Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Original title: The cummer before Guo Fucheng rebukes black forest announces to reappear, say frankly life of rich and powerful family can lose ego # is ursine black forest #2022 year, in be interviewed, rebuke black forest discloses to media, can work in the round next, act in a play actively. Xiong Dai forest was born at Jiangsu Nanjing 1980, be graduated from Suzhou university, breakfast should cross model, enter later perform art circle. 2013, rebuke black forest and Guo Fucheng part company, 2016, with Guo Kesong marriage, announced to be pregnant 2017, recreation fades to encircle gradually later, absorption in madam of family belongs rich and powerful family, take care of a child. But the life of rich and powerful family does not resemble ideal medium in that way, mix everyday sororal idle away in seeking pleasure, carefree free life. Rebuke black forest emphasizes for many times in interview, pupil of a person of extraordinary powers lets her do not have privacy for a time alive, lose oneself very easily. Accordingly, she decides to reappear, a self-confidence searchs in the job, look for oneself. Rebuke black forest begins from 2018, fade out of recreational group in the round, join no longer perform any films or teleplay, also do not enter program of put together art, of one mind looks after children in the home, of the life it is these two children entirely, she says, such life is very as dry as a chip and no point, only working ability lets her find the sense of life. With ” familial honor ” to begin, xiong Dai forest works official investment, and also support very in the home, looking is a very good ending.

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