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Original title: Afterwards Zhang Zifeng explodes after fire, another 00 hind floret of actual strength clique is born, new theatrical work is connected 18 days bully close inspect a list of names posted up Advanced in two days; ” germinant ” this drama anthology had been become leave this year year of public praise and close inspect very outstanding explode work of igneous theatrical work; In this work; Invite an audience not only people saw among them compact gut; It is to let everybody see more among them Bai Jingting of two main actors and Zhao Jin of wheat grow;

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Especially Zhao Jin wheat this 0 Neozoic floret after; After also be afterwards Zhang Zifeng nowadays; An actual strength sends minor female role; This ” open luck ” as playlet work; The gut of 15 collect is occupied by force 18 days continuously close inspect a list of names posted up; The Zhao Jin wheat nowadays; Already more and more outstanding.

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Actually Zhao Jin wheat this girl; It is to be in likewise very small when begin to be made foster toward artistic respect by family; Weak point a when Zhao Jin wheat became time of a few years to be approbated by everybody young actor;

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Can say Zhao Jin wheat is an inherent actor really; The progress that encircles in movie and TV just can reflect her itself value most; Alele introduces wheat of this Zhao Jin in detail for everybody today; Watch the news about her together.

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1.Zhao Jin wheat acts inchoately art wheat of road Zhao Jin is a northeast girl that is born 2 years; Be in small when Zhao Jin wheat is made foster towards artistic respect by his parents all the time; Zhao Jin wheat of 6 years old performs a class with respect to the children that joined Shenyang evening paper; And the student that still became Guo Limin;

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In performing a class; Zhao Jin wheat also is shown gave very tall performance natural gift; After the study that passes period of time; Zhao Jin wheat attended at that time Shenyang daily literary show of 60 years.

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Although mere 6 years old; But Zhao Jin Maiquesi none stage fright; Perform the program that gave oneself well in show activity; Obtained the admiration of a lot of people;


Begin advancement stage by stage towards a young actor with respect to such Zhao Jin wheat; One of still making group of young reporter of Shenyang evening paper; Inchoate Zhao Jin wheat; Be in all the time piece perform work of melodrama of a few children; The children art that saves in Liaoning still has the young actor of bit of fame quite in the center.


In 8 years old when; Zhao Jin wheat was on the actor’s arrival formally; Zhao Jin wheat gives those who performed the person main actor such as He Lin at that time ” cannot do not have a woman ” this family drama; Amid personate think younger brother this part;


From inside beginning Zhao Jin wheat to enter movie and TV formally to encircle at this moment; Get the account of age of be confined to nevertheless; Zhao Jin wheat also can undertake gues-starring in a few work only; Did not carry key link to cross too important role.


And when letting first time of Zhao Jin wheat hold the position of important role; Be in 14 years namely when; ” cling to small demon celestial being ” series drama anthology opens once more pat; Personate of amid of wheat of this Zhao Jin Ling Meiqi this part;


And be in 14 years of time to; Altogether goes out performed 3 ” cling to small demon celestial being ” the work of series; Let Zhao Jin wheat there is pretty good acknowledge to spend in look of very much at that time young woman student through this work.


Also be to pass likewise ” cling to small demon celestial being ” ; Let Zhao Jin wheat there also is the name of a few in the circle of movie and TV at that time; Although be children drama work only; But show adequately those who gave acting of Zhao Jin wheat is outstanding;


For the development after her road opened an entrance door; Be in 14 years old very quickly when; Of type of solicit comments of Zhao Jin wheat become famous; Approbate by right of what oneself outstanding acting won numerous audience.


2.The Gaoguang of Zhao Jin wheat always believes most person knows the friend of Zhao Jin wheat; It is to pass drama of 16 years of the first family ” small take leave of ” know her; In this drama concentration; The 3 people team that Zhao Jin wheat and Zhang Zifeng, Hu Xianxu forms; Still let a person remember exceeding profundity;


And the musical instrument of personate of place of Zhao Jin wheat; Was to become great master likewise special one of parts that like; She follows Fang Duo with Zhang Xiaoyu two people differ; Exceedingly gentle and quiet and clever; And be known very much make allowances for adult.


Be in ” small take leave of ” in; Because of the exceedingly good acting of Zhao Jin wheat; Also let her be mixed formally inside the circle became famous to rise in the eye of the audience; Zhao Jin wheat begins to undertake cooperative with a lot of elder after; It is the person such as He Meiting cooperated first ” the fountainhead that love is joy ” ; Go out together with the person such as Zhang Jia beneficial next acted ” my! Sports teacher ” ;

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In these work; The part of every time of Zhao Jin wheat; Before following, differ; The element such as gentle and quiet, lively, traitorous, goodness; Can appear well in the part of Zhao Jin wheat come out; A lot of directors and producer are so same very the latent capacity that values Zhao Jin wheat.

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In 18 years when; Zhao Jin wheat cooperated with the person such as Zhang Jia beneficial once more ” the teenager is sent ” this drama anthology; Depend on optimistic and lively Lin Miaomiao this part; Let Zhao Jin wheat be paid close attention to numerously once more; From the base oneself upon in beginning Zhao Jin wheat to be encircled formally in movie and TV at this moment;

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Although have 16 years old only; Became a of very famous gas young actor however; Also be to be in this year; Zhao Jin wheat began to march moviedom; Cooperated once more with Zhang Zifeng ” fast take away my elder brother ” this work.

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In if say to let first time of Zhao Jin wheat carry key link daughter,ascending big screen; Should show 19 years namely ” roam about the earth ” work of drama of this homebred science fiction; Inside this work; Personate of Zhao Jin wheat Han Duo this female advocate;

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It is the girl’s set likewise; Let Zhao Jin wheat be in film domain; Also had oneself masterpiece; And the ceiling that still is known as homebred science fiction; And the Zhao Jin wheat this year already 20 years old; She after manhood also sends out the temperament with went out more mature.

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Be in this ” germinant ” in; Zhao Jin wheat is very good deduced female advocate the sort of fear that goes up personally, astonish and feel questioningly; After she knows public transportation driver also is a murderer; To before the sort of trustful change of the driver made doubt;

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And this kind of affective accuse; Very good also saw Zhao Jin wheat to him mood take hold; She allows Li Shi condition this part lived adequately to come over; Nowadays the 0 floret after dawn in; Acting of Zhao Jin wheat also can become the ceiling.

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Can say the prospective dispute of Zhao Jin wheat often can expect; She is acting not just good; Studying result is likewise very outstanding;

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In 20 years she attends art when taking an examination of; Perform major with the whole nation the first achievement; In the successful show in was being taken an examination of; Became special one of actors that give prize; Believe those who pass an university 4 years to model; After wheat is graduating, Zhao should be met today more outstanding; Those new work after so everybody is expecting Zhao Jin wheat together.

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3.” the teenager is sent 2 ” kill blueness formally, lin Miaomiao is returned to once more in ” germinant ” later; Zhao Jin wheat is to gave everybody to bring likewise very the drama part that allows a person to expect; That is ” the teenager is sent 2 ” ;

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This work is the first before continueing likewise; The story after attending a college is checked in the person such as Lin Miaomiao; And personate also transfers directly arrived when university of a few people graduates; Lin Miaomiao is in draw near when graduating; Be in study abroad and between choose course of study all the time hesitate; Cannot make very good choice.

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Fall in the help of friend and parents nevertheless; Lin Miaomiao also begins to side with the advancement with the ceaseless idea of own heart; Harvested finally grow; And forest greatly the career also begins steadily upgrade;

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Wang Shengnan is to be in forest greatly help and encourage below; In beginning to devote into industry of provide for the aged; One of Lin Miaomiao begins formal entering in orbit; And the person such as Qian Sanyi, Jiang Tianhao; Also open oneself prospective path.

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In this road everybody is ceaseless as before face test; And be entered in all hand in hand; Harvest oneself grow; And among them cast; Also be the first medium original battle array as before;

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The person such as beneficial of Zhao Jin wheat, Guo Junchen, Jiang Guanna, Zhang Jia, Yan Ni continues to cooperate together; Can saying this drama market should be nowadays Zhao Jin wheat is worth the work that expect most; And be in January 27 when; ” the teenager is sent 2 ” formal Guan Xuan kills blueness.

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If do not give any accidents; So this one work should be met this year formal meet with everybody; And still be the work of archives of summer vacation time likely very;

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Because be graduation season likewise; The Lin Miaomiao that drama walks out of university school gate centrally they; The undergraduate that graduates with those is same; Can cause an audience more people resonant; This so everybody is expecting the Lin Miaomiao of Zhao Jin wheat together.

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In this drama concentration; Lin Miaomiao generates the undergraduate that grows to graduate for from a high school; Zhao Jin wheat is to following likewise Lin Miaomiao together grow; Believe her to Lin Miaomiao this part; Can a lot of different feeling are in;

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Perhaps Lin Miaomiao is Zhao Jin him wheat a of itself true portraiture; So she also can have deduced this part certainly; Hope Zhao Jin wheat won’t make everybody disappointed as before.

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4.Although wheat of terminal Zhao Jin is in in everybody’s impression; It is the girl with a good lovely bud; But she is good to act oneself part; Can suffer a lot of anguish however; Even if is the movement of a few danger; Zhao Jin wheat meets him to enter the court personally;

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A child of 945 years old is told this pair at that time; Had been a very brave thing; The evaluation of a lot of coterie to Zhao Jin wheat; It is beautiful, sensible; She does not need to let a person worry about; Even if is to encounter not satisfactory thing; Also can have liquidated oneself position very quickly.

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Taking sport; Zhao Jin wheat also likes run very much; Besides exercise; She prefers to attend marathon actually; With everybody together ran;

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Say Zhao Jin wheat has the state of mind of sunshine all the time so; It seems that what difficulty cannot beat she; On prospective road; Hope Zhao Jin wheat can have carried this kind of sunlight all the time; The road of her development will more capacious; Into hole this Xiaohua dawns; It is a very good thing really.

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Good, today about 0 hind the introduction of wheat of Zhao Jin of minor female role had ended to here; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention A Le Le finally.

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