Q: In cooperating this with easy melt adversary of 1000 royal seal makes fun of quite much, experience how? A: I still stay in the impression when he sings previously. In the course that takes sport, saw the movie before him, with Jing Hao completely different. Be in especially the spot, feel 1000 royal seal are in the state that enters a part thoroughly, the role before following is completely different. And he is enough before camera lens open oneself, very special and god-given.

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Q: Still cooperate this together with actor of numerous actual strength, whether the feeling that shares next collaboration? A: Qi Xi is a literary girl actually, perform the mom of a special guileless this, because working ear has a bit,not be to listen very clearly. Overturn the part before her, gong Lei belongs to future to be able to make the movie male actor, performed the person with a not much word, in raising a doggie to feed doggie process, those who poked a character is additional at the same time. Wang Ning was full of comedic thinking, in the spot occasionally he says I say to be able to perform this play into another to move a gender, quite amused still. Girl of haing beautiful jade is too lovely, follow for the first time civil guide when talking about this film, with respect to the atelier in him, come out suddenly the girl like a cherub, it is Ha Lin, we are reading a script together, without her play, she reads a book. Having among them is originally ” love goose of Wang Xi ” , she has not gone to school, but read a quantity particularly big, when reading a script, very fast ground enters state, a very gifted child. She has thrown the spot fall, I am afraid that she can have psychogenic disorder, but she is very firm still, went patting again. A tooth still was dropped in the process that take sport, do not have before, but occasionally need has a tooth, need to do not have a tooth again occasionally… her idle does not stay in the spot, that is a driving child. Q: You can generalize the atmosphere of the play staff with a word? A: It is a big family actually, mixed Everyman, each person encountered difficulty in the life or cross, it is to be in adversity, be inferior to in meaning, was in one case through helping Jing Hao condense everybody afresh. Q: Carry this story, you how look upon ” successful ” standard? A: Give out to different success is defined or be experienced below this different position, some people were to complete an affection course. Helped Jing Hao accomplish this thing e.g. Liang Yongcheng, finished oneself are right the growing acceptance of junior, to him, it is that success in the heart. For different to each figure, they finished an ego to grow in this process. In so you gave a kind of possibility below a big setting, title is ” miraculous · stupid child ” , but ” miracle ” rear, meet with repeatedly on scene grand poineering road setback and cross, finish the job that finishs impossibly, this is a miracle.

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