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Original title: Double a double drama neat He Sui, this Spring Festival ” lasting vague impression produces ” hold C Fu Ruihu year, happy event see the New Year in year old, film of lasting vague impression advocate job creation also greets make a good beginning. The big play of practical subject matter that participates in associated produce a film by long album group ” between the world ” CCTV is integrated channel (heat of CCTV-1) gold archives is sowed. It is important that long album group is held the position of manufacture square winter a list of plays of key of abstruse subject matter ” the name of ice and snow ” will on Feburary 5 (at the beginning of good year 5) rise to defend video channel to light affection to leave in much home sow, rose on Feburary 7, this drama will land Jilin to defend inspect, every night 19:30 broadcast.

20220203125141 61fbcfdd69103

Meanwhile, participate in manufacturing Spring Festival archives by long album group new piece ” sharp-shooter ” ” this killer is not quite sober ” heat of countrywide courtyard line is mirrorred. ” sharp-shooter ” public praise sits firmly with front row of schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, get run Spring Festival archives. ” this killer is not quite sober ” successive two days of booking office pass 200 million, show booking office of the 3rd day of real time to break through 500 million. In addition, the film of the subject matter that oppose war that presents as leading role to manufacture by long album group ” 731 ” kill blueness formally at Spring Festival eve, the later period that entered insecurity makes level.

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Realistic theme is big now drama ” between the world ” on January 28 head sow take similarly hereinafter schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater to close namely inspect champion, entire network heat the 2nd. Actor acting is complete member wonderful, detail of time simple sense is perfect appear, harvested the affirmation of wide audience and recognition, become year ” explode money theatrical work ” .

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” between the world ” and other places of the Changchun that saves with Jilin, Jilin, Bai Shan is ground of main find a view to film nearly 9 months. Reflecting everywhere in drama ” Jilin element ” , revealed Jilin scene custom adequately, people of vivid emersion Jilin is born live scene. Broadcasted on Feburary 1 especially ” between the world ” the 8th concentration, office of the 36th minute of 30 seconds appeared the setting of old plant area of Changchun film studio, everybody’s familiar lasting vague impression advocate building (museum of site of lasting vague impression) the people cinema in making theatrical work, in setting ” heroic children ” ” white Mao Nv ” wait for old movie, all be by lasting vague impression creation is filmed, the classic movie that accompanying a few acting audiences to grow.

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And be about to leave sow ” the name of ice and snow ” , as the country wide report total bureau begins ” our new era ” thematic teleplay exhibits one of drama anthology that sow an activity, advocate start a group from prepare period case, holding to ” with spirit of sports of professional manner greeting, create outstanding work in order to respect industry standard ” act principle, maintain major, enthusiasm and sincerity from beginning to end in work creative work, present an excellent work of movie and TV with excellent quality for the audience. Preparatory initial stage, advocate achieve people interviewed generation winter Olympic Games of numerous our country to arouse, world champion and national group coach, the group reachs from the individual in deepness understands and discussing motion of our country ice and snow to develop a process, how to use go all out in work struggle play a winter abstruse times ictus, aim reflect outside the play in play piece ” breakthrough and inheritance ” this one deep theme.

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For reductive on the historical simple sense of 889 time and modern ice stadium mix the century the true essence feeling of Education Foundation, advocate start a group early or late the professional place of the much ground such as flounder Beijing, Changchun, Jilin, Harbin, denounce is gigantic endowment overall reality scene films picture; In the meantime, for truer the mental view that presents an athlete, before actors are filming from 0 begin to get used to professional training, a few months of all previous classics, from put on ice skates to cannot stand to be able to be in ice and free glide, they overcome difficult process, also be athletics spirit inside change with show.

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Of annals of encourage of warm blood of the two acting athletes in drama ice the journey that pursue a dream, with the country ” dream of construction sports powerful nation ” times theme height agrees, when Beijing Olympic Winter Games is forthcoming, ” the name of ice and snow ” the hope chases dream trip spatio-temporally through spanning this paragraph, communicate never character is abandoned, the manner of motion of ice and snow of Yong Pan height, and to Beijing with this drama 2022 Olympic Winter Gameses greet. Reporter of Jilin daily entire media: Ma Lu

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