Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Tall bridge work ” old boudoir is sweet ” CCTV leaves 8 sets tonight sow ” 5 gold are beautiful ” couplet sleeves deduce another provide for the aged to live Tall bridge work ” old boudoir is sweet ” CCTV leaves 8 sets tonight sow ” 5 gold are beautiful ” couplet sleeves deduce another provide for the aged overage sister cleans out Wang Yue of reporter of life peninsula entire media, be like a teenager chicly. By tall Liang Zhi is guided, the city affection drama that Wang Fu Li, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian acts the leading role ” old boudoir is sweet ” will on Feburary 3 (at the beginning of good year of the traditional Chinese calendar 3) in CCTV teleplay channel leaves sow. This drama told about 5 old ladies with disparate disposition, call false activity because of and be acquainted and form boudoir honey, after the joys and sorrows in life of all previous classics, final open searchs the old practice of the brigade of life new value. 20220203121032 61fbc6382e600 Honey of boudoir of composition of bone of 5 big old play is round, took ” father blueness is answered ” screen memory. Li of fragrant of king of this play protagonist is golden eagle award optimal heroine; Pan Hong is 100 flowers, golden pheasant optimal heroine; Song Xiaoying is golden pheasant award optimal actress; Xu Di is winner of Thespian wintersweet award; Is Wu Mian? Day award is optimal actress. Can say, these 5 actors ever were going up century the take charge of a department alone in moviedom of 80 time China, shine brilliantly, significant position is being held in audience memory. And in gathering in a teleplay at the same time when them, ” is old boudoir sweet ” a what kind of senile world can you show? It is the largest window of this drama. 20220203121032 61fbc63859e3a Speak of the thematic conception of this drama, director Qiao Liang states in the whole world aged setting falls, everybody should face the problem of birth. The problem is we are faced with what kind of manner often go, face disease and death, the life quality that this is deciding us each days. He says: “Calm with easy heart faces it only, put down it, ability take part in a battle with light packs, without complain without regret. Had passed each days seriously only, the ability life that finish is the strongest beautiful symphony. This is ” old boudoir is sweet ” the theme that wants to deliver. I hope these 5 old people can make model, let us be fear of consenescence no longer, be fear of disease and death no longer, wonderful confused is shown like the life that lets us and them. Wonderful confused is shown like the life that lets us and them.. 20220203121032 61fbc638a1c98 Qiao Liang of this play director is professor of department of director of Beijing film institute, an excellent work is ceaseless, take next numerous much more domestic and international large award. Before the new edition of hot screen ” what to take to save you, my sweetheart ” ” the woman should marry a person ” ” new come husband ” ” film of Gu Cheng spy ” ” loved to come loose ” ” the 5th empty cartridge case ” wait for heat to sow drama all out his hand. He hold the film that guide ” on Yuan ” ” ex-wife ” ” small love letter ” ” the heart volition of myself ” ” Keelung ” ” chastity chastity ” ” plum rains is seasonal ” ” fly ” more the color is distinctive, suffer domestic and international moviedom to fix eyes upon fully. The film that with tall Liang Zhi guides ” on Yuan ” for exemple, this behead is obtained film festival of the 39th Muscovite international is highest 2017 award — holy tall treats a gold prize optimal film award. This international special honour, also make does tall Liang Cheng obtain international A 4 times for China kind film festival most? Of the director of award? , blossommed once more the light of Chinese film. 20220203121032 61fbc638d41dd

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