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Original title: Undesirable person 5: Female singer attends the banquet like snow short-hilted broadsword, rescue Luo Xiaobei, exposure of identity of A elder sister, real hammer into shape wins tick off The undesirable person that draws all corners of the country the 5th season is newest one collect has been updated, front of this one market sees Li Xingyun’s figure, cannot see he appears as before in positive nevertheless. The 5th season has 12 collect content only, had replaced the 4th part nowadays, li Xingyun does not come on stage tardy. does Luo Xiaobei become the protagonist of the 5th season really? Show share of Ji Ruxue is most, she is the heroine with the 5th real season.

20220203120820 61fbc5b43d243

Female singer attends the banquet like snow short-hilted broadsword Ji Ruxue rescues empyreal emperor female singer and Luo Xiaobei in Luoyang, they also are to act under orders to rescue undesirable person, undesirable nowadays person is slaughtered by Li Siyuan. Li Siyuan kills undesirable person with the name of the emperor, his target still weighs the Supreme Being, force Li Xingyun appears. Ji Ruxue is in when saving undesirable person, her identity is discovered, luo Xiaobei also knows Ji Ruxue is Li Xingyun’s woman. Luo Xiaobei most abhor Li Xingyun and Li Siyuan, he should kill Li Xingyun to revenge for the master. Luo Xiaobei has been caught by Li Cunli’s following, although Ji Ruxue escaped, nevertheless her body loads. A elder sister and Ji Ruxue are in outskirts, a elder sister searchs his little brother, follow Ji Ruxue however. Ji Ruxue also suspects A the identity of elder sister, nevertheless she should rescue Luo Xiaobei now, li Cunli’s following sets banquet of door issueing letter early for her.

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Ji Ruxue is hit incomplete, luo Xiaobei is taking her to escape since not after fine commander in chief is dead, a lot of ace came on stage, their actual strength unlike undesirable handsome about the same, the feeling is too fierce. Hand chin of Li Cunli also is role of a firm, female singer has a relapse like snow the condition of an injury, faint on the ground, pass the cure of A elder sister nevertheless, heal of her the condition of an injury, begin to rescue Luo Xiaobei. Cling to also very the courage that admires Ji Ruxue, dare short-hilted broadsword attends the banquet, he knows Ji Ruxue is the woman of the emperor. Cling to also let Ji Ruxue hand over Li Xingyun, he lets off Luo Xiaobei, killed Luo Xiaobei otherwise. Luo Xiaobei is being bound, he does not want to let Ji Ruxue save him, ji Ruxue did not speak Li Xingyun’s word, cling to also want dry Ji Ruxue. It is him only dare not leave dead hand to Ji Ruxue, after all the message that he misses to Cong Jiru finds Li Xingyun on snow body very much. Ji Ruxue and cling to also bet, wanted to win him only, put Luo Xiaobei to leave, oneself answer Luoyang with him. Ji Ruxue and cling to also 4 at hand are right battle, she is not the adversary of 4 people completely.

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If snow is true,the identity of A elder sister wins Gouji namely desperately, those who face 4 people besiege, she still did not abandon, the injury that goes up personally is more and more serious. Nevertheless Ji Ruxue has his abacus, even if bruise again and again, she also wants risk one’s life one wrestle. Ji Ruxue destroyed the building, rescued Luo Xiaobei, regrettablly she does not have effort, luo Xiaobei is carrying Ji Ruxue on the back to escape. Li Xingyun’s true trash, her woman wants others to save unexpectedly, luo Xiaobei can like Ji Ruxue for certain. Their hotel that two people just agree, cling to also taking army to chase after kill come over, he wounded Ji Ruxue. A elder sister sees cling to also, she also takes out a weapon to make do cling to also, it is past of a camera lens only, after A elder sister wakes, discover all person is flat, cling to also the team also is killed by behead. Are these people A elder sister kill? The identity of A elder sister affirms not simple, she is in play the part of a pig to eat a tiger, a elder sister wins namely tick off.

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A elder sister should have dual personality, in crisis juncture, a elder sister sees the bloodstain on the ground, aroused the consciousness inside her body, ability can kill everybody. From the point of this one collect, a elder sister is to win really ticked off, the little brother that she searchs is probable it is Hou Qing, the cadaver that two people are Xuan Ming teaching ancestor. A elder sister and Hou Qing have similar place really, li Xingyun does not see he appears up to now, ji Ruxue was reaved quickly by Luo Xiaobei, what view to have to this everybody? Welcome everybody to leave a message beneath comment, the picture comes from a network, invade cutout excuse!

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