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Original title: Zhu Yawen Yang Zishan acts ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents of the Dragon King ” , really hot eye! Recreation sheds attention article of group of big burst entertainment to originate alone the film sends ID: Dyp833 already was obtained reprint release theory go to stalk, all along of two large a group of people of same interest of Internet bright article can bring us the surprise. One party is with ” the madam is put aside again hanging on city gate ” the female frequency work that head. The destiny of heroine is miserable, always want to suffer all kinds of torment, ability is changed maly advocate afterthought not is reached. 20220203121154 61fbc68a83e46 20220203121154 61fbc68ac3307 Other one party is with ” torpid and old, arms king is returned to ” the male frequency work that is a delegate. Hero always has golden finger, leave all the way hang, marry Bai Fumei finally to move toward life summit summit. 20220203121154 61fbc68ad4ab4 If say the feel well of female frequency article,the dot depends on aspersing heart of cruel of body of dog blood, cruel greatly. 20220203121154 61fbc68aed91d Article of so male frequency loves to use bear, turn over, hit a face to come dot of G of fierce jab reader. 20220203121155 61fbc68b1cefa But 2 dimension character is one and the same, adapting play of movie and TV really is other one thing. Some words are regarded as actor’s lines reads aloud come out, can make a person awkward arrive dead only. Hot of entire network ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” series, also be in at most act like an overlord of nearsightedness frequency domain. Be changed to grow drama of 339 collect greatly when bright article. The actor that searchs or Zhu Yawen, Yang Zishan, He Junxiang, in recreation the circle has a well-known actor that has a face. Can ” negative lose ” ? The answer is of course: Be impossible! ” the lion inverted image that bilks a cat ” , the title of this awkward-sounding. Bilk a cat? What thing? Lion inverted image? What plays meaning? At first sight, do not know saying what. Another looks, still do not know saying what! Adapted origianl work cries ” wife falls in love with me ” . Although be earth dot, but at least story of person subject clarity is clear. What look to know this article is aimed at is male reader. Teleplay may be the female market with huge be envious. Think broken scalp just thinks of element of this two animals eventually, loiter is nodded ” cure wind ” . Change, change with respect to En! Drama name changed, that point bring out the theme? So male advocate, the Liu of Zhu Yawen personate is green. A retired employ arms, original code name is ” the lion ” . Because took up the post of Wu to produce an accident, suffer from went up PTSD (the obstacle should be stimulated after scar) . Want temperature pelter only, can quiver all over bring about syncope. Because this is become by appearance — ” bilk a cat ” . Did you understand? Send father anyway or did not understand. Lion PTSD why cannot be glacial lion, aspic lion, large meatball… and if bilking the cat that does not have? Bring out the theme, forcibly bring out the theme! This drama has the name that ascertain letting a person does not show not only. Have the setting that ascertain letting a person does not appear more. The men and women presides over a wedding ceremony ceremony spot, pallet decorate is showing a weird sense. 20220203121155 61fbc68b43f23 The marriage that come after is illuminated, can bale directly simply play staff of adjoining clever different. 20220203121155 61fbc68b64ba7 More let a person be accepted hard. It is the mosaic that blot out the sky and cover up the earth. Dress Logo makes a yard. Singles of cancer laboratory test is piled up. Turn even the mobile phone Zhang interface should be piled up Yan Yan is solidly. 20220203121155 61fbc68bbe5f9 20220203121156 61fbc68c8a860 I know if it were not for this with respect to play of a common idol, still thought what to enter by accident ” law is online ” column! And the person is set and gut is same follow the characteristic of not know what is said. He, liu Qing, once was mad the king of special type arms that bully cruel dazzle drags. Became the small charming husband of backside of strong female president however nowadays. Go up generation, he is in a person of extraordinary powers curtilage inside suffer all kinds of humiliate. Hard work generation, the destiny that he wants firmly him control… the play takes a fault! Come again! He, liu Qing, once was mad the king of special type arms that bully cruel dazzle drags. Became the small charming husband of backside of strong female president however nowadays. Because,all these is only, the father of he and female president was signed ” holiday marriage ” contracted — fasten misunderstanding, be with female president. 20220203121157 61fbc68d36b1a Although he was become,employ mercenary for years. But get the status confidential limitation, liu Qing can not disclose others. It is so in one everybody eye, this is a what also won’t hobo. Fiancee, do not look to go up him. The work of a parking lot security personnel was arranged in the company to him. The person such as chamberlain, do not look to go up he. An example room searched to live to him in big villa, still made the living regulations of extremely severe exacting. But tough be like him. Newly-married swings complexion to him on wife wedding. His exuding tenderness and love through eyes, the smile is faced. For many times by female advocate misunderstanding. His set sb’s teeth, carry boiler on the back actively, never disclose oneself protection. Son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents, be about to highlight to bear! He touchs a day, touch the ground, cannot touch however female advocate heart. Can be in only wife backside, look silently before she is mixed, male friend is seduced not clear. Some love, it is to be guarded silently. Some love, it is to be you to fight below all. Some love, be… prize lock? 20220203121157 61fbc68d93f94 How does bond marriage run the first day family room? ? ? Where door is this child love? You is this abnormal! Won’t won’t! Does holiday marriage want hard upbow of true ยท Xiang Yu the Conqueror? 20220203121157 61fbc68db3b66 Fortunately female president has protect consciousness oneself, be asleep become aware also taking the spray that prevent a wolf. She of bully gas, mu Wanqing. Although the name is small Yan Feng, grabbed Xiaoyan however male advocate vivid. Throw a pen fulminatory, take wind on foot, whole group saw she wants to say up and down sentence ” admire always good, admire always worked hard ” . Exclusive not quite right is the beautiful word that later period matchs to go up to her. The big head of fruity radian and inn of the high-quality goods 20 years ago sticks a flavour. As if the tide heart that discharge showed female president package to fall in iceberg appearance. But again arrogant job ability keeps out broken words of talk of more than idle. Even if her home flies the group, she takes the place step by step. Because be born,still be met and be a female, suffer swing boiler heavily. Become the company of spaceflight research and development, chemical lab explodes. Consistent reaction of everybody is however — she is calamity star! So Mu Wanqing her dad Mom gives out solve a proposal: Look for an individual to marry, the gossip of ability stanch company. Emmm… is this set groove is the dot overmuch? ? ? You become the company of scientific research and development, inobservant our materialism law? Chemical lab explosion does not investigate the duty of chief, run to chew the glossal root of Ceo? What to marry to get married and stabilize a situation to have to be contacted necessarily again? 20220203121157 61fbc68dcfe7a Think this is to advance the set that gut forces only originally. Did not think of sequel still gave a circle to go up really however. Mu Wanqing and collaboration just talk about compensatory matters concerned. The other side is bitten dead originally 60 million not release what is held. See Mu Wanqing is used only wearing huge a hand hold up that plunges drop hold up hair. 20220203121157 61fbc68de44fa Cooperate honest abrupt jamming of cartridge or shell case, said to calculate immediately do individual favour. Good lord this. Drew plan a few times repeatedly, affirm oneself did not jump over what key gut. Original Ceo marries, still can give a company profit really! ! But after all, the get onning that Mu Wanqing gets a benefit as a need marriage person. Do not know why to be hit however from be aimed at Liu Qing at the beginning. Two people first time meets in wedding. Cold face of her whole journey, crossing Liu Qing soon. In occupy home, she continues to become Liu Qing’s transparent person. Still incite a person to install monitoring in the home. Liu Qing pays no attention to take oneself, opened bottle red wine. She is enraged so that become angry. Spill red wine not only on Liu Qing face, the firm that return firm threw a cup. 20220203121158 61fbc68e06c2a Correct is pestered pester more than 10 collect, adjoining costar conjugate mentions love successfully. Mu Wanqing still is suspecting Liu Qing is commercial spy. Lie between two collect to throw a boiler, lie between two collect to throw a boiler. Family feud is done not have so of hate. More what is more,the rather that, her pa gives Liu Qing or Mu Wanqing personally look for comer. You do not suspect you dad how? And Liu Qing, also a moment ago said, in bear. But his bear means, not be to pretend to be firm. Make base however. Incorporate brushs existence to feel to go with respect to make eyes ground easily before Mu Wanqing. Or is bully move the family’s bed from the beginning wretched to the foot. Or is employ systemic limbs project oneself ” lively and clever ” . 20220203121158 61fbc68e2a171 Hard, hard, the fist that sends father hard. Want to be less than one day. Zhu Yawen also can be included to send father actually ” hot eye name occasion ” equipment choosing. Likelihood somebody is about to ask: Be looked down on, the face that be swung child, be thrown black boiler… Liu Qing does he pursue after all what? ! It is Mu Wanqing his pa, is those who give really too much? The answer is: Liu Qing is an affection kind. That year, be innocent playmates of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of their green plum. Of Mu Wanqing pure and lovely imprint deeply in the memory that is engraved in Liu Qing, hard dismiss from one’s mind. In the Liu Qing of the ropewalking between life and death, recumbent that warm smile, the again and again gets curing. That year, they add up be less than 15 years old. 20220203121158 61fbc68e49fb7 ? That year, lose one’s footing of 7 years old of Mu Wanqing falls into water, liu black give one’s life helps a person. Did not think of she also lost memory at the same time however. Recall the fear that fall into water to do not let her. Liu Qing of 7 years old is flat leave from her world. Because this had cruel amour deep. ? Anyhow, this is a wrap up the play of sodden common idol that waits label a moment to fall in trade war, conspiratorial, suspense. And war of these so called trade, conspiratorial, suspense, stay on the label that watchs an interface only merely. Kernel remnant is not had head and without logic. Connect on impressions ” bright ” do not do. To male audience, male advocate capability is again strong, still carry boiler on the back of one’s own accord; Female advocate figure is again beautiful, still do not wish consign is trustful. To woman audience, this thinking ” female president ” a way that set can return most idol play, the result just modelled to be apt to hysterical not independent female advocate figure. Fell finally both ends does not please. Tell true, clique father wants to know very much really. Are Zhu Yawen and Yang Zishan too lack cash just take this kind of theatrical work? But it is what reason no matter. You received money of this kind of completely mashed, must by ” publicly expose of parade sb through the streets ” . Even if you once had shaped a lot of classical image. The audience also should look, scold! Toward period handpick is this to want to answer harbor to scoop up gold again? Hold in both hands by force old not fire, perform a broken bits male give a group? If dull and guilty, li Yifeng new theatrical work should be sentenced to not have period

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