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Original title: King Kong of big fight of result of 9 open looks is not bad, if Zhou Zhi helps sb to fulfill his wishes for love, holy fire male wind of Wang Jing after all how appearance Holy fire male wind of Wang Jing was shown eventually, make fun of greatly as the knight-errant that let young associate wait 29 years, quality after all how Where is appearance? Using a word to generalize is medium the quadrature in compasses. Wang Jing abandoned before the imagination of a powerful and unconstrained style, also did not use those who do not have li head to do laugh at humour, undertook be adaptinged appropriately on the foundation that taking original work namely almost, this lets drama anthology appear too smooth-going, lack a characteristic, asing if is to let an audience see condense the Tu Long leaning on a day of edition to write down.

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Of course it still has many window, center expression to be like this person body to go up in Zhou Zhi, she can say is the ground is modelled in drama the part of most bright look. In the begining, zhou Zhi if a fancy-free girl, company kisses in the mother that be about to die beside. The small Zhang Moji that just returns from island glacial fire sympathizes with her, gave her an amber spar, such her be involved in world of all corners of the country. When Zhi is like the week that was brought up to see Zhang Moji again, softly clever like cat is same, it seems that person cultivate is not had. Did not think of to be in however the moment of truth, she pricked Zhang Moji however one sword, kill so that Zhang Moji weighs. More those who make a person accident is the poison that her on the sly took 10 sweet soft muscle to come loose, confused Zhao Min 3 people, revealed the secret of Tu Long leaning on a day, still cheat Zhang Moji to help his get through hold the post of superintend and director 2 arteries and veins, practice became the unique gest of claw of 9 shade bones of the dead.

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After changing with Zhang Moji marriage, the character figure that Zhou Zhi is like produced an extremely major change. She regarded blue book of the Song Dynasty as castle, hill of eyebrow of the high mountain on the homicide that entice slaughters child of high mountain eyebrow, still solved contend for with her Ding Minjun. And she appears with the appearance of Immanuel killed Song Qing book, rescued group of high mountain eyebrow, with extremely just attitude was become door of palm of high mountain eyebrow. The figure with such a weird Mo Ce, heavy scheming lets a person shudder simply, mix her especially at the outset when tender goodness makes contrast.

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Nevertheless, if Zhou Zhi did not become backstage big Boss, be in be informed when going up to be become greatly into elder brother, she hammer and tongs, want to solve the other side, turned over the Kunzhen that be become to become serious injury however, final injury is not treated again. Before on one’s deathbed, she is put down eventually hold read aloud, returned to at the outset tender goodness. She gets off the amber spar that Zhang Moji sends her, hand in in Zhao Min hand, became her two, close eyes so and die. This ending is shown slightly insipid. Especially the disposition that Zhou Zhi is like, change ground is too fast. Just return extremely arrogant ground to want to kill Zhang Moji, abrupt with respect to reform. Grow when film of be confined to nevertheless, understandable also. After all two hours, a place of strategic importance does not fall too much and careful complex scenario.

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photograph comparing, the ending of origianl work is good much. Zhang Moji is helping Zhao quick thrush, be like suddenly to interrupt by the Zhou Zhi outside the window. If Zhou Zhi is laughing to say what she also should make trouble to Zhang Moji and Zhao Min marry in the future, zhang Moji still promises to want to help him do a thing. Zhang Moji thinks of the life promises 3 things that Zhao Min does, let him have a headache, can’t help if disappointed is broken, medium eyebrow pencil also dropped even the hand.

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This ending reservation is endless, gave a reader with countless imaginary spaces — the emotional dispute that how Zhang Moji thinks to if He Zhaomin is daedal,method answers Zhou Zhi after all, appear very brillant. Additional, the body that Zhang Moji makes the King Kong of military accomplishment big Zhan Chengkun is not bad with result of 9 open looks and holy fire, also be one of one big hotspots of this drama. In origianl work, the King Kong that little Lin Shenseng sees a Great Master for nothing is not bad divine result is unusually fierce, can fight top-ranking ace forcedly to thank the 7 injuries fist of abdicate. Zhang Cuishan thanks abdicate to think his military accomplishment enough and Zhang Sanfeng one relatively relative superiority or inferiority. To knight-errant confusing, the Zhang Moji after military accomplishment is become greatly and sky see who is stronger after all is the does not go topic of a brandish all the time. And Wang Jing helped us solve this problem in the film.

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Regard a behind the curtain as the Cheng Kun of a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes, want dominate exclusively Wu Lin all the time. His Cong Shaolin carried off King Kong is not bad the secret Ji of divine result, still spent a year of time to drill. Finally, during if be pestered with Zhang Moji,he is taking the advantage of Zhou Zhi, send from high mountain eyebrow hind hall took He Tulong of sword leaning on a day knife. The King Kong that he has the strongest defense now is not bad divine result, the sword leaning on a day that has power of the strongest attack again He Tulong knife, close to the remain invincible.

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Zhang Moji is trying to move with big move of result of 9 open looks and heaven and earth to it engage in a battle, however the fraction that a bit injury is less than the other side. The moment of truth, yew the Dragon King is driven, still brought holy fire to make. Holy fire makes material qualitative hard, can defy sword leaning on a day and massacre dragon knife. The gest that holy fire makes still has learned before Zhang Moji, enrol ablaze flaming your card inserts a top, broke the body with Cheng Kun’s not bad King Kong immediately. Final Xie Xun abandoned his gest with 7 injuries fist, let him again also cannot make trouble. No wonder title calls holy fire male wind, the gest that holy fire makes is really fierce.

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As a whole, holy fire male wind gives prize not quite, but also sufficient window lets an audience shine at the moment, be curtilage male curtilage female people during the Spring Festival occupies the home, be worth an an excellent work that pastime views.

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