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Original title: Laugh be proud 5 old past master rank all corners of the country, bottom of Yue Buqun mat, hold the post of our bank to did not go up a list of names posted up, the first nobody refuse to obey

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5, Yue Buqun Yue Buqun, novel hero makes Hu Chong’s master worker, can saying is whole Jin Yong the deepest person is locked in the novel. The title in Yue Buqun all corners of the country is gentleman sword, but the monicker that is different from him, he is a right mean a mean person however. For can hind achieve oneself the purpose of regnant all corners of the country, he not choose all methods even with one’s own hands hound somebody to death oneself wife. In the novel die in Hei Muya finally, everything what what get before oneself also vanishs completely.

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4, Linghu develops Ling Huchong, the hero in the novel, also be the show of Wu Lin’s later period. Ling Huchong can say is the existence that whole gold needs the novel lets a person admire, he is different from the bias that so-called to person of all corners of the country unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease sends someone else, he makes friend an intention according to oneself. His main military accomplishment has easy veins that stand out classics and alone 9 swords of Gu, yue Buqun was killed with one’s own hands by him namely.

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3, square card square card, the abbot of the Shaolin Temple in the novel, also be to hold the post of our bank to admire one of 3 people. Very may much person cannot mix this gentle old person military accomplishment the first department is together, but mix through him the battle between can see an our bank, the gest of square card is abysmal. Above all, his control law by accepted for Wulindi one; Next, his internal force is to let hold the post of our bank to jump over shock greatly more more, chose to abandon finally.

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2, Qing Yang of wind of wind clear raise, another when novel China hill sends super ace, it is to impart Ling Huchong alone the person of Gu sword law. Wind clear raise is the first person in older generation, because of having rarely after this is retired the person knows his existence. But can serve as an our bank most admired person, the gest that we can imagine him can have many after all tall.

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One, Oriental and indefectible east is indefectible, part of villain in drama is next to in the novel, it is one makes a person pitiful abominable person. Oriental and indefectible main military accomplishment is sunflower jewel, hei Muya is force battle more in one battle hold the post of our bank, Ling Huchong and towards the left to make wait for 4 old past master not to fall ahull, want behead to kill them even. Such military successes believes year wind Qing Yang also cannot be accomplished, be be worthy of the first person.

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