Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: In front of of Zhengzhou cinema booking office removes cue! Is files of 2022 Spring Festivals old ” gather together ” which do you prepare to go to looking? Dispatch of great river net (reporter He Zhiquan) Feburary 1 is first day of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar, walk into film of cinema guard the threshing floor to solemn to already was become together in Zhengzhou and home person friend ” New Year common ” . And share 8 films to gather in Spring Festival archives this year, it may be said is big ” gather together ” , include 3 cartoon among them, this also is close 10 years since Spring Festival archives is most, keep balance with 19 years with 15 years.

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Afternoon, the reporter is in Oscar of Zhengzhou politics access rises inn of city of dragon international shadow to see, scan first before the city that take a picture journey code, healthy code, measure temperature, at present shadow city asks according to epidemic prevention, control of rate of seat of honour is in 50% less than. The film of archives of the Spring Festival inside shadow city is exhibited board marked ground reveals the hall in shadow city in, a few citizens are in aside fine fine watch, search oneself favorite movie, and before booking office people platoon removes cue, everybody maintains a meter of interval self-consciously. On the big screen of the cinema, the film ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” row piece particularly concentrated, when having grade of 11 National Day after all, show ” long ferry lake ” make bedding, it is thus clear that its add is made as before ” circle pink ” countless. Spot Oscar rises Qi Xin of manager of city of dragon international shadow to tell great river net the reporter, arrived at 8 o’clock from this morning in the evening at 0 o’clock, platoon of altogether of long ferry lake mirrorred 20, half hour goes to average every other 40 minutes to have showing number arrangement. “Basic from be opened to booking at present and in light of circumstance of seat of honour, the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake is strong get run Spring Festival archives. The water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake is strong get run Spring Festival archives..

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Audience small Cui is one works in Shenzhen 90 hind, spend the New Year answer Zhengzhou native place to cross the Spring Festival, he made an appointment with 3 friends to look together designedly today ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” . Introduce according to its, ” long ferry lake ” when showing, fail to go the cinema looks, look with the member on the net later, the effect very shake, “The enemy suffers a defeat in predicament, experience after the cinema looks today different. ” audience Ms. Zheng walks into a cinema is to easy melt 1000 royal seal are held great expect, as we have learned two film of Spring Festival archives ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” and ” miraculous · stupid child ” the figure that has him. “Although each film wants to look particularly, but 11 when had seen the first ” long ferry lake ” , want this to see the progress of follow-up gut very much so, the spirit of same people who volunteer to fight in another country also is worth us to carry on, so difficult condition, the achievement with can be hit so good makes a person particularly admire. ” ” this movie is old little all appropriate, elder can see the past from which probably, new after the person of one generation looked recall martyr, cherish better now the life of hard-earned. ” the spot an audience of 17 years old tries from analysed this film to explode from objective angle igneous reason, he and oneself father looks together today ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” . According to beacon real time data shows professional edition, up to on Feburary 1 16 when 58 minutes, grade of 2022 Spring Festivals is new piece (contain open to booking) total booking office already broke through 1.6 billion yuan. Among them ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” the box-office Yao of 679 million resides head of a list of names posted up, film ” the four seas ” booking office breaks through 200 million yuan, and at present booking office already amounted to 244 million yuan. ” this killer is not quite sober ” rank 3, at present booking office amounts to 226 million yuan.

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