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Original title: ” the city of time ” the concubine that is love vanity likewise, why is ending Sun Shaoqing better than the elder sister life? The city # article of time of # Jing Tian / Luo Xiaoke is exceeded by Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian, classics, the time legend drama of the main actor such as Wang Yifei ” the city of time ” chase after more jump over above, of Jing Tian fine-looking never make a person disappointed pass, and because this drama has aureola of origianl work of treasure of blown away by wind to be in reveal all the details, so one is sowed harvested pretty good heat and public praise. Originally Feng Shizhen of young lady of abjection a thousand pieces of gold is to cherish verity state of mind, slip into tutor of look family belongs, never expect however think of she can fall in love with Rong Jia of rich youth of rich and powerful family to go up. Although look home is merchant rich and powerful family, but of lord Rong Dingkun send family history and dishonour, he is amount to a purpose by hook and crook, after be on summit summit successfully wife concubine countless. Look madam is first wife wife, and grandson the content in the bursa that this pair of sisters spend aunt mother and Sun Shaoqing also is Rong Dingkun. It is the concubine that adores vanity likewise, why is final Sun Shaoqing better than the elder sister however Where is life? The reason is very real, even if is put in instantly to also have the sense that draw lessons from, know the woman of free-standing self-improvement, often mix weller finally!

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Original Feng Shizhen is taking a purpose to slip into look home, she thinks Sun Shaoqing is the scheming daughter that does obeisance to gold, disposition love ease and hate work, want to take shortcut through marriage. The increase that realizes as each other however, the literary breath that Feng Shizhen is taken oneself by Sun Shaoqing gradually is attracted, they became the good boudoir honey of keep no secrets from each other. Marry Rong Dingkun is become concubine, be not Sun Shaoqing’s original intention, however elaborate scheme of the elder sister and chip seek. Grandson aunt mother is abjection a domestic girl, small when enjoy Yi Yu of move bright and beautiful to feed, never block of difficult of witting the manners and morals of the time. Because of the high position and great wealth of yearning look home, be most willing to does low-down concubine.

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She lives high-fed life after marriage, still was delivered of two daughters early or late, but Rong Dingkun is what kind of person also, in him ups and downs of field of fame and gain is old, how can you abandon rectifying a forest for a flower again? He was in look lock surely beautiful female undergraduate on Feng Shizhen body, think the other side does not know well affairs of human life, however have not expect has a load on one’s mind to her. Feng Shizhen is not simple woman, she is good looking and talented, the heart is sober connect fully, go up to Rong Jia obviously one’s mind disturbed, maintaining a distance from beginning to end however. Below her encouragement, sun Shaoqing prepares to look for exact scope to escape abyss of misery, she pretends the appearance that makes boudoir honey, still divulged sth gives the trick out finally.

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Gas does not hit the Rong Dingkun that after knowing after, becomes aware to come out together, his fan Sun Shaoqing a slap on the face, the relation of two people is immersed in freezing point from now on. In the big ending of origianl work novel, sun Shaoqing still married a person later, follow to hold the post of the husband newly to live perfect happiness, became the model that envies even Feng Shizhen alive. Know the Sun Shaoqing that holds him destiny, although early days experienced setback and affliction, but she or success went, embraced long-unseen happiness, the love that harvested match each other in strength is terminal. And the elder sister still struggles in intrigue against each other of rich and powerful family, she is not most the concubine of be in sb’s good graces, daughters are Rong Dingkun allied the castle that exchanges an interest.

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Say, pattern decides future, state of mind decides a destiny, the woman that love reads and the woman that do not read pass the life is disparately. Grandson the horizon of aunt mother, decided she can be the concubine room of rich and powerful family and canary only, and the swift of Sun Shaoqing just like with brave and tough heart, her take the bull by the horns, intelligent certainly, stand fast in book cigarette fire first heart, easy in ups and downs of affairs of human life indifferently, each has read book is that lamp on life journey, have not is confused, have not loss. Everybody is close people, you how does look upon Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian, classics exceed, the main actor teleplay such as Wang Yifei ” the city of time ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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