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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” old introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad reincarnate Su Dajiang, marriage of king person with power is in an emergency ” king is redundant “ Teleplay of 14# of # countryside love ” rustic love 14 ” fervent in updating, love vermicelli made from bean starch as dutiful, the author feels this one success is more than deeply is Liu Neng’s regression. In the past a few ” rustic love ” how many some are perfunctory, story too be troubled by, logistic sense is not strong, resembling is one strengthens edition essay.

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Was last year probably Wang Xiaoli’s absent revealed a lot of problem, say groovy reason by the audience, the 14th drama in the ministry just is searched first heart, story introduction, annulus annulus photograph is buckled, really wonderful. See last time so wonderful ” rustic love ” very old still before. Now, ” rustic love 14 ” had updated half, each contradictory conflict was entered turn white-hot. The arrival of Mr. Xiaozhang touched Xie Ankun’s nerve, liu Neng suffers the intense dissatisfaction of Liu flower woman to the beyond the mark care of that cate commissioner.

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The Song Qinglian disposition after be pregnant changes greatly, with the mother-in-law Li Jingwen contradicts to upgrade ceaselessly. Most those who headache still is king person with power, super vermicelli made from bean starch of Yang Xiaoyan ” Laohu ” Hu Dajiang, belt endowment garrisons ivory landscape factory, caused the marital crisis of king person with power and Yang Xiaoyan directly. The king person with power nowadays is not to be in those days already beauty fragrant heart, one brandish opens little hand the local tyrant of golden inn. Before hot spring mountain villa a few years add gave Li Jiwei, water works these a few years also not quite boom, though thin dead camel compares Martha, but compare with photograph of summit summit period, king person with power already was done not have in those days self-confident, especially emotional respect.

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A few this years he begins to worry more and more, oneself already were have one foot in the grave, wife still charm still is put, always fear to Yang Xiaoyan can leave her and go. This water works faces capital problem be at one’s wits’ end, often return to the nerve that touched person with power completely why at this moment, fund of 3 million investment reachs the designated position quickly, xiao Yan is right she very be thankful. Cross much contact to prevent two people, king person with power is first receive Laohu in the home, still matched a bicycle to him, but the picture that two people commute together still lets heart of king person with power in particularly bad to suffer.

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Those who make king person with power afraider is, old Hu Yi is the Hu Dajiang of the past no longer, he had become ” Su Dajiang ” . To can let dawn swallow take along sth to sb him one Cheng, old Hu Hai is intended a bicycle chain bang up. All these lets king person with power feel not know what to do, feel oneself just are redundant that, the audience still removed a monicker to cry to him ” king is redundant ” . Are Yang Xiaoyan and old moustache occupied really? Do not have of course.

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King person with power is a particularly narrow-minded person, in those days the Cha Dedou of Liu cerebra bag, Song Xiaofeng, former husband plum that includes Yang Xiaoyan ever was the object that he misunderstands. According to ” rustic love ” consistent gimmick, the contradiction that each domestic place encounter and misunderstanding are final metropolis success is dissolved, when when big ending sure the occasion that is everyone is happy. Although we return the real purpose that cannot learn Laohu now, and his difficulties that one is reluctant to mention, but OK and affirmative is him scarcely is hellion, also not be the person that destroys others family.

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A lot of audiences pay no attention to solution, does this character put Hu Dajiang what is the meaning that be in after all? Actually, this character and in those days Chen Yannan is same, refract king person with power and problem of Yang Xiaoyan marriage namely. Zhao Jiaban’s work has a common characteristic, be good at using contradiction and misunderstanding namely, will look with respect to this, laohu of this character appear or be necessary. Does everybody feel?

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