Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: 10 thousand alizarin red: Ever by settle on of a certain director, reject him 7 times go regular, do not have play to pat for a long time 2002, 10 thousand alizarin red just encircled into recreation before long, by a certain director ” settle on ” , but she does not agree stoutly, ever rejected what some director is as long as 7 times to go regular.

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Experience arrived what recreation encircles is complex and confused, also had seen lots and lots of female star for a part, not hesitate betray the body, do not wish to be gone be not a patch on of her regular rich is other female star. Have very long period of time, 10 thousand alizarin red it is a hobo only, she what do not have resource to do not have work can look at other classmate glow helplessly to give out heat only, oneself return nearly to be encircled to kick a bureau by recreation. Had resource not easily very much, oneself pat 36 hours not to sleep to dare not grouse repeatedly, be no good tiredly also can bear silently only. Nevertheless fortunately, later 10 thousand alizarin red be discovered eventually, cooperate with Hu Ge ” shooting ” achieved very high viewing rate, also brought some of heat and person energy of life to her, also had the day that come forward.

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A year of summer, 10 thousand alizarin red attended ” billow elder sister ” put together art, the character charm that everybody discovers she is distinctive more make a person infatuate, still become for a time ” the elder sister is encircled ” cosset, resource is ceaseless nowadays, person energy of life is rising. Suffer what this big environment affects to still have an actor Reyiza. Nevertheless she is not regulation be goinged by the director, be restricted by resource however. Those who go out 10 years is long, not work, do not have arteries and veins of resource, nobody, it is simply ” 3 without personnel ” , she what do not have method returns midway to turned to make dress business all right actually, within an inch of exited recreational group directly.

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If not be to continue to hold to, encountered ” discriminate is passed ” , so Reyiza does not have the day that come forward more, fortunately her lot still goes, encountered again ” hill sea affection ” play staff, taking the child to take sport, still won the nomination of award of white yulan magnolia. Recreational group is like all the time to the actor include degree very strong, but a lot of female star can encounter ” go regular ” , nevertheless I feel to resemble Reyiza, 10 thousand alizarin red the female bit that has actual strength so is met certainly red!

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